121 Latest & Catchy Candy Slogans For A Moments Of Fun

Changes from sweet orange to sour lemon

Full of joy candy

Don’t get Mad , Get a ________

Sweeter Than the Board Game

Ecstasy in every lick

The start of love

A way to start friendships

Chew it. Don’t lose it!

Taste the goodness inside

Imagine more

All candies are yours

The flavor your tongue aches for

Aaahh, Sweets!

Break out of the ordinary

Chew it

I need more candies

I’m still young to eat candies

A Bite of Heaven

Can’t Get Enough Peanuts? Get a PayDay!

Sweet candy you need

All for one. One for all

Have a bunch full of sweetness

Your heart says

Desire for sweet candies

Hungry? Why wait? Grab a Snickers

Nothing gets the job done better

100% pure passion

You need sweet candies, right!

As sweet as you

Candy bars that get your hunger sorted

Perfect loved packed in candies

The sweet that speaks

Land of sweets galore!

Bag the sweets and run

Are you a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut Case?

Cool candies for smart people

And All Because The Lady Loves Milk Tray

 Candy is dandy, but we make it spectacular!

The purest form of confectionaries

A fun that is Non-stop

A lighter way to live

A palatable confection and a most nourishing food

Get that target fulfilled

Fight for every bite

Get. Set. Go

Makes Mouths Happy

Good candy for Good Moments

Feel the gush of mango inside every bite

Express the pleasure with candies

Blow Your Own Bubble

Stand out

Explore the heaven on earth

Melts in your mouth, not in your hands

A gift for someone you love

Desire Meets Sweet Today

A Little Something For Everyone

The taste of love

Candies that will make you happy

A life full of celebration

Your taste buds needs it

Our candies are jolly

The smile Maker

Taste the rainbow

A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play

Be in the chocolaty zone

Sweet candies for sweet kids

Heaven can’t wait to get a bite of_______

Start a dream

Get the happiness your tongue deserves

Best Candy In the Land

Chew on this

Chew on this, for a while

Chew gum to stay numb

Let’s take Fun Seriously

Candy will never be the same

Desire meets Candies

Nothing Works Better Than a _______

Are you hungry for power?

The joy you can get lost in

Pick the stick that makes you lick

My candy, My Choice

Naturally made for healthy you

Make the most of today

Surprise your teeth

Sweetness overloaded

The love to see in a rainbow

You are so sweet

A taste from the paradise

At Sweet Things, One is NEVER enough

It’s not just dark, Its Joy

Let’s enjoy sweet candies

Come explore our goodness

Chew it. Just do it!

We always bring smile to faces

Gums that get you going

Sets you up and running

When you ache for a sweet, it’s all you need

Rich creams, fresh taste


A Store for Kids

Make a rock solid appearance

The taste of real milk

The candy your taste buds go gaga for

Two for me, none for you

Walk in once, we won’t disappoint

Explore the world’s best taste

The joy of best Friendship

Chews Stride shift- the ultimate lift. A Moments of Fun

Really good for true people

Best candies ever made

Trendy Taste,  Trendy life

You totally deserve the best

From the land of candies to you

Feel the heaven melting inside

Taste the good life

The smile maker candy

The Twist You Can’t Resist

A lighter way to enjoy chocolate

Because just one isn’t enough

You deserve a ________ today

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