201 Creative School Group Names for Class

School group names can be used as an identifier for your school, your class, or even your child’s identity. They can also be used as a way for students to socialize with other students who share similar interests or activities.

As School groups are an important part of a school’s culture. They also provide students with a sense of belonging and foster their social skills. In addition, they help students learn and grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, physically, and spiritually.

Here we’ve compiled the list of 201 best and cool School group names to inspire your ideas and come up with a unique name. Scroll down and select the best one. Let’s see what we have here.

Best School Group Names

Buddies for Life

Only singles

Across Borders

Chatting Till I Die

All Night Long


The Branches

Waste Brains

Pen Pals

Time Waste

The Domi-Matrix

The insomaniacs

We Tie Until We Die

Axis Anything

Hindi Hands

Bloody Business

Silent Tooters

Master Minds

Talk To Mock

Shade Throwers

Jumping Jacks

The Spartans

Ultimate Nerds

Clever Cats

Sunny Coast Middle School

Mountain Movers

Wait a Secant

Advantage Academy

Little Moons

My Amigos

Talk to Mock

Textbook Text Bookers

Local Losers

Flower Power

Loving Ones

Group Names For Class

We Talk A Lot

Alive Scholars Society

Valley Racers

Starbright Preschool

The Back Benchers

Nawabon Ka Adda

Great Mates

Children’s Den

Lucky Charms

Procrastinators Now

Five Star Students

Low And Slow


Cypress University

Colony of Weirdos

Let’s Get Lyrical

The Uncalled Four

The Invincibles


Valet Minds

Hue Us?

Independent Women

Elemental Elites

The Folks

Legal Bachelors

Enter at Your Risk

Buddies In Crime

Class Acts

Changing Majors

Unlimited talks

A Cuddle of Pandas

Lakewood Institute

Children 1st Preschool

Class Team Names

Best Buddies In Life

One World Academy

Hard Rock Life

We Bond

Pitch-er Perfect

Order of Operations

The Rat Pack

Langoti Friends

Pitch Please

Don’t Peek

Brother For Life

Bingo Wives

The Computer Cats

Consonant Love

Buddies For Life

All in the Mind

Rhythm and Weep

Cream de la Creme

The Rack Pack

Fab 5

All About Kids

Gift for Gab

Life for friends

Green Sprout

Text Masters

Study Wars

Knight Riders

Just Chat

Maniac Messengers

Cool School Group Names

Fantastic 4

Birds of a Feather

Brotherly Harmony

Spoke Folks

True Sunshine

Baby Stars

Crazy Gang


The Forwarders

Dear ones

Strong Signals

Selfie Sisters

The Brainy Bunch

ABCD Dosts

Control Patrol

Party, Study, Repeat

WhatsApp Dosti Adda

No Nonsense

Emirate College


Playing Our Way

Wounded Walkers

Leaders In Learning

The Insomniacs

Girl on Fire

My Gang


The Pen Palette

Walka Walka

Silent killers

Catharsis Clique

Catchy School Group Names


Wondering Minds

Art Breakers

Dream Team

Rubber Ducks

Kids in Action

Connect the Dots

The Untouchables

The Grapes of Math

Spicy Sugars

Serial Winners

Winters College

Big Boss

Nerds of a Feather



Grounded To Grow

Hail Marys

Like Glue

Dolls With Balls

The Herd

Hot Cheetos

School Ke Patte

Goal Diggers

Cherry Choppers

Better Change

Guns and Roses

Unique School Group Names

Creating Champions

Low and Slow

The A-Team

New Horizons

Devils VS Angels

Grammar Gurus

No Spamming

Life Is a Highway

Chichore Dost

Game Changers

Royal Benchers

The Aawaraa Group

Hang over

Elk Grove Middle School

Eulogia Academy

Six Spoons

Across the Sea

Lovely Friends

The Rulers

Schooled In Success

Hike & Bike

Best Brothers

Cute School Group Names

Long Story Short

Riders of the Storm

Three Idiots

Different Strokes

Changu Mangus

Just do it


Miles Ahead

Pack of All Trades

Tough Survivors

Apple Valley High

Nadaan Parindey

No Limit

Canny Cougars

Holler Scholars

Victorious Secret

Chor Bazaar

Making Strides

Blood Relatives

Affirmative Reaction

Bright Beginnings

All in the Family

Let It Shine

Walkie Talkies

A Step Ahead

What Makes A Good School Group Name?

A good school group name creates an inviting and welcoming sentiment. It is also one that creates a sense of community and unity among the students, faculty, staff, and parents of the school. Also, it is the first impression that a student has of school.

How To Pick The Perfect School Group Name For Your Kids?

When you’re trying to choose a school for your kids, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to make the decision process easier and more successful.

To help you with this, we’ve created a list of some tips for picking the perfect school group name for your kids:

  • The age of the children in the group.
  • The school grades of the children in the group.
  • The location of the school that your child goes to.

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