Top 145 Catchy Vegetarian Slogans With Taglines

Feed it, don’t eat it

Live green and go green

Beef: It’s what’s rotting in your colon

Every Bite Counts

I am kind to all living creatures. Just not plants

Love animals, Don’t wear them

Live and let live. Go vegan

Vegetarian, no blood on my hands

Animals are my friends and I don’t eat my friends

Hug a vegetarian, save a cow

If You Aren’t a Vegetarian You Don’t Know Beans

Fish Is Not a Vegetable

Go Greener

Don’t Eat Eggs – It’s Stealing

I Don’t Eat My Friends

Vegetarian Food Is Comfort Food For Your Mind

Save Animals – Be Vegetarian

Vegetarians Eat The Good Life

Got Vegetables?

My body will not be a tomb for other animals

Even Cows Don’t Drink Milk – So Why Would You?

This earth for all of us so go Vegan

Animals Love Me–Plants Fear Me

Eat healthy. Go vegan

Vegan food is delicious too!

For animal rights, be a vegetarian

Be Kind to Animals. Don’t Eat Them

Eat green. Eat vegetarian food

Your non-veg meal stops a heartbeat

Humane Slaughter Is An Oxymoron

Vegetarians Live Longer To Love Longer

I love animals-just not for dinner

The Only Ethical Choice

Vegetarian Because I Know Better

You Have A Choice, They Don’t

There’s No Such Thing As “Mad Carrot Disease.”

Animals Are Our Friends Not Our Food

The Only Type Of Animal Vegetarians Eat Is Crackers

Feed It, Don’t Eat It

Be Vegan, Be Mine

Not your mother. Not your milk

Stop animal testing

For animals rights, be a vegetarian

Stop killing innocent lives for your foods

Animals have souls. Don’t put them in your bowls

Live and let live–go veg*n

No living creature deserves to be murdered

Vegetarians know side dishes are your friends!

I Love Animals. Just Not On My Plate

There’s no such thing as “Mad carrot disease.”

Born Again Vegan

I am vegetarian why you not?

Make peace, not sausages

Plants bless us; meat messes us

Animals die to keep your fat *** alive

Give Peas a Chance

Nothing With a Face Will Be On My Plate

Love Animals, Eat Plants

Hug a Vegetarian, Save a Cow

Veganism is as good as it gets

Be a Cow Boy Not a Cow Eater

Vegetarians Save Lives

Choose Compassion

Vegetarian Taste Better

My Plate Is Humane

How can you be pro-life and eat dead animals

Vegetarians Know Side Dishes Are Your Friends!

Instead Of Killing Animals For Their Meat And Fur, It Is Better To Eat Vegetables

Non-veg foods are unhealthy. Go vegan

Animals are our friends not our food

Vegetarians Save Trees By Not Eating Meat

Leave meat, change your life

There’s Nothing Sweet About Eating Meat

I’m proud to be a vegetarian

Eat Beans, Not Beings

Be Human AND Humane

I Am Kind To All Living Creatures. Just Not Plants

I am vegetarian, I save live

Spare an Animal, Eat a Vegetable

Don’t ask me why I’m a vegetarian-ask yourself why you’re not

Animals Are Not Ours To Eat

Practice Compassion

Vegetarianism for peace – nonviolence begins with your diet

Eat Beans Not Beings

Hug a vegetarian

If something have heart beat then don’t eat it

Food For Thought

Don’t Eat Anything That Casts a Shadow

Fish is not a vegetable

I’m Kind To Animals

It feels good to be vegetarian

Wings Are For Flying, not Frying

I Don’t Eat Anything With Eyelashes

Save Billions – Be Vegan

Forks over knives will save lots of lives

I love animals. Just not on my plate

Kick your meat to the curb

Be Part Of The Vegan Solution, Not The Problem

Real Humans Don’t Kill Non-Humans

If You Are What You Eat, Does That Make You Dead Meat?

I Hug Animals. I Don’t Grill Them

Keep Calm and Vegan On

Only hypocrites eat meat and say they love animals

Vegetarian taste better

Save The Earth. Eat Plants

Animals love me–plants fear me

Fish are friends. Not food

Kick Your Meat To The Curb

Animals Love Vegetarians. Plants Fear Them

Vegetarian because I know better

I Love Animals-Just Not For Dinner

Kick out the meat from your life

Change What You Eat – Change The World

Vegetarians save lives

I Am Vegan Because I Have Heart In My Body

I’m Proud To Be a Vegetarian

Love animals, eat plants

Vegetarianism for peace–nonviolence begins with your diet

Where’s The Beef? Not On My Plate!

Want to be petite? Don’t eat meat!

Animals love vegetarians. Plants fear them

Being vegetarian means being healthy

Vote With Your Fork

If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls, Everyone Would be a Vegetarian

The Only Roasted Food I Eat Is Coffee

If you aren’t a vegetarian you don’t know beans

Live Green And Go Green

I am vegetarian. I save lives

There’s No Blood On My Plate

Be a vegetarian. Live longer

I am vegan because I have heart in my body

Kick Out The Meat From Your Life

Think vegetarian. Go vegetarian

Make Every Bite Count

Vegetarian, No Blood On My Hands

Thing vegetarian, go vegetarian

Your non-veg burger kills a living animal

I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals–I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants

I think therefore I am vegetarian

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Peace, Love, Vegetarian

Teach Kids To Love Animals, Not Eat Them

Around The World Think About Being a Vegetarian

Want More Money In Your Pocket? Don’t Put Meat On Your Plate!

A carrot a day keeps the doctor away

Quicken your pace don’t eat anything with a face

Save animals – Be vegetarian

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