225 Latest & Catchy Student Council Slogans

If you don’t mind, Vote for(Name)

Make your vote count because I know I can lead this class

Your future awaits

Purpose driven leadership

Don’t start crying, Vote for(Name)

I pay attention so you don’t have to!

Don’t gloat, put in your vote. Vote for (Name)!

Many people agree, Vote(Name)For VP!

Discover the Possibilities

Heading in the right direction

Coming Soon to a class room near you

We’ll vote for(Name)and so should you!

Vote for education. Vote for(Name)

The one better than the rest

My hips don’t lie, Vote(Name)

A Vote for(Name)is as amazing as a double rainbow

I know I am rookie but I am one smart cookie. Vote for(Name)

Don’t kick me, Pick me!

Take the plunge

Your voice on council

A vote works wonders. Vote for (Name)

Shout out(Name)for president

Don’t be a fake, vote for (Name)

Stop and Vote(Name)

Vote for me I’m the right choice, vote for me I’ll be your voice

Very good leadership

Hometown pride

Hope, Change, and Progress

Fostering the people

The people rule

We like (your name) yes, we do! we’ll vote for her and so should you!

Putting a plan in action to assure your satisfaction

The open door

Students Need Their Own Voice. So, Make the Right Choice

Keep on Keeping on

Make no mistake, vote for (Name)

Vote bright, Vote right, Vote(Name)

Shout out loud, Vote for(Name)

(Name), one name, one legend

Keeping it real

You mean you didn’t vote for(Name)

Vote with your heart

Don’t throw your vote away, vote for(Name)today!

You’ve seen the best now choose the best, vote for (Name)

When put to the test, I will be the best

Don’t waste your Vote. Vote for(Name)

Seeing the big picture

(Name) is for us

Faster, Better, Stronger

Vote for the best so you won’t be stressed

(Name)is here to solve your problems

I want you to Vote me

Unspeakable greatness

The girl with the SMILE, Vote for(Name)

Hey girls, I want you to Vote for(Name)

It’s not YOUR fault it’s Your vote!

Don’t gloat, put in your vote, Vote for(Name)!

Vote for (Name), your Voice in Student Government

Don’t Be Hesitant. Vote (Name) For President

Vote (Name)to Represent You

I promise, I will

Vote for me, a busy bee!

Open your mind. Improve your school

You want something done, (Your Name) is the one!

Like a good neighbor (Name) is there

(Name) is the right choice, go ahead, raise your voice!

President(Name)- because it sounds cool

Help me Fight

To cool for school vote(Name)for president

I am not Good, I am not better, I am the best

Working for us, Vote for us

Open your mind, Improve your school

Don’t be shy, Vote(Name)for try

Why not?

Infinite possibilities

The One Choice

I’ve got your back

Just keep voting, just keep voting (name) for (position)


Clap your hands, say it out loud,(Name)is the one who makes you proud

Don’t fear,(Name)is here!!

Vote for (Name), the man with the plan

A vote for(Name)is a vote for the better

Make someone happy. Vote(Name)

Vote for HOPE, Vote for CHANGE

We love (Name)

Its time for a change

Honesty is my middle name

Victoria’s real secret: She votes for(Name)

Vote for me, (Name) and you”ll go WEE!

Make Someone Happy. Vote for (Name)

The people’s president

I am not asking to Vote for me, just check the box next to my name

I’d give you all cookies if I had any

I may be small, but I’ve got it all. I’ll fight without rest, put me to the test. Vote for (Name)

Here to Serve you

Decisions you can trust

Vote For (Name) – Common Sense For An Uncommon Time!

The road to victory

Uncommon Leadership

For Success Choose The Best

Good Choice

Excellence personified

A vote for me means success for us all

Qualities of Greatness

Join us or Die

Victory for the people

Don’t be a fake, vote for(Name)

I don’t just speak the change I make the change

Never fear (your name) is here!!

Everyone is voting for(Name)!

Don’t settle for less. Vote for(Name), he/she’s the best

Want life to go your way? Vote (Name) today!

2,4,6,8 who do we designate?

