155+ Latest & Catchy Women’s Rights Slogans With Taglines

Law of nature gives equal rights

Justice, not impunity

Stand up for women human right defenders

Women is a gift of god

Herstory is more important than history

Women are as strong as men

Protect Women Human Rights Defenders

Right to livelihood

Fight for right to vote

No more restriction

No need to scared

Achieve what you want

Reasonable restriction can be imposed

First value yourself

Earn andearn

You have a right to fulfil your aim

Be positive, be creative

Defend our right to defend rights

End Impunity

We have rights too!!

You have a right to choose your partner

Work for administration of justice

I am woman, hear me roar

We demand a speedy and effective justice for women

Equality and dignity of women

Got equality?

Stereotypes mindset throw the words

Right to hold any office

Right to enter contracts

No more harassment

All of the rights and none of the responsibility

You have a right of maternity leave

Express your feelings

Know your political rights

Campaign for your rights

Right to get maintenance

Break the silence on men’s violence

Awareness should be there

Freedom don’t come in vacuum

Women are human too

Women are Earth, let’s save earth

Women have a right to take its own decision

Learn together, grow together

Right to life with personal liberty

Aware about your rights

Equal rights are not special rights

Eliminate the gender pay gap

Right to receive education

Aim for equality

Impunity kills

Gender justice

Your life your freedom

No need to impress

Unity and integrity should exist

No more disrespect

Grab the opportunity

Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes

Remove social evils

Remove the gap

Remove injustice

Freedom of speech and expression

Right to own property

You do matter

Right to born

Live your life according to your wish

Women against Militarism

You have a right to stand in elections

I’m cute and I’m proud to be a women

We have heart beat too!! Give us our rights

Don’t let other to disrespect

No more dominance

Raise your voice for yourself

Live your passion

Don’t feel inferior

Don’t demotivate any women

We will not be Silent

Women are capable of voting, if you let us

Respect yourself

No more abuse of women

Remove the differences

You should know your rights

Fight for the right of women’s vote

Let them enjoy their rights

Do what you want

Right to movement

End women’s suffrage

Freedoms are mutually exclusive

United States of America, not just United States of Men

Men’s wrong, women’s right

Your respect is in your hands

You have a right to see dream

Stop Violence against Women

Change the mindset of society

Prioritize yourself

Equality should exist

We want to live without violence

Fly with your dreams

Right to educate

No more distinguish

Both sexes are equal

Real men don’t hit

No more domestic violence

Give women rights or we’ll fight

Equal Rights for Unborn Women

Right to live your life

Our mother is woman too

Fight for your rights

Equal pay and in equal way

Right to equal pay for equal work

Not in our name! Women against war

No freedom is absolute

Right in your fathers property

Unnecessary restriction should removed

Remove negative leople from your life

Don’t get effected from the words of toys

Don’t sacrifice for others

It’s your life, you have to choose

Women for Rights!

Feel free and safe

Right to speak

For the sake of love

Your dream will also come true

Right to enter in any temple

Right to be respected

Don’t misuse your rights

Fought for your Civil rights

Women empowerment and women rights

A violence free world for all women and girls

Enough is enough, stop the war on women

Free is for everyone

No more molestation

To earn fair wages

Militarism Creates a Culture of Violence

Right to take your decision

No more constraints

Fought for your rights

Equality includes BOTH genders

Women’s Rights are Human Rights

Women also have a choice

Keep your wish at priority

Don’t scared, just aware

Support Women’s Rights over Corporate Greed

Education not militarization!

Let them live their life

Speak for your rights

We Can Do It

Don’t hesitate just be the best

Right to vote

Women let other women down

Next to the wound, what women make best is the bandage

Rights are equal for everyone

Keep yourself up

Don’t let Women’s Rights get Left behind

Freedom comes with certain restriction

Freedom is not a choice

Rights for everyone

Right to work

Out of the kitchen and into the White House

No more problems

No more evils

Every mother is a working mother

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