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List Of 27 Sprite Slogans

1. Have a sprite and a smile

2. What’s in a Sprite? It’s perfectly clear

3. Thereís a delicious ray of sunshine in every drop

4. Great Lymon Taste!

5. Taste Its Tingling Tartness

6. Image is nothing. Thirst is everything. Obey your thirst

7. First drink, then think, Sprite

8. Great Taste, Zero Sugar

9. Freedom From Thirst

10. Ice-tart taste

11. Enjoy Sprite

12. Naturally Tart

13. Sprite. Obey Your Thirst

14. Get the Right Sprite

15. Sprite: Liquid Skittles

16. I Like the Sprite In You

17. Fresh Lemon Lime Taste!

18. Itís a Natural!

19. Sprite Seedhi Baat baki sab bakwas-Indian Campaign

20. For the Thirsty!

21. Great Lymon Taste!

22. There’s a delicious ray of sunshine in every drop

23. Only Sprite

24. Open a can of fun!

25. Refreshing. Sprite

26. Obey Your Thirst

27. Rasta Clear hai (Hindi)

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