130+ Throat Chakra Affirmations for Better Communication

Below we’ve compiled the list of best and positive throat chakra affirmations that will help you communicate your thoughts and feelings and create meaningful connections with others.

Throat Chakra Affirmations

1. I don’t interrupt others while they speak.

2. I only take part in positive conversations.

3. I’m not scared to speak my mind.

4. I hold myself accountable.

5. I am an excellent communicator.

6. I show the world who I truly am.

7. I am a confident speaker.

8. I always express my emotions.

9. I am clear and concise in my communications.

10. I always stay calm and collected when I speak.

11. I am unafraid to ask for what I want.

12. My voice is clear and powerful.

13. I turn pending arguments into enriching discussions.

14. I have the courage to say how I feel.

15. My voice matters.

16. My words illuminate my point of view.

17. My intent is always clear and noble when I speak.

18. My honesty attracts what I deserve.

19. I express myself clearly and openly.

20. My words are powerful.

21. I expand my energy and let go of judgments.

22. I do not need permission to be me.

23. I am filled with creative energy.

24. I always speak my mind.

25. I am open to receiving messages from my angels.

26. I am honest and authentic in my speech and actions.

27. I have a sharp mind.

28. I am a patient and attentive listener.

29. I am a clear and effective communicator.

30. I am worthy of being heard.

31. I am an excellent speaker.

32. I talk only when others have finished speaking.

33. The answer is always within me.

34. I am open clear and honest in my communication.

35. I allow my highest truth to come forward.

36. My voice is needed in the world.

37. It is safe for me to speak my truth.

38. I creatively express my highest potential.

39. I avoid gossip.

40. I live my life with integrity and authenticity.

41. My voice is heard and appreciated.

42. It is okay for me to want more.

43. I express myself with confidence.

44. My words matter.

45. I am a great communicator.

46. I express myself truthfully with words and actions.

47. What I do, I do it with full conviction and dedication.

48. My words are positive and passionate.

49. I am calm, patient, and peaceful.

50. I speak my true thoughts with ease.

51. I have access to my higher self for guidance and support.

52. I have a loving voice.

53. I am a born speaker.

54. Through clear intent, I am healing.

55. I carry myself with integrity.

56. I stay true to myself always.

57. When I speak, I don’t back away from speaking the truth.

58. I am the pure eternal consciousness and bliss.

59. I have a rich vocabulary and add to it daily.

60. My voice is confident and truthful.

61. I am allowed to be uniquely me.

62. I trust others.

63. I resolve conflicts through open and honest communication.

64. I listen intently when others are speaking.

65. I know what the right thing is to say.

66. I am peaceful.

67. I speak with courage, compassion, and love.

68. I trust the brilliance that comes through my voice.

69. When I share my words, I share my light.

70. I listen to truth.

71. I express my feelings with sincerity.

72. I trust my intuition.

73. I listen when others share their truth.

74. I speak my mind truthfully with no boundaries.

75. I stand up for what I believe in.

76. I choose authenticity over perfection.

77. I speak my truth freely and openly.

78. I express myself with ease.

79. I’m confident about myself.

80. It is totally safe for me to express my own true feelings.

81. My voice is important in this world.

82. I make space for self-expression in my life.

83. I am safe to express my feelings and emotions.

84. I am fearless and free.

85. I am worthy of a self-expressed life.

86. I hear and speak the truth.

87. I am in alignment with my truth.

88. I am a good listener.

89. I live in my truth. I speak my truth.

90. I am full of creative ideas.

91. I feel compassion toward others.

92. I am accountable for expressing myself clearly.

93. My ability to communicate effectively improves daily.

94. I allow others to see the real me.

95. I clearly express myself.

96. I have the strength to tame my tongue.

97. I am confident speaking in my area of expertise.

98. Being honest frees me.

99. I am pure awareness.

100. My body is open and free to express my voice.

101. I express myself fearlessly.

102. I am creative in the way that I express myself.

103. I speak truth.

104. I love to use my voice and express myself.

105. I radiate calm, peace, and serenity.

106. I don’t engage in gossips and criticism.

107. I am genuine and honest with my words.

108. I let others know how I am really feeling.

109. I am friendly and good to talk to.

110. I have integrity.

111. I talk with others, not about them.

112. I value what other people have to say.

113. I will be as creative as possible in expressing my truth.

114. My voice is a unique contribution to the world.

115. I comfort others with my words.

116. I increase my vocabulary every day.

117. I value the words of others.

118. I am allowed to take up space.

119. I can flow with the conversation.

120. I can be who I am right now in this moment.

121. I speak and listen with equal awareness.

122. I speak my truth, lovingly.

123. I interact well with others.

124. I am proud of my communication skills.

125. I am allowed to speak up.

126. I am truth, I speak truth, I sow truth.

127. I am grounded.

128. I always speak in terms of success and prosperity.

129. My words are aligned with my truth.

130. I speak from a place of love, courage, and truth.

131. I’m not afraid to stand in my truth.

132. I always take part in intelligent discussions.

133. I stand up for myself and tell people how I feel.

134. I speak with calm, clarity, and confidence.

135. I speak up for myself.

136. I develop my integrity each time I tell the truth.

137. I can remain calm when speaking to others.

138. I am being sung by source energy.

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