Top 83 Catchy Dog Grooming Slogans With Taglines

Tail are wagging & pets are bragging

One dog at a time

Always gentle & loving touch

Home of pet perfection

People trust us, pets love us

Where a lucky dog is a healthy dog

Your preferred dog groomer

Where your dog is our priority

The best things in life are furry

Where your pet is treated like royalty!

Professionalism & reliability in abundance

FURever together wouldn’t be long enough

Strutt for the Mutt

First class care for the pampered pet

Gentle care for your best friend


Quality care with style

We make your pets look their best!

Every pet deserves celebrity treatment

We love what we do so we love your pet

Where your pet is our priority

A full service pet spa

Rockstar treatment for your dog

It’s your pet’s time to shine!

No rush, we will handle the brush

Pet grooming with love

Nothin’ like a little hair of the dog to get us going!

Style for the discerning dog

Hounds Up, Tails Down

Groooming is our middle name

Your pet deserves the best!

Making the world beautiful one pet at a time

I’d love to, but I have to check with my dog first

Tails are wagging and pets are bragging

We’re the bark of the town

Your dog comes first

Is your dog a dapper dog?

A happy grooming experience

Takin’ care of business

A groomed puppy is a happy puppy

Tail wagging deals!

First-class care for the pampered pet

We groom with gentle, loving care

A great place to have your dog groomed

Qualified personal care for all breeds

The dog lover’s choice

For a clean and happy well-groomed pet

Always a gentle and loving touch

A full-service pet spa

Dogs like us and so will you

Paws down, the best around!

Bathe your pet in luxury

For the love of dogs

The best at affordable prices

Pet grooming done with style!

Pounding Pavement for Pups

A beautiful puppy is a happy puppy

Treat your dog like royalty

A friend to your best friend

Where your pet is the star!

Sweatin’ for the Schnauzers

Where your pups are treated perfect

Grooming with passion

Particular. Professional. Passionate about pets

Pet Love Mobile Grooming

Keeping them feeling & looking good

Where your dog is the star!

Whether big or small we groom them all

Where pets get the red carpet treatment

Because we’re fur-baby crazy!

We make pets pretty!

Grooming is our middle name

Dogs big and small… We love them all

A new destination to pamper your pets

Servicing your pet with style

People trust us, dogs love us

Where tails are waggin’ & pets are braggin’

We’ll primp up your pooch

You pamper yourself. Now pamper your pet

A custom-cut from nose to butt

We know your pet by name

Bringing out the best in your pet!

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