Top 275+ Creative Candle Scent Names Ideas

Choosing a name for your business is not an easy task. You need to find something that is catchy, memorable, and will stick in people’s minds. Well, the naming process can be very time-consuming and frustrating. But there are some steps you can take to make it easier.

First, you should know the meaning of the word or phrase you want to use as a company name or trademark. You don’t want people to misinterpret what your company does or stands for. Second, you need to know if the name is available for use by checking on the internet and with a trademark attorney in your state. Third, if you plan on using the word “candle” in your business’ name, it’s important that you select words that have meaning.

Here we’ve gathered the list of cool and catchy candle scent names ideas to consider for your business that will stand you out from other companies in the marketplace.

Catchy Candle Scent Names

Empire Candle Co

The Fetid

Friendly Candles

Scent Plus Boutique

The Montan Carnauba



A Little Candle Co

Sweet dream candle

Stench Place

Topanga Candle Company

Soluble Rise

Homefront Candles

Empire Candle Co.



Scentsability Candles



Aroma Scented Candles

Strong Odour Collective

Beeswax Co

Scentable Candle

Everlasting Candle Scent

Brookstone Candle

Adhesive Beeswax Pro

Strange Senses

Capri Blue

Snaps Wax

Slight Sniffer

Scented Candle Bar

The Rotten

Star candle

Stratified sample Candle


Wooly Wax


DrySmell Candle

Virginia Aromatics

The Candlestick

Wax Bling

Appetizing Ambiance

Acrid Flavor Place



Light Your Fire

Noah Aroma

The Excess

Heziglow candle

Sickly Flavor

Ear Rise Place

Scented Heaven

Sickly Senses

The Slight

Wax & Wicks

Rainbow candle

The Crystalline

Baby-star candle

Vigil Trading Co

Multi-brand candle

Rush Candlelight Place

Olfaction Trading Co

The Dusty Feel

Elevated Elegance

Scented Candle Co

Crusader Candle Co

Heated Waxy Spot

Flame Candy Candle Co.

Vigil Collective

Candles Candle

Elegant Radiance

Hello Spring

Vision Candles

Candle Corner

Warm Climb Collective

Royal wax candle

Wild Bee Candle Company

Gurley Candle Company

Flickering Flame

Fabulous candle

Candle Co.

Beautiful candle

Flame Fame

City Candles

Trusted Twinkle

Kai & Co. Candles

Sweet Breath

The Peculiar

Kai & Co Candles

Fantasy Candles

Strange Sniff

Mister Scent

Earthy Feeling Collective

Wicks n’ More

Fragrance Co

Ashman Candle Company

The Sage Scents

Wax n’ Wix

Unique Candle Scent Names

Pure light candle


Candle City


Crusader Candle Co.

Familiar Stench Spot

Aroma Pro

The Distant

The Unmistakable

Swan Creek Candle

Diptyque Candles

Solid Beeswax Collective

Path light candle

The Beautiful

Go for Glow

Stone Candles


Wax Collective

Green Look

Good night candle


Sacred Scent Baths

Knight Glow

Eternal Light Candle Co.

Interior angle Candle

Kandle Kings

Lovely Lights

Candle Queens

A+ Scented Candle

Honeymoon candle

Perfect Match

My Fragrant Home

The Consecrated


Witty Wick

Sickening Sense

Shadowlight Candles

Glorious lite candle


Jangle Candle

Flicker to Flame

Candle Cradle

Gamble Candle

Excessive Polish

Fragrant Feel Collective


Citizen Supply


Pure Light Candle Studios

Melted Wax

Lit Life

Flaming Light Pro

Silk Coterie

Thick Smell Spot

Flaming Torch Spot

Royal Candles

Candle Wave

Tipsy Candle Company

Candle Couture

Dry Beeswax

Creative Candle Scent Name Ideas

Candle Cave

Illuminax Candles

Musky Spirit

Flickers Candle Co

Candle Kids

Big Dipper Wax Works

Milkhouse Candle Co

Archipelago Botanicals

Aroma Thyme Aromatherapy

Candle Cottage

Eternal Light Candle Co

Grace Direct



Unique Scent Collective

Nice Smells

The Slight Flavor

Furious Scent

The Foul Flavor

Time to Twinkle

Candles Luminere

Subtle Scent

Dark Room Candles

Moonlight candle

Scented Candlez

Bedtime candle

Colorful Candles

The Purple

New Flame Candles


Aromatic Spot

Sunshine candle

Cold Paraffin

Illume Candles


Excess Carnauba Group

Flame Game

High flair candle

Soft Serenity

Circle Shadow

Stench Group

Jehovah Aroma

Incredible candle

Pioneer Candles



Brighter candle

The Disgusting

Bag O’ Wicks

The Unmistakable Look

Whiffs of God


Cupcake Candle Co.

Mellow Yellow Shop

Le Spa du Nord

Rose the Candlemaker

Face Body Soul

Funny Candle Scent Names

Perfect Fragrance & Co

The Old Candle Scent

The Melt

A Diva’s Scent

Glisten and Glow

Blue Moon

Rooted wax candle

Extraordinary Fragrance



Flower Petal Fragrance


Soy Selection

Velvet Desert


Venus Fragrances

Nature’s Breeze Candles

Lighter than Air

Exclusively Sweet

Deeply Driven

Morning Blossom

Imagine Fragrances Co

Blossom Rose

Magical Momen

Garden Erotica Rose

Flirt Perfume

Sweet Revelations

China Moon

Diva Perfumes Co

Ocean Tide

Only Yours

Tickle my Nose

Superlyn Candle Co

Scented Embers

Creamy Vanilla

Beaus Cologne


Spicy Look Group


The Weird One


Paris Wonder

Dream Not True Candle

Definite Diva

Scent of Seduction

Eternally Yours

Oud Maknoon


Scented Candle World

The Blessed Essence

Total Temptation

Glow Home


Dewy Skin Scent

Appetizing Aromatic



Corona Aroma

Tips from Sandra

Delectable Odour Place

Coffee to go

Passion Breaker Candle

Scents of my Past


The Delectable Odour

Damsel ScentsIt

Lux Fragrance

Dark Perfumes

What Makes a Good Candle Name?

The name of a candle can make or break the sale. The best names are those that are simple, short, and evoke a feeling. There are many factors that go into a good candle name. Some of the most popular candle names are things like “Lavender Vanilla”, “Pumpkin Spice”, and “Vanilla Bean”. These names work because they’re simple and evoke feelings.

Some factors that make a good candle name are:

-The length of the name

A short and sweet name is best for candles.

-The first letter of the word

The first letter in a candle’s name should be capitalized to make it more noticeable to customers.

-The use of numbers

Numbers can be used in the names of candles to indicate how many times they have been sold or how long they have been around.

How to Choose the Best Candle Scent Names Ideas?

The best candle scent names ideas are often related to the season, the occasion, or even the mood. There are many ways you can come up with a good name for your candle. While it is not necessary to have a name for your candle, it does help customers find your product and remember it.

It is important to create a unique scent that will make people want to buy your product. Well, we’re here today to give you some tips on how you can come up with good names for candles.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Candle Scent Names Ideas

Choosing the right candle scent names ideas is a daunting task. It is important to choose the right name for your candle fragrance so that you can make it more appealing to potential customers. So When it comes to candles and the sense of smell, it is crucial for the candle scent name to be just right. The right scent name can make your candle a bestseller and the wrong one can turn people off.

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