99 Best ’80s Team Names That You Will Love

It’s mostly a matter of preference. Some 80s team names are a nod to the decade, while others are just fun.

In the 1980s, the 80s team name was a popular choice for sports teams. The name is still used today because it is associated with an era of American pop culture that has been used by different sports teams over the years – including baseball, basketball, football, and hockey.

Well, there’s no right answer here. It’s more about your personal preference and what you enjoy playing with. Here we’ve compiled the list of 99 best and most creative 80s team names to inspire your ideas and come up with a unique name. Scroll down and select the best one. Let’s see what we have here.

80s Team Names

Tear Down This Wall

I Want My Two Dollars

Superbowl Shufflin’ Crew

The Leg Warmers

Geneva Summit Set

Ninja Turtle Tactics

The Goonies

Rubik’s Cubes

Team Tubular

Cold War Thaw

Culture Club

Dallas Derelicts

Page Me, Beep Me


Global Reverberations

The Turntable Tribe

The Trivial Pursuits

Cabbage Patch People

Fraggle Rockers

Team Tang

Bandstand Battalion

Eat Our Shorts!

What You Talkin’ ‘ Bout Willis?

Cold War Clan

Kinder Rewinders

PacMan Posse


Dukes Of Hazard

Yes Way

The A-Team

Swatch Watch Wonders

Neon Nation

Married by Moon

The Brat Pack

Alf’s Alliance

Game Over Mans

Polaroid Posse

Valley Girls

Doogie Howsers

We’re The Boss

Trivial Pursuit Allstars

Reaganomics Ring

Leg Warmers

Wall Street Warriors

Oodles of Caboodles

Extinct Radio Stars

The 64 Commodores


Berlin Wall Crumblers

Miami Vice

No Whammy

80s Group Names

Portable Motorolas


Persian Gulf Unit

Care Bear Circle

Rubik’s Cubes

For Members Only

Big Hair Battalion

Half-Shell Heroes:

Knight Riders

Club of Culture

Don’t Worry, Be Happies

Perfect Strangers

short for “totally brilliant”

Wallpaper Wonders

Black Michael Jacksons

Americas Least Wanted

Hasselhoff’s Hero’s


Funky Fresh Fam

Shoulder Pad Patrol

The Airheads

No Can Do

The Sony Society

The Mall Rats

Acid Wash Allstars

The Burnouts

Material Girls

Pac Men

The Bogus Bunch

80s Themed Team Names

Cassette Collective

Rubik’s Rebels

The Reaganists

Walkman Warriors

Don’t Worry, Be Happies

New Coke

We’re The Boss

We Want Our MTV

The New Orders

Cool Ranch Cult:

Radical Ruckus

Notable Post-Its

Totally Brill:

Jocks & Nerds

Real Genisuses

We’re too sexy for this …

Car Phone Callers

Pudding Pops


How to find a perfect 80’s team name?

When you are looking for the perfect 80’s team name, it is important to consider what kind of team you want.

While you may think that it is easy to find a team name, there are a lot of factors to consider. For example, the length of the team name and how many syllables it has. The most important factor is whether or not the name is available.

It can be difficult to find a perfect 80’s team name but here are some tips that can help you:

  • Search for names on Google Trends or Google Search by typing in “80’s”.
  • You should also search for names on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • If you still can’t find anything then try searching through old yearbooks.
    If you are a team that is looking for a more serious and professional look, then the name should not include any colors or fonts. If you are looking for something that will give your team an edge over other teams, then go with something creative and unique.

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