190+ No Texting and Driving Slogans

No texting and driving slogans have the potential to be a lifesaver.

From the sobering “It can wait” to the thought-provoking “Texting kills, let it wait,”  we’ve compiled a list of the best and most inspiring no texting and driving slogans that will raise awareness and make a lasting impact.

Scroll down and select the best one to promote safe driving habits. Let’s see what we have here.

No Texting and Driving Slogans

Be smart like your phone and keep it away

Ensure your safety before texting

Stay safe, stay alive

Do not let texts come in your way

Distraction will cost you your life

Texting and Driving don’t mix

Arrive alive, don’t text and drive

For a safer road

Text and Drive if you want to meet Jesus

No Text is Worth a Death

Texting and driving not the right combination

Careful driving is safe driving

Do not risk your chances of survival

The road is no place to socialize

Thumbs on the wheel

Drive first, text later

Wheels are not for talking

Do not commit the grave mistake

Don’t text yourself to death

Safety should be the topmost priority

Don’t Drive inTEXTicated

Do not let the texts control you

Text later, not while driving

My life is more important than your text

You don’t want them responding to your text

Not a smart move

Be alive or text and drive

Donate blood, but not on the streets

When you’re distracted, who’s driving?

Start with yourself

What were you thinking?

Help saves lives, don’t text and drive

Don’t let texting blind you

Practice safe driving

People can wait

Text later to keep texting forever

Do not text and drive if you want to survive

Stay alive? or text and drive?

Preach and practice

The text isn’t going anywhere but the car is

Alive is cool

Only an illiterate would do that

Friends can wait, safety won’t

Do not let others suffer with you

Reach home safe

Driving is about safety

Crash on your couch, not on the roads

Don’t let a text kill you

No accident zone

Never a careless driver

The text won’t disappear, you might

Texting isn’t so cool if the crash makes you drool

Hands-on the wheel

Do not let the phone decide your fate

There’s No Surviving Distracted Driving

Try being safe

Texting and Driving: A Grave Mistake

Accidents don’t notify and come

You can’t do both

Pledge to make it safer for the ones on the street

A no-phone zone is better

No one is worth risking your life for

Roads are not for texting

Do not text yourself to death

Rules are meant to be followed

Replies aren’t more important than your life

Put the phone done before you kill us both

Save a life. Don’t text and drive

Make it safe for everyone

Text and drive to cry and die

Texting while driving kills

Keep others and yourself safe

Think texting and driving is NBD?

Wrecks are just a text away

Text later or regret forever

Do not be a killer

Let the safety guide you home safe

Drive responsibly

Messages aren’t worth risking your life

Do the explaining later

The hospital bed isn’t the best place to be

Let the safety rules guide you

Do not be Late

Practice and they will follow

Text and drive were not meant to be done together

Don’t let your last text be your last words

Watch out for others

Be alive to talk later

Safety first

Think before doing it

Do not be the reason for someone’s death

Ain’t no survivin’ textin’ and drivin’

Let the text wait

Undivided attention is important

Texting and driving equals crying and dying

Take an initiative

Ensure your road safety

Accidents are not pleasant

Accidents happen in the blink of an eye

Texting will take you nowhere

Eyes off the screen

Do not dig your own grave

Texting and driving: slim chance of surviving

Texts are fatal at times

Do not write your own end

Roads are not meant for socializing

Drive and text if you want your death to be next

Make your car a no phone zone

Stay alive and keep others alive

Do not die young

Be late than being Late

Spare others from your carelessness

Sensible ones do not text and drive

Keep from bleeding on the streets

Reach your destination and text

Think before being a fool

Hang up the phone now!

Carelessness will lead to wreck-less

Be responsible

Surprisingly, texting can kill too

Regrets are painful

You can be the next victim

Do not make life shorter than it already is

Educate the ignorant ones

Texting and driving is a grave mistake

Friends don’t let friends text and drive

Start the initiative

Do not let the notifications distract you

A fool’s work

Ditch being an irresponsible

That text isn’t going anywhere, but your car is

Do not leave a chance

Do not deceive yourself

Texts can wait, life cannot

Socialize later, drive first

Do not wreck it

Stop the Texts and Stop the wrecks!

Stay Alive, Don’t Text & Drive

Not a smart thing to do together

Get the safety rules first

It begins at home

Pay attention or pay hospital bills

Do not alter your fate

Act wisely on the streets

Textin and drivin equals cryin and dyin

Educate them with road safety

Be safe with every step

Get home safe

Do not rush

Text and drive reduces the chances of survival

Texting and driving, Slim chance of surviving

Do not put everyone on risk with your texting

Spread awareness

Arrive well and alive

Avoid crashing

You might like accidents, others do not

Keep the text for another time

No one is worth your life

Eyes only on the road

Roads are not meant for multitasking

Be careful, safety has no quitting time

Arrive home safe, not covered in blood

Do not let the text be your last

Don’t tempt fate that text can wait

Drive safe, be safe

Know the rules

Texting your life away just got literal

Responsible is attractive

Don’t tempt fate. Text can wait

Do not confuse the two

Text when you arrive alive

Texting while driving can be your last text

Learn to be safe

Die doing something great, not something stupid

All eyes for the road

Eyes on the road, not on the phone

Make it a risk-free zone

Hang up the phone on the road

No distraction zone

End up on your bed, not the hospital bed

Watch out for the accidents

Safe is attractive

One text or call could wreck it all

Do you want to be the next victim?

Be considerate

Do not text and drive

Spread awareness towards road safety

Commit to a safer drive

Drive first

Text and drive tops the stupid list

Consequences are everywhere

Make the streets safe

Safety is cool, try it

Be a multitasker at your workplace, not on the streets

Keep the phone away

Texts can kill too

Do not text to crash

Socialize later

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