Top 300+ Sad Playlist Names Ideas

A lot of people use the term “sad playlist” as a way to describe their music taste. Some people create an entire playlist dedicated to the songs that make them feel sad, while others just use one song on their list.

A sad playlist can be used for many purposes, but most commonly it is used when the person creating the playlist wants to share their feelings with others and help them through difficult times. In other words, a sad playlist can be used as a form of therapy.

Here we’ve compiled the list of best sad playlist names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Sad Playlist Names

Carefree Gospel

2000s Love Songs

Mil Flashback

Pop Psychos Music

Away from me

Chirpy Lover

My prince left

Gorgeous Anthems

The Real Me

Jazzing The Day Away

A Daring Adventure

the lazarus missions.

Good Hands

Acid Days

Over The Blues

Feel Good Hits

Be The Universe

Good 80s 📻

Feed Your Soul

Drama Time

Got your back

Feelings Of Clouds

All In Gamble

Days we enjoyed

a clear conscience

Funny Solitude

Chilled October

Broke up with you

In My Black Dress

The Lazarus Missions.

Maybe Next Time

The Rise and Fall


Romantic Notes

Powerful Weapons

sugary euphoria

Remember that Day?

Forever And Ever

Listen Don’t Read

Now You’re Gone

Cristiano Story

Never Bend Your Head

Midnight highway

Take Action

Gone In Space

Echoes Alone

Make It Perfect

What It’s Like

Shimmering Light

Alternative Hits

Coffee Alone

Shower of life

Come And Go

Catch The Rhythm

Hall Of Fame

Daydreaming in The Cascades

We are Men

Torturous Music here

The Shadow Of You

Bros Before Hoes

She wore moonlight like lingerie

Demon’s laugh

Stumbling Is Not Falling

Music Is Magic

Childhood Favourites

K-Pop Soul Power

Come Meet Me

Smooth Lover

Fire And Ashes

Demon’s Laugh

Paint It Black

The Lord Of Fantasy

Don’t Pray For Easy Life

I wish I Knew

What is even Techno

Pray For Strength

Always Be My Baby

Static Noise

mellow mornings

‘indie r&b’ primer

Pumping hard

Torture Me

Decide Your Destiny

Handmade Glory

Away From Me

Pumping Hard

Waltz Of The Spring

Country Crushes

Aesthetic Sad Playlist Names

What Happened To Us?

Find Songs

Don’t Wait!

Except Your Love

The Flip Sides

Less Tense House

Calm Undertaking

Do The Impossible

A Thousand Miles

Calm Days

Friends For Life

My Better Half

The Best Of K-pop

I Won’t Give Up On You

Literature Of Heart

Friends Are Family

Ponder Remix

Smells Like Grass

Jump Then Fly

The Extraordinary Getaway

Missed Story

Songs About Space

The Broken Hearted

Tales Of Heart Waves

2010s Undercurrents

Unadulterated Sounds

Nature’s Heartbeats

Rule The World

Music Is Cheaper Than Therapy

Don’t Worry Be Happy

Wide Mess

Ensemble Nocturno

Surf Memories

Astounding Essentials

Hooligan Graff

Meaning Of Life

Songs Called Ivy

Relight My Fire

Mega Hit Crash

2000s Break Up Songs

Your Lucky Day

Sounds Like Summer

Rock N Roll

Better Feelings

Lose Effects

I’m Your Man, Baby

Mood Boosting Playlist

Bros And Woes

Blinding Eyes

Tuck Fantastic

Growing & Glowing

Roots Of The Suffering

The Birth Of Psychedelia

Dalkom Madness

Bling Things

Spicy Hot Dance

Grow Old With You

Date Night

Eternity And A Day

Brother From Another Mother

Key Moments

Personal Diary

Together Forever

Princess Adrift

Dream Catcher

Discooooo Baby

Nu Essentials

Inspiring Sense

Blue In Green

My Emergency Contact

Beautiful Tunes

Bad Romance

Young Lady Stars


Trapped In You

I Love Pizza

Party Anthem

Overhang Plugs

Creative Sad Playlist Names

Take Me Home

Female Rage

Dumb Ghosts

Glitch Hop Playlist

Flamenco Vibes

Into The Night

The Real Thing!

