129+ Latest & Catchy Tree Plantation Quotes

Nature is a divine gift. Protect it

Preen our earth with green

Save trees, reduce greenhouse effect

Plant a tree, green the earth, clean the air, live happily

Go green and save trees

Trees are the best amigos. Go green

The more you plant, the better planet you make

1,2,3, Plant a tree

Plant tree. It is for free

Plan a tree, get disease free

Imagine a world full of greeneries

Trees are vitral. Stop deforestation

There is no life without green

Protect the nature. He will protect you too

A plantation of trees pollutes with BVOCs

More trees. More greeneries

No Trees, No Future

Plant trees, save your tomorrow

Trees are the ornaments of the earth. Save them

Add a new plant, add a new friend

Go green, go lively

Save trees. Don’t destroy nature

Think of the long haul, don’t let the trees fall!

Get set ready, plant a tree

A plant a day keeps the flood away

One tree by each family means one billion new trees on Earth

Trees are saviour of earth

Plant more to make this planet better

Come with me, plant a new tree

Don’t bark up my tree

Save trees. Save your next generation

Protect green, protect yourself

See the forest for the trees

Plant tress for better tomorrow

Adopt a Tree

Each one, Plant one

Stop deforestation. Go for aforestation

Let the green be seen!

Plant trees, save your future

Be nice to the nature, it gives you shelter

Give a hoot for the root

Nature is divine, also it can be furious. So, save it

Plant a tree Today

Aforestation… the best option

Aforestation can bring the land to life

Stop being so merciless to the trees

No tree… no life

Nature is beautiful. Save it

A tree is a collective property so do take care of it

Go green. Go healthy

Deforestation will lead us to devastation

Water plants, conserve trees

Save trees, conserve nature. Conserve earth

Add one tree to the nature. Add a saviour to your life

Save plants, save trees, save greeneries

Plant in plenty

Green planet, lovely planet

Each one… plant one

Trees plantation… is the best preactice

Trees help us breathe. Save them

Save earth, save greeneries

Go green, serve green

Stop destroying nature, start planting more

Plant a tree, make our earth risk free

Cut down one… plant three

Plant a tree. Make your future breathe for free

More trees. Better world. Better life

The greener, the better

Save our earth, make it green

Plant trees, cuz they are vital

Plant new trees. Add more days to your life

It is Simpler saving paper than planting trees

Save green. Save your generation

I am a tree. Save me

I will water plants close to the root

Save trees and save world

Trees are the lungs of the earth. Protect it

More trees… a better tomorrow

Save our earth for the next generation

I’m rooting for you

If a tree dies, Plant another in its place

Trees are the roots of all living, Plant a Tree

Green our planet – the best place on earth

Save earth. Save trees

Trees are the root of our existence

plant a tree a day and keep soil erosion away

plant a tree so that next generation can get air for free

Plant a Tree. It doesn’t cost The Earth

Trees have life. We need them to survive

Roots of lives are the roots of trees

No life without trees. Save your life

Always stop cutting of trees

Trees are vital. Without them, earth would be fatal

Plant trees and bring rain to get rid of summer heat

Don’t be a litter bug, just give a tree a hug

Every hand does its own work so plant trees and save earth

Plan your family but never stop planting trees

Greeneries make this earth more lively

Trees are green. Use them to preen

Trees are living being so be friendly with them

Greeneries are good for your eyes. Gp green

More trees mean lesser air pollution

Plan trees. Go green

1,2,3,4 Plant a tree once more

Protect mother nature. She will protect you too

Root for the Trees

One two three… plant a new tree

Trees plantation. This is the best option

Keep planting trees for the better future of your kids

Plant more trees, make environment pollution free

Keep earth beautiful and lively by planting trees

Trees cause us no harm. Save them

Make your tomorrow better with more trees

Tree plantations is the best option

Plant more trees, secure your future

Never look at others, just plant a tree

Want to live longer? Plant trees

Stop deforestation

Plant a tree, grow a flower

Cut One, Plant Two

Planting trees. Great tomorrow

Go green, go natural

He Who Plants a Tree Loves Others Beside Himself!

Plant a tree and add new friends in your life

The best time to plant a tree is just now

Plant a tree and plant a hope for future

Go for aforestation

Make this planet more green with trees

Preserve your Heritage, Plant More Trees

I am a tree, protect me, conserve me

Our earth needs us, save it

Mother earth is in danger! Go green

Go green. Remain healthy

A Tree for Peace

One family, one child but plant more and more trees

What will you hug when there are no more trees?

Green earth… preened earth

Feel free to plant a tree

Protect greeneries. Protect nature

Plant trees, save your life

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