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Top 150 Catchy Wellness Slogans With Taglines

Milk does a body good

Discover wellness

Strain in life is a drain on life

Discover the life you want

Vitamin D is D-rightful

A nagging wife may save your life

Helping Others Stay Alive

Fitter, healthier, happier

Keep calm and vegan on

Eat healthy, u wonít regret it

Be keen to live long

We walk to the same beat

A natural way of improving your health

Our results speak for themselves

Vitamin D is good for me

Move it or lose it

Got Public Health

Early to bed, early to rise keeps you healthy wealthy and wise

Building a healthy team

Better health through better living

Let Them Eat Weights

Celebrate Public Health

Money isnít real wealth

Comfortable. High quality care

Donít fear the reaper, live longer

Rise your Health and Wellness this autumn

Eat clean and green. Eat Organic

First. Best. Always

Eat the best, leave the rest

The body you love, the lifestyle you want.

Itís time to go to health

Donít smokeÖitís a matter of life and BREATH

Donít wait to lose weight

Fitness for Health Resolution

Shape it up

A better way to practice care

You are what you eat from your head down to your feet

Care for your health

Just for the Health of It

We have heart

A glimpse at the life you want

Stay healthy, Eat correct food

Proud to Be Smoke Free

You are what you eat

Eat healthy live longer

A better you, Today

Dreaming with your eyes open

For the love of your heart

Coordinated. Connected. Committed

Health Matters

Being fit is important

Get a jump on your day

Health Is Priority One

A good wife and health are a manís best wealth

Your health comes first

Eat Good because I love your dad

Running to the Future

The first wealth is health

Relaxed mind will not collapse life

Donít starve your health in pursuit of wealth

Why put off feeling good?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

Idle brain is devils workshop

Life without health is like a hell

Select your size

All hearts strong

Do your own homework

Donít go out of your weigh to please anyone but yourself

Care that never quits

Donít give up what you want most for what you want at this moment

A strong nation, a healthy family

Diet cures more than doctors

A Healthy Food, for a wealthy mood

Healthy life begins with a healthy heart

Check in With Your Health

For all your healthy needs

Because it mattersÖ.Heart Disease awareness

Tested strategies, proven results

For the journey that is life

Life is great, we will show you how to make it better

Be aware about health and live life peacefully

A New Year ñ A New You

A healthy lifestyle is a perfect lifestyle

An apple a day, helps you run in a long way

Use it or lose it

Building a stronger community

A mile of run a day will keep the fat away

Easy to gain, hard to lose

Commit to be fit

Eat Good, Feel Good

Learn to dream with your eyes wide open

A healthy familyÖ is a happy family

Friends donít let friends drive drunk

Care for your heart

Because just going through the motions wonít cut it

Open your eyes to the life you want

Are you healthy and happy?

Milk, it will help you grow strong

Your body, your health, our priority.

Health is greatest wealth

For your health

VerbÖitís what you do

All heart

Relax. Rejuvenate. Revitalize

Get fit donít quit

Being on a diet is better than being on a hospital bed

Health Care is a Right Not a Privilege

This earth for all of us so go Vegan

Hustle to gain more muscle

They offer promises, we provide results

Beautiful body. Beautiful mind

A happy mind is a sign of healthy body

What I like for me is GMO Free

Bigger Snacks, Bigger Slacks

We know what matters

Take care of your body and it will take care of you

Donít let this happen to you

Always have good health

Eat well feel well

Keep your heart happy

Burn Calories not Gas

Being healthy and fit isnít a fad or a trend, itís a lifestyle

U canít ëenjoyí wealth, if U are not healthy

Itís the healing of the nation

Life is greatÖstart living it

A fit body holds a Healthy mind and spirit

Workout animal

Health is the real wealth

Vegetarian taste better

Go healthy and happy

Healthy mind in a healthy body

All Heart

Depend on Us for Life

Rest a while and run a mile

Better choices = healthy lifestyle

I am vegetarian why you not?

The Mind is a terrible thing to waste

A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips

Too Fit to Quit

Our guarantee is in our results

No Smallpox ñ No Polio ñ Know Public Health

A healthy body is a home for a healthy soul

A healthy heart is a wealthy start

Growing to Meet Your Needs

Donít be a Brat burn that Fat

Be smart, eat smart

Seven Days without Exercise Make One Weak

Stay Strong, Live Long

Vegetarians save lives

The Future Is Now

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