133 Hilarious Graduation Puns That Are Best to Share

Graduation is one of the most memorable moments in life. It is an event we will remember for the rest of our lives.

On graduation day, we get to say goodbye to all of our friends and teachers as it marks the passage from one stage in life to another. Below, we’ve compiled a list of Graduation puns that are the best and most hilarious you’ll love. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Hilarious Graduation Puns

1. You bet giraffe I’m proud of you.

2. I’m in grad company.

3. Dobby has no masters, but I do.

4. Shell yeah.

5. I pug-ging did it.

6. Owl that matters is that you graduated.

7. I can’t beleaf I did it.

8. Own your success and cap that graduation.

9. I wine-d a lot. But, I did it.

10. This is grad-ical.

11. Grads all folks.

12. Now, it’s one degree hotter in here.

13. English majors get lit.

14. Lettuce celebrate.

15. Don’t be afraid to take whisks.

16. That’s enough B.S. for me.

17. This English major is getting lit.

18. Heck yak! Congratulations.

19. I just hope this B.S. pays off.

20. The cat thinks you are highly edu-cat-ed now.

21. I’m feline great about graduating.

22. Con-cat-ulations.

23. Congrats! You’re my roll model.

24. My time here is o-fur.

25. Sun, your future is bright.

26. Oops, my grad.

27. Kiwi celebrate now? Congrats.

28. Game of loans. Interest is coming.

29. Con-grad-ulations for making it.

30. I ins-pi-re.

31. I’m really grad you persevered.

32. Lettuce celebrate your graduation.

33. Cone-grats.

34. Congratulations! You’re kind of a big dill.

35. I’ve never grad it so good.

36. Simply putt, you deserve it! Congrats, grad.

37. My time here is ogre.

38. Miso happy for you, grad.

39. Don’t leave me a loan.

40. Chick you out, grad.

41. Con-quack-ulations grad.

42. Way to Gogh, grad.

43. Congrats and whale done.

44. Mango-od job.

45. I’m fully koala-fied now.

46. Mastered it, and have the paperwork to prove it.

47. Bacon-gratulations! You did it.

48. Llamas graduate with a great dip-llama.

49. I’m one grad egg.

50. Leave me a-loan now, thanks.

51. Oh fox! Congratulations.

52. I’m having a grad hair day.

53. Oh shiitake. Congrats.

54. It’s of-fish-ial. Congrats.

55. I have the koalafications.

56. I finally got the D.

57. Life’s getting batter. Congrats.

58. Toucan do anything, grad.

59. Wombat-ulations, grad.

60. Get meow-ta here.

61. Congratulations. Donut stop. Keep going.

62. I’m really grad I came to this school.

63. Party thyme.

64. I yam so proud of you.

65. I’m so egg-cited for you. Congratulations.

66. You’re now one degree hotter.

67. Orange you proud of yourself?.

68. Snailed it.

69. I mastered it.

70. It just got one degree hotter in here.

71. Corn-gratulations! You did it.

72. Herd you were graduating. Cow-gratulations.

73. Grade job, grad.

74. Are you hungry for some chips and dip-loma’s?.

75. Grad & Boujee.

76. Congrats! You rock.

77. I pugging did it.

78. And the rest is history.

79. Breaking grad.

80. Proud of my B.S.

81. You’re turtle-y awesome for graduating.

82. I’m afraid of graduating.. psych.

83. You should be grad for surviving the past four years.

84. That’s cap.

85. Don’t be afraid to take whisks.

86. I know you’ll rocket. Congratulations.

87. Got my tassel, now back to the castle.

88. Kanye! Congrats.

89. You graduated. I knew you wood.

90. I wined” a lot, but I did it.

91. The tassel was worth the hassle.

92. Breaking Grad.

93. You’re all gown up now.

94. Sofishticated.

95. Con-grad-ulations.

96. You’ve glad-uated.

97. I’m in the grad girls club.

98. Holy sheep! Congratulations.

99. I have always be-leaf-ed in you.

100. You’ve been schooled.

101. I am fully koalafied.

102. Now the cylinder and you are both graduated.

103. You’ve been schooled.

104. I’ve been weighting for this day. Congratulations.

105. You drum-t it. You did it.

106. Congratulations to one smart cookie.

107. Donut make me graduate.

108. Feeling grad and bougie.

109. Grow on! You earned it.

110. Your future is filled with pasta-bilities.

111. Done with this B.S.

112. This is so grad-ifying.

113. You have the seal of approval. Congrats.

114. Shell yeah! Congratulations.

115. Ray to go. Congratulations.

116. Thanks a latte, Mom and Dad.

117. I can’t bear-lieve it. Congrats.

118. You snailed it. Congratulations.

119. Bravocado.

120. Congratulations! Take a bao.

121. I’m chair-ing for you, grad.

122. I’m getting my dip-llama.

123. I’ll calc-u later.

124. We herd you are graduating. Cow-grad-tulations.

125. Now hotter by one degree.

126. I hope this B.S. pays off.

127. Cal-cu-later.

128. It’s time to party, turn up the beet.

129. Soar high, because owl you do is win.

130. I’m getting my dip-llama.

131. This is a bee-g day. Congrats.

132. Welcome to the grad girls club.

133. Whale done, graduate.

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