225 Woodworking Business Names Ideas and Suggestions

The best woodworking business name is not necessarily the one that sounds the most professional or has the most SEO value. Well, a good woodworking business name is not too long, not too short, but has a catchy ring to it. It should also be easy to remember and spell, as well as sound professional.

Here we’ve compiled the list of 225 best and most catchy Woodworking business names to inspire your ideas and come up with a unique name. Scroll down and select the best one. Let’s see what we have here.

Woodworking Business Names

Secret Shed



Elegant Curves

Mr. Tree

Reclaimed Resources

Mystic Woodworks

Amazing Boy

Good Woodworks

Accent Woodworking

Woodflex Carpentry

Accent Woodworks

Big Wood Millwork

Woodwork Design

Bluesea Furniture

Elegant Designs

Imperix Wood

The Old Carpenter

Tree to Tale

Genesee Woodworking

Fisher Cabinet Works

Custom Architectural

Wood Dimension

Just Moulding

Plant Construction

Rare Woods

All Cabinet Parts

Golden Touch Interiors

Brown Lumber

The Style Maker

Masters Of Wood

Cherrywood Constructs

Woodworker’S Window

Artisan Woodworking

Simplicity Wood Products

Forty-Five Degrees

Woodworking Wing

Wood Masters

Artistic Wood

Legacy Wood Crafts

Careful Cuts

After Image Products

Eastside Woodworks

Artful Knots

Wooden Horse

Carpenter’S Closet

Even Edges

Old Cedar Carpentry

Social Carpenter

Oak Brothers

Woodworking Shop Names


Put To Work

Fine Design

Design Line Cabinets

Legacy Woodworking

Creekside Woodworks

Unique Woodworking

Iced Mountain Woodworks

BBQ Wood


Woodline Construction

Crosscut Wood

Wood World

Legacy Custom Woodwork

Tropical Woods

Red Tree

Wedge Woodworks

Citizen Woodshop

Great Highland Woodworks

Cutting Edge

Saw Creations

New Cedar Designs

Elite designs

Grimes Wood Floors


Big Wood

Woody World Finish


Brave Custom Woodworking

Accent Cabinets

Gold Heart Industry

Big Sky Woodcrafters


Get To Woodworks

The Wood Whisperer

Wooden soldier

Woodworkers Emporium

Is Good Woordworks

Beck Carpentry

Derbyshire Woodworks

Diamond Woodworks

Strand Woodworks

Infinity Tools

Woodwork Company Names

Bella Homes

The Woodshaper Shop

Newon Craft


Maxim Wood

Diversified Enterprises

Wood Thumb

Superior Hardwoods

Barth Woodworks

Best Cabinets

Wooden Treasure

Pro Woodworking

Antique Creations

Master Touch Refinishing

Specialized Wood Repair

Elite Woodworking

Woodward Woodwork

United Pallets

Woodworking Bros


Wood Palace

Royal Brand Woodworking

Just Perfect Pipes

Baker Furniture

Woodwork Kings


Eagle Industries

Wood Castle

Maple Woodworking

Baker Woodworks

Wood Workshop Names

Fine Woods Manufacturing


Imperial Carving

The Lumber Shed

Woodworks Door

My Furniture

Marvelous Woodwork


Bath in Wood

Woodprime Carpentry

Oak Woodworks

Silver Tree

Linear Fine

Timber Revival

Wooden City

Ballard Woodworks

Distressed Cabinets

Trimax Woodworking

Marks Custom Woodwork

Above Cut


Abellex Wood

Wooden Kingdom

Designcity Cabinets

Wood Express

Rockler Woodworking

Dynamic Shapes

Distressed Customs

Oasis Woodworks


Iron Woodcutter

Living Tree Restorations

Custom Design Cabinets

Beverly Furniture

Cool Woodworking Business Names

ReBuilding Exchange

Design Ward Woodworks

World Timbers Corporate

The Carpenters Dressers

Manual Woodworkers

Arizona Custom Furniture

Last Chance Woodworking

Continental Hardwood

Wood Concepts

Last Stop Woodshop

Marks Custom

Spectrum Fine Woodworking


Cal Wood Flooring Supply

Marron’s Woodworking

Wooden Planet

Greenport Designs


Rock Tree

Gilmore Furniture

Blue Sky Woodcrafters

We Know Woodworking

Grantham Woodworking


Catchy Woodworking Business Names


Arrowhead Custom

Woodworking Outfitters

Total Woodcare

Pioneer Woodworks

Little River Woodworking

Wood Design Talent

Wood Inn

Professor Woodwork

Custom Woodworking

Pent Homes

Cabinets to Go


Modern Wood

A Piece of Wood


Blue Woodpecker

Carpenters Cabinets

Elite Carpentry

Willow Classic Woodworking

Crafts And Woodworks


Highland Woodworking

Lucky Building Supply

Unique Woodworking Business Names


Forest Reflections

Hollow Oak Wood Crafts

Red Woodcutter


Hamilton Custom

Wood Doctor



Barth Wood Plants

Creekside Splashes

City Trees Furniture

Great Wood

Woodzone Carpentry

Woodcore Woodwork


Maple Oak

Innovative Cabinet Systems

Lumber Jack

Forest Essence

How to Find a Great Name for Your Woodworking Company?

When you start a woodworking company, it is important to name your company in a way that will make people remember it. We know It is not easy to come up with a great name for your woodworking company. You have to think about the following:

  • What are the services that you offer?
  • What are the values and beliefs that you want to embody?
  • How do you want people to perceive your company?
  • Who are your target customers?
  • How do you want people to feel when they see your brand name?

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