Dizzy Blues

Seeing You Wither

Gem Life Jazz Party

Blowin’ In The Wind

Songs That Sound Cold

Personal Notes In Form Of Songs

Pick Your Brain

Baby I’m Yours

Party All Night

Alarm Tones Disguised As Songs

Wet Hair And Tan Lines

Hold Me Forever

Get Over Your Ex

Don’t Listen To This At Night

Gonna Win It

Sing On The Ride

Echo’s At Night

Love Fading

Old Country Love

Put A Pin In It

Country Roads

Better N@ked

Be The Best You

Never Enough Babe

Let Me Down

Honky Tonk Heroes

Best Chorus

Whisper In Ears

All Night Long

Dark Academia

Tropical Tango

Teenage Dreams

Dancing In The Dark

Caught In Love

Songs With Nothing But Beat Drops

Cupcake Crunch

My Sad Pillow

Hot Country

Songs That Make No Sense

The Blues Of The Chorus

Songs That Sound The Same

Tell Me Why

Bonbon Singsong

Electropop Inspiration

Hip Hop Hits

Love Songs

Sleepy Walk

Back To Radio

Wolffy Loony Tunes

Jazz Reimagined

Depressed Playlist Names

Kept Me In The Dark

Wolves In The Night

My Very Bad Deeds

Raindrops On My Skin

Fireplace Foreplay

Someone Like You

50 Shades Of Twilight

American Road Trip

That Popular Girl

True Love Knows No Lies

Be Friend

Vibrant Secrets

Therapy Session

Songs To Slow Dance


Junk Of My Heart

Psycho Deh Lick

The Golden Era Of Hip Hop

Grateful For You

Rockin’ The Road

Unforgettable Nights

Ten Summer Tales

Bottle Of Kindness

Whenever You Need Me

Life Lights

Shopping Hatred

Broke Up With You

Counting Stars

Underrated Gems

Slow Dance

Low Voice Music

A Darker Kind Of Day

Right In The Feels

Today’s Jazz Today

No Lyrics, Only Music

Love Messengers


Sorry Not Sorry

Classic Rap & Hip Hop

Party Hard

Blackest Of Blacks

Heavenly Touch

Rockin’ In Red Dirt

Easy Listening

Heartland Rockers

Fairytale Divorce

Wild, Barefoot And Free

Warm And Cozy

Feel Free

Food Of Love

Spotify Sad Playlist Names

Me Time Tunes

The Absurdist Playlist

Current Favorites

No Turning Back

How Forever Feels

The Best Of Me

Piano Love Songs

Christmas Carols!

Walking In The Park

My New Band

The Best Of Times

My Favourite 80’s Songs

Southern Nights

Be Proud Of Who You Are


All I Want For Christmas Is You

The Best Men Can Be!

Holly Jolly Christmas

We’re Over

Riding On The Range

Feeling Sunny Today!

All Kinds Of Music

Relaxing Friday

A Rainbow Of Emotions

Pit Of Darkness

I Don’t Want To Be Lonely Anymore’

Take It Easy Thursday

Classic Hip-hop

The New School

Sweat And Shred

Soulful And Sweet

Symphony Road

Dangerous Man

Girly Music Time!

En Route Spain

The Wild, Wild West

Cherish The Moments

Embrace Your Quirks

Winter Wonderland

Music For A Bright Day

I Will Follow Him

Songs To Make You Happy

A Bright Day Ahead

Classical Masterpieces

3 Steps to Creating the Ultimate Sad Playlist

The idea of creating a sad playlist is not new. But it’s not always easy to create one that will make you feel better. Here are five steps to creating the ultimate sad playlist.

1) Start with a theme:

Choose a word or phrase that describes the emotions you want to evoke in the listeners and create a playlist around it. You can also choose an emotion-based song from your own life, like when your heart was broken or when you lost someone close to you.

2) Choose similar songs:

Choose songs that have similar feelings, moods, or emotions so they blend well and don’t feel jarring when they come on in succession.

3) Create an order for your playlist by ranking each song according to how much emotion it has for you.

Music can evoke many emotions and feelings in us, and our playlist should reflect the different types of songs that we want to listen to. A great playlist will have a variety of songs that will make you feel different emotions.

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