You deserve better

Courage to act

Mom says Vote for(Name)

Keep moving forward

Vote 4 (Name)I promise I’ll do my best I’ll never stop to take a rest

I would be HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY to have your Vote!

Keeping your ideas in mind

Safety First

If voting for me is Wrong, then you don’t want to be Right!

The write choice for secretary!

I’m kind and fair so vote for me and I will care!

Catalyst for change

Show me the Money! (Name) for treasurer

2-4-6-8 vote for (Name) don’t hesitate

Everyone says, (Name) for Prez

Everyone agrees, Vote for(Name)

I’m very clever, but not scary. Vote for me for secretary!

Everyone is someone

Like a good Friend,(Name)_ is there

Be a pal, vote for this gal

Vote for experience

I mustache U 2 Vote 4(Name)

If you want a secretary who is the best, vote for(Name)

Vote for (name), he’s the man, if he can’t do it no one can!

Vote smart. Elect (Your name) for Student Body President

A student for solutions

Great ideas

Who is the most awesome person in your mind

Don’t repeat your mistake

Be bright, Vote for who is right

(Name) is the best, forget with the rest

(Name)is cool for vote

Vote for success, Vote for(Name)

Don’t rock the boat. Vote for incumbent (Name)

A person that cares

Justice for all

Join us

Growing. Serving

Ready to Lead

Vote for me otherwise you’ll lose again

Bank on me. Will treasure your vote

I win – you win

Our destiny awaits

Dependable Leadership

Ideas to spare

Vote for(Name)to get things done

2-4-6-8 vote for(Name)don’t hesitate

Vote for me, I’ll be your voice

Feel like you should have a say? Vote(Name)today!

The power of ideas

(Name)is the man, if he can’t do it no one can!

Vote for me is Vote for you. I win – you win

YOUR voice is MY voice. Vote for(Name)

You’ll flip for(Name)

Don’t vote for them, Please vote for me!

Don’t throw your vote away, vote for(Name) today!

Count on someone who can count, (Name) for treasurer

Vote for me, I can talk the talk

Bringing back hope

Victoria’s real secret: she votes for (Name)

The dream lives on

vote for (Name) shes a smart cookie

Peace through strength

Got (Name)? She does a student body good

You won’t be sorry you voted for(Name)

(Name): Because you’re worth it

Free drinks on me, Vote(Name)

Think locally

Count on someone who can count

A Vote works, Vote for(Name)

Popularity or brains… it’s a no-brainer… Vote (Name)

Pay it forward

Keep calm and Vote wisely for(Name)

Give this school a change

Don’t be shy, Give (Name) a try

Make no mistake, vote for(Name)

The girl with the SMILE will go the extra MILE!

Going Farther

Don’t be shy, close your eyes and try

Invest your vote with me and reap the rewards of leadership

I don’t hear the voices. I am the voice. Vote for(Name)

Called to Greatness

Oh, I just can’t wait to be King (Name)

Let me serve you

Service with a Smile

YOUR voice. YOUR choice. Vote (Name) today

Vote for (Name)for Class Secretary

Take a stand! The results will be grand!

Vote for (Opposing Name) (this is crossed out, but still readable) Vote for (Name)

I’m small like a mouse, but I’m a power house!

Roses are great so vote for (First Name) She’s great

Don’t wait, Vote(Name)

Vote for hope. Vote for(Name)

Don’t be a loser, be a chooser

Vote for (Name), he’s the man, if he can’t do it no one can!

Building a Road to Tomorrow

Make your Vote count

Vote for the Girl with the smile!

I want you to Vote for(Name)

We dare to dream

(Name) The Best, Forget the Rest

Vote for (Name), he’s the one, give him your votes, he’ll get things done

Voting for me is a good decision!


Don’t throw your vote away, vote for (Name) today!

Fresh blood with fresh ideas

I know I am a rookie but I am one smart cookie!

Experienced Leadership

If you want right, Vote for right

Your Choice

Your Education, Your Life, Your School, Our Time Is Now

Your Vote would make me so jolly (jolly rancher)

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