53 Best Statue of Liberty Captions for Instagram

1. Honoring the spirit of independence.

2. Island-ed on Liberty Island around 1 pm.

3. Guardian of the American dream.

4. Where dreams are born and freedom reigns.

5. Saluting the spirit of freedom.

6. Statue of Liberty vibes.

7. A tribute to freedom’s enduring spirit.

8. I’ve got a crush on Lady Liberty.

9. A symbol of unity and strength.

10. Where freedom’s dreams take flight.

11. It’s bad manners to keep the Statue of Liberty waiting.

12. Embracing the spirit of liberty and justice for all.

13. The guardian of democracy.

14. Lady Liberty.

15. This view of the Statue of Liberty couldn’t be any NYCer.

16. Simply breathtaking.

17. Standing tall for freedom’s cause.

18. Iconic symbol of American freedom.

19. All you need is love and NYC skylines.

20. I was in awe of this beautiful lady.

21. In awe of Lady Liberty’s grace.

22. A symbol of America’s enduring spirit.

23. Symbol of hope and freedom.

24. Statue of Liberty love.

25. A symbol of hope and freedom for all.

26. Liberty’s enduring legacy.

27. A symbol of hope for all mankind.

28. I fell in love. Her name is Lady Liberty.

29. I got these Statue of Liberty tickets from my Ferry Godmother.

30. A beacon of hope in troubled times.

31. Embracing the spirit of freedom and democracy.

32. Guardian of liberty and justice for all.

33. Give light and people will find the way.

34. Liberty enlightening the world.

35. Where freedom stands tall.

36. I think I’m in love.

37. The guardian of New York Harbor.

38. Freedom is not just a dream.

39. Proudly standing for freedom.

40. Falling hard for Lady Liberty.

41. Feelin’ like a tourist at the Statue of Liberty!

42. The epitome of liberty.

43. Meet you by the Statue of Liberty.

44. New York, New Me.

45. The embodiment of American ideals.

46. When you leave New York you ain’t going anywhere.

47. Sipping on Liber-tea.

48. In the shadow of Lady Liberty’s grace.

49. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

50. A universal symbol of freedom and friendship.

51. New York state of mind.

52. Lady Liberty, forever standing strong.

53. The Statue of Liberty is always a good idea.

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