95 Asian Pick Up Lines

Whether you want to take things further with someone you already know or want to make a good first impression, Using Asian pick up lines can be a great way to add some humour and wit to your relationship. With the right line, you can make that special one laugh and create an unforgettable moment.

Asian Pick Up Lines

1. Is that a cheese puff or are you just happy to see me?

2. I have naan stop thinking about you.

3. I’d like to say hello to her kitty.

4. You look so hot, do you happen to be a descendant from Hiroshiman?

5. Were you affected by the radiation in Japan? Because you are just glowing.

6. Do you know why I like Asian girls? Because they’re tighter

7. Are you from the Philippines? Because I wanna Phil you with my penis.

8. Hey, I heard Asian girl loves white guys, it’s true huh?

9. Hello. Hello. How may I help you?

10. Baby, you like the rice. Because I never get sick of you.

11. So do you know how to use chopsticks?

12. Lets take a wok to my place.

13. Are you from the Thailand, cause tonight your going to BangKok

14. Love is like a jungle. Capture your prey or be captured.

15. You look exactly like Kelly Hu.

16. You like the white boys, don’t you?

17. Will you walk on my back?

18. You look exactly like Lucy Liu.

19. Are you from China? (Why?) Because I’m China get on you

20. Asia is so cute, I gotta borrow some of yours for my future kids

21. You are the soy sauce to my fish.

22. Ching ching chung, I can please you with my tongue.

23. So is it true? Is your pussy slanted?

24. For an Asian girl, you sure are cool.

25. I know all about the 38th parallel.

26. I may look like a nerd but it’s only a disguise.

27. Give me some chocolate.

28. I am willing to be your yang if you will be my yin.

29. I want you to my future children how to say your name.

30. You must love eating eggplants because you body is Bangen.

31. With me you’ll feel like the Ganges. Wet, dirty and constantly in motion.

32. Yo girl, come over later and I’ll Nagasaki all over your face.

33. I’m just a panda looking for a white boy.

34. You do look like Lucy Liu.

35. I’d like to say hello to her kitty.

36. You’re like fresh ginger on the rice bowl of my life.

37. Get on the floor. The dance floor.

38. I heard Asian girls love to bang.

39. Do you have any Asian in you? Can I lend you some?

40. I cannot explain how I feel.

41. I like my girls like I like my rice white, hot and steamy.

42. I would like a nap in your heart.

43. Are you from China? Because I’m China ask you out on a date.

44. You remind me of my fourth wife.

45. I bet you give really good massages.

46. Are you from South Korea? Cause I can tell that you’re my Seoul-mate.

47. You’re the keema to my somosa.

48. Do you always keep around a samurai sword?

49. I am on fire, but you keep standing straight.

50. Your hand roll looks like an ice cream cone.

51. Hope you stay a long while, it makes my heart Singapore happy tunes.

52. If you open your eyes you will see how much I love you.

53. I love your almond-shaped eyes.

54. I’m just a panda looking for a white boy.

55. I’m Asian. Do you have any Asian in you? Want some?

56. You don’t have an accent.

57. I have yellow fever and you’re the cure.

58. Are you from China? Because I’m China get your number.

59. Girl, you’re the fried to my rice, the solution to my equation, and the squint to my eyes.

60. Asians ride for free.

61. Hey, I would like to introduce my Crouching Tiger to your Hidden Dragon

62. Let me tell you something you already know, I really like you.

63. I hope you’re not a monk, cos I’d love to go Tibet with you.

64. Why don’t we dim sum lights?

65. You’re the ying to my yang.

66. But where are you really from?

67. You look exactly like Margaret Cho.

68. Can I be the fortune in your cookie?

69. You are my heart and Seoul.

70. Wing Wing Wing Herro?

71. Do I cook? Well, not really but I can whip up a pretty mean fried rice.

72. Baby, your teeth are as white as my rice.

73. You’re really tall for an Asian.

74. Let me be your shang if you be my mulan.

75. Is your last name Hu? You really look like Kelly Hu.

76. Will you be the duck sauce to my egg roll?

77. Is your name Asiyah, cos I see ya in my life.

78. Let’s take a walk to my place.

79. Are you Vietnamese? Cause I’m falling pho you.

80. You look like a gal I had during the war.

81. I’m Asian. Do you have any Asian in you? Need a few?

82. No, really, what’s your nationality?

83. Yeah, (sniff) I cried during “Joy Luck Club.”

84. Hey, malaria kills, get under my mosquito net?

85. Hey baby, I got curry, whats the hurry?

86. I eat cats if you know what I mean.

87. Would it amaze you that I know all about the 38th parallel?

88. My eyes may seem small but I’ve got a HUGE personality.

89. Are you Asian? Because you just stole my heart.

90. Are your ancestors from Hiroshima because Damn you look hot.

91. Do you have yellow fever? Because I can be your cure.

92. I’m done with black girls. They are too much drama.

93. I love sushi. Can you make some for me?

94. In a room full of basic brown bears, you are my panda.

95. Hello. Hello. The moon represents my heart.

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