90+ Latest & Catchy Lip Gloss Slogans

Lip balms are amazing!

Become your own kind of beautiful

Lip balms that feel as good as a long-awaited summer kiss

Your lips say ëkiss meí

Now, at the price of ordinary lipstick-Revlon

The only lip balm you will ever need

The solution to dry lips

Lips hide out

100% organic. 100% vegan. 100% natural ingredients

Smells good

Letís get sweet

The Lips Dont Lie

For lip balm addicts ??

The next-generation lip balm

The flavored lip balm

Lip Me

Smoothes skin while moisturizing and softening ??

Nourishes lips, heals cracks

Your lip balm. Donít forget it!

You can never have too much lip balm

Keep calm and moisturize

Liptons gets into more hot water than anything

Feel the power of mint

Pamper your lips

Natural + Organic

Wear this and youíll feel beautiful, too!

Itís time to upgrade your lip balm game

Give Me Lips

Spray on. Smooch off

Keep smiling when times are tough!

All you need for your lips

Weíve got the fix. Redness, relief, moisture, and SPF 30 all at once


Fresh, natural flavors

Melts on your lips. Eats away at your heart

Scented and tasty flavors

A lipstick with blusher brush

Think pink

No more chapped lips

You canít kiss if youíre chapped

Be sexy and unique

It provides protection, and keeps your lips super soft ??

A kiss is a terrible thing to waste

Pleasure that sticks with you

Say hello to adorable lips

Vibrant color

Dreamy, fresh, delicious, nourishing

Weíre all about fun, freedom, and flavor

Add a little sparkle to your life

The lip balm thatís changing the worldÖone tube at a time

Moisturizes lips

A woman’s love of elegance-captured in a lipstick

Apply the stick then the gloss!

Protects from sun

Bring the spirit of a full-size product with you wherever you go

For a kiss that shakes the earth

Shout out to the only part of your face with year-round color. ??

The lip balm everyone should own

Make them smile with our great selection of lip balm products

Fresh. Tingly

Feels like velvet

Lipton. We can do that

Moisture relief for your lips

Be bright orange like the sun!

It’s All In The Lips

Here, lips are our only business

Youíre worth a little pampering and our soothing balm does the trick. We nourish your lips

Tear-free, nighttime relief

Did we mention itís a lip balm? Thought so

Take care of your lips. Get yours now

Lips Are Also Beautiful Closed

Kiss the world better

Kiss your thin lips goodbye!

Act on tingling and burning

Wear our lip balms for just a hint of color and a whole lot of shine??

Itís a lip balm with a kick ñ menthol to keep you fresh all day and minty to wake you up

Keeps your lips soft and smooth

Massage your lips

This lip balm never wears off

The lip balm thatís a cut above the rest

All-natural lip gloss by a mom who knows

Automatically smoothes your lips!

Dress your lips in BRAND

Always there when you need it

Keeps your lips moisturized and protected

Happy lips

Soothe your lips with this refreshing, exotic fruit lip balm

Nourish your lips

Our insurance policy for your lips

Heavenly Solutions For Your Lips

The Da Vinci of Lips

Perfectly packaged. Kissable

Supreme moisture

Dress your lips in Armani

The lip balm with a hint of honey

Lips are a sexy place to apply balm

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