47 Most Inspiring Robert Greene Quotes On Success

“Grand strategy is the art of looking beyond the present battle and calculating ahead. Focus on your ultimate goal and plot to reach it.” ― Robert Greene

“We must create our own world or we will die from inaction.” ― Robert Greene

“Mistakes and failures are precisely your means of education. They tell you about your own inadequacies.” ― Robert Greene

“One piece of advice that I think is important is this idea of following your natural inclinations and creating your own career path and finding a way to engage the deepest motivating part of your psyche.” ― Robert Greene

“The most selfish people in the world are those who merely consume what other people have created in the past and don’t contribute anything.” ― Robert Greene

“When you feel yourself emotionally engaged in a subject, you learn faster. You learn what it could take somebody 10 years to learn in 2 years.” ― Robert Greene

“Never take your position for granted and never let any favors you receive go to your head.” ― Robert Greene

“A mind content both crown and kingdom is.” ― Robert Greene

“Pushing against the passive trend of these times, you must work to see how far you can extend control of your circumstances and create the kind of mind you desire – not through drugs but through action.” ― Robert Greene

“The secret to success is retaining your child-like qualities.” ― Robert Greene

“Repeated failure will toughen your spirit and show you with absolute clarity how things must be done.” ― Robert Greene

“If you are able to overcome distractions and be a person that can focus, you have this wealth of information and knowledge and ability to acquire skills that nobody 100 or 20 years ago can dream about.” ― Robert Greene

“Your faith in yourself should overcome your insecurities. Imagine yourself a king and you will become a king.” ― Robert Greene

“You are 60 years old, and you say I could have been this and I never did it. That’s like the worst thought anybody can have.” ― Robert Greene

“If you focus deeply on a subject, you understand it better and better and more layers of it are revealed to you.” ― Robert Greene

“What makes people successful is their degree of motivation.” ― Robert Greene

“The person who cannot control his words shows that he cannot control himself.” ― Robert Greene

“Power begins from within.” ― Robert Greene

“Working for yourself, starting your own company, doing what you love should be everybody’s goal.” ― Robert Greene

“Increase your power and your image will gain reliability.” ― Robert Greene

“Masters and those who display a high level of creative energy are simply people who manage to retain a sizable portion of their childhood spirit despite the pressures and demands of adulthood.” ― Robert Greene

“Never whine, never complain, never try to justify yourself.” ― Robert Greene

“Do not leave your reputation to chance or gossip; it is your life’s artwork, and you must craft it, hone it, and display it with the care of an artist.” ― Robert Greene

“When it comes to mastering a skill, time is the magic ingredient.” ― Robert Greene

“Power is not what we do but what we do not – hasty and unwise actions that we repeat every day and which ultimately bring us into trouble.” ― Robert Greene

“The time that leads to mastery is dependent on the intensity of our focus.” ― Robert Greene

“Be royal in your own fashion: act like a king to be treated like one.” ― Robert Greene

“It is time to reverse this prejudice against conscious effort and to see the powers we gain through practice and discipline as eminently inspiring and even miraculous.” ― Robert Greene

“You are not gonna be a master of this world unless you know how to get along with people.” ― Robert Greene

“Everything that happens to you is a form of instruction if you pay attention.” ― Robert Greene

“It is often the height of wisdom to find the perfect mentor and offer your services as an assistant for free.“ ― Robert Greene

“Life goes by very fast. And the worst thing in life that you can have is a job that you hate, and have no energy and creativity in.” ― Robert Greene

“All of us are born unique. This uniqueness is marked genetically in our DNA. We are a one-time phenomenon in the universe – our exact genetic makeup has never occurred before nor will it ever be repeated.” ― Robert Greene

“The greatest test of courage on earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.” ― Robert Greene

“Having a goal will change you completely from being depressed or not taking care of yourself to be energized and moving in the right direction.” ― Robert Greene

“Become the curator of life. Edit, leave out the junk. But when you find something worth keeping