230+ Catchy Candy Store Name Ideas

A good name for a candy store is a difficult question to answer. Many factors go into the decision, including how long the company has been in business, what type of candy they sell, and who its target demographic is. It should be catchy and memorable. It should also be appropriate for the location where the store will be located.

Here are some cool and mouthwatering candy store names that you’ll like. Make sure to select a name that will stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Candy Store Names

Chewy’s candies

Bubbles & Balls

Agent Chocolates

All Sweet

The Sugar Rush

Sweet Success

Sweets and Treats

Sugar Rush Bros.

Candy Warehouse

Frothy Bubble.

City Sweets

The Candy King

I Love Candy

The Antidote

CandyLand Express

Spun Candy

Sweets for my Sweet

You’re Sweet

The Lolly Pop


The Candy Shop

Oh! Nuts

Offee Tapples

Pop’s Lollies

Sweeter than Sugar

Chocolate Factory

Sugar Babies

Missing Childhood

The Sweete Shoppe

The Sugar Bowl

Sweet Tooth

Candy Curlers

Swedish Candy

Christmas Candy

Chocolate Candy

Lollipops and Gumdrops

Ye Olde Pepper Companie

Sinfully Sweet

Marshmallow Mortal

Philips Candy

King Candies

Sweet Satisfaction

Candy Charmers

You Sweetie

Still, Pastilles.

Olde Dutch Cottage Candy

Candy Corner

Candy Supply Loft

Sugar Shop

Apple Town Candya

Lollipop Land

Candy Land

The Sweet Tooth

Papa Candy

Studio Sweets

Natures Of Candy

Oh, what a Candy Store!

The Candy House

Candy Man

Confetti Candy Shop

Candy Store

Tasty Candy Store

Candy Shop Names

Sucre Bleu

Sugarman Candy

Bon-Bon Boulevard

World of Sweets


Sweet As

The Sugar Shack

Chocolate Heaven

Mouthful of Sweets


Candy Camp

Old Fashioned Candy

The Candy Factory

Triple Chocolate Candy Shop

Sweet Box Candy

The Candy Barrel

Lady Lollipop

Land of Sweets

Sweet Sells!

Sugarplum’s Sweet Shop

The Lollipop Shoppe

Craving Candy

Sugar Buzz

Candy Kitchen

Sweet Country

Sugarman’s Sweets

Sweet Surprise


Candy Galore

Sweet Surprises

Purchese Sweet Studio

The Candymaker

Sweet Pete’s

Candy Castle

The Jar-O-Candy

Peppermint Creek


Candy Time

Rock Candy

Impress Her

Sweet to Taste


Chocolate Wax

Sweet Symphony

Cute Candy Store Names

Sweet Temptations

The Jelly Bean

No Tooth Ache

Sweet Options


The Candy Cave

Chocolate Buttons

The Kandy Fixer

Candy Cove

Sweet Retreat

Sugar Mama’s Attic

Sweets n’ Treats

Candy Dreams

Bubble’s Gum

La Dulce Vida

Just Sweets

The Candy Basket

The Candy Chest

Sugar Me Go Co.

Treat Time

Tasty Treats and More

Gummy Bear Artisan F

Smoke Pops


Sweet Yet Rock


Sugar Daddy’s Candy Shop

Popcorn Girl

Glaze Candy Co.

Sweet Academy

The Best of Luck

Silly Willy’s

Chocolate Castle

Toffee Cellar

Sweet Sensations

Cupid’s Candies

The Sweet Box

Kandi Kabin

Candied Fruit

Sweetie Jar

A2B Candy Boutique

Sugardoodle Candies

Candy Town

Treat Spot

Cyber Candy

Grandpa’s Gaylord

Catchy Candy Shop Names

Candy Corn City

Hooked on You

Cotton’s Candies

The Sweet Shoppe

The Sugar Shak

The Sweet Joint

Adrenaline Rush

Sweet Reminders

Go for Gold

Salt City Sweet Shop

Sounds Sweet

Truffle Scorpion

Taffy’s treats

Sweet Mania

Twirly’s Sweet Treats


Candy Hive

Sugar Daddy’s

Bubblegum Babies

Little Bunchies

Dynamite Cuts


Sweet Oasis

Liberty Orchards Co.

Fit for a King

Cold Hard Candy

Choco Town

Unique Sweet Shop Names

Sweet Hampers

All Sweets

Sugar Bear B

Candy Funhouse

The sweet spot

All Wrapped Up!

Sweet Beings

Kandy Land

Sweet Chix Candy

Candy Candies

Candy Likes You

Vanilla Sweeties

Totally Taffy

The Chocolate Queen


The Snowman’s Store

Candy Cartwheels

The Chocolate River

Sweet Moments

Candies R US

Afternoon Treats

Dutch Candy Cottage

Uber Sweets

Candy of Goodness

Candy buffets

The Crazy Candy Creator

Party Bags

Snack Stop

Candy Cravers

Mollys Mixtures

Minty Fresh!

3D’s Candy Store

The Chocolate Fountain

The Chocolate Dreamer

Purrfect Candy

Catchy Candy Business Names

Candy Bubblegum Pop

Jelly Bean Princess

The Candy Crafter

Candy Store Online

Candy Connection

Lolly Licks

The Candyman

Botanical Lollipops

The CandyMan Can

The Candy Store

The Crazy Candy Store

Sweet Deals

The Honey Panda.

Cream Cake

Candy Storm.

Treat Boutique

Party Popcorn – yummy!

Popsicle Plaza

So Sticky

Twist and Pout

Tongue Splashers

Colorful Candy

Jelly Bean Wonderland

Gourmet Candy Shop

Andy’s Candies

Sticky Fingers

The Candy Connection

Lollipop Lane

Baby Bottle Pop

How to Choose the Best Name for Your Candy Store?

One of the most important decisions a candy store owner must make is finding the best name for their business. The name should be catchy, memorable, and easy to say. It should also be able to appeal to a wide range of demographics.

This is why it’s important to consider the following factors when choosing the best name for your business:

  • What are your goals?
  • The type of business you are starting.
  • The location of your business.
  • What kind of person are you targeting as a client?
  • How much money do you want to spend on the naming process?

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