The 45+ Sims Pick Up Lines

The Sims, as we all know, is a  beloved franchise for both men and women across the world. So imagine you use these pick up lines on the sims to the person who loves this game. I know what you are wondering, what will happen next? It will break the ice and bring lightheartedness and fun into your romantic Sims sessions. Now sounds interesting, right? So dont wait and add some extra fun and excitement to your relationship. Enjoy.

Sims Pick Up Lines

1. Are you a Simoleon? Because you’re worth way more than a single Sim.

2. Is your name Create-a-Sim? Because you’re the best thing I’ve ever designed.

3. You’re as beautiful as a Sunset Valley morning.

4. Do you want to join meter high club? I got your perfect membership here.

5. Are you a Sim’s aspiration? Because I’m committed to fulfilling your every desire.

6. Hey there, can I buy you a nectar?

7. Is your heart a cheat code? Because I feel like I just unlocked something special.

8. You must be a kleptomaniac because you stole my heart.

9. How much simoleoons does it take for you to date me?

10. Are you a romantic interest? Because I can’t help but want to woohoo with you.

11. Are you a Sim? Because my attraction bar is off the charts when I see you.

12. Are you the One, because I think I just found my soulmate.

13. You must be from Strangetown? Because your beauty is not of this world.

14. Your Plumbob brings out your eyes.

15. You’re my lifetime aspiration.

16. Are you a skill book? Because I want to study every page of your heart.

17. Hey do you have an extra Plumbob? Mine broke when I fell for you.

18. Are you pyromaniac? Because you’re on fire.

19. Do you know SimFu? Because your body is kickin’.

20. My prescription is a daily dose of you.

21. Is your name Rosebud? Because you make my heart’s bank account go cha-ching!

22. Are you a fire alarm? Because when I’m near you, my heart starts to ring.

23. You and ambrosia have the same effect on me.

24. Is your name The Sims soundtrack? Because you’ve got my heart dancing to your rhythm.

25. Babe are you gorgeous or do you just have attractive moodlet?

26. Girl, you are the only one who can activate my flirty trait.

27. You’re the Simonely one for me.

28. Were you winking at me or is that a glitch?

29. Are you sure you’re not the one controlling me?

30. Do you like to fulfill your sim’s wish? Well I got a woohoo wish now.

31. Are you Bella, because I want to be your Mortimer.

32. Are you a skill point? Because you’re leveling up my happiness.

33. Babe, you are much more than an achievement for my Master Romancer.

34. You must be a life plant, because I never feel so alive in my life.

35. I got an athletic skill of level 10, all leveled up from Woohoos.

36. Are you in the criminal caller track, because you have stolen my heart.

37. Woohoo with you is my lifetime achievement.

38. Are you a plumbob? Because every time I see you, I’m in the green.

39. Girl, I will never let my dastardly trait get in between us.

40. Is your name Build Mode? Because I want to create a future with you.

41. Are you a Sim’s needs bar? Because you complete me.

42. Are you from Pleasantview, because you are a Pleasant view.

43. I got the hopeless romantic trait, you are the only one who can make it less hopeless.

44. Are you a Sim’s career path? Because I’m willing to work hard to make you happy.

45. Are you a Sim’s lifetime wish? Because I want to help you achieve all your dreams.

46. Do you have the Kelptomaniac trait? Because you stole my heart.

47. Is your name Free Will? Because I choose to spend my time with you.

48. I’d love to watch the sunset from your valley.

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