55 Latest & Catchy Vegan Slogans With Taglines

YOU Have A Choice, They Don’t – Be Vegan

Food For Thought – Vegan For Life

Humane Slaughter Is An Oxymoron

Give Peas A Chance – Go Veg!

YOLO Try Vegan!

Eating Other Animals? I Just Can’t Stomach It

Don’t Eat Eggs – It’s Stealing

Vegan For Life

Vegan For A Reason

Vegans Taste Better

I Think, Therefore I’m Vegan

Even Cows Don’t Drink Milk – So Why Would You?

Why Am I Vegan? Why Are You Not?

I’m Vegan (see post)

Vote With Your Fork

Practise Compassion – Go Vegan

Be Vegan, Be Mine

I’m Vegan And I Love It!

Would You Eat Human Eggs?

Love Life. Go Vegan

Be Human AND Humane

Be Part Of The Vegan Solution, Not The Problem

Planet Earth Is For ALL Of Us

Go Vegan – It’s The Right Thing To Do

I Don’t Feel Superior Because I’m Vegan, I’m Vegan Because I Don’t Feel Superior

Have A Heart – Go Vegan

Change What You Eat – Change The World

I’m Vegan, But I Don’t Worship Tom, Dick OR Gary (snort)

Vegans Choose (submitted by CJ)

Real Men Don’t Hunt

Go Vegan – It’s The Christian Thing To Do

Why I’m Vegan? Google Factory Farming

Be Part Of The Vegan Revolution!

Lactose Intolerant? Become Cruelty Intolerant – Go Vegan!

Peace Begins On Your Plate. Go Vegan

Animals Are Not Ours To Eat

What Would Jesus Eat Today?

Born Again Vegan

Go Greener – Go Vegan

Veganism – The Only Ethical Choice

If You Wouldn’t Eat A Cat, Why Eat A Cow?

Go Vegan – Or I May Have To Kill You (kidding!)

Keep Calm and Vegan On (my favourite one right now)

Vegans Unite!

Go Vegan – Or I’ll Eat You (still kidding, I think?)

Don’t Eat Anything That Once Had A Face

Vegans Save Lives

Have Gone Vegan

Meat Is Murder & Dairy Is Rape

I’m Vegan – Bite Me

Every Bite Counts – Be Vegan

Veganism – Saving Millions One Bite At A Time

Real Humans Don’t Kill Non-Humans

Save Billions – Be Vegan

Don’t Have A Cow – And I Mean That Literally!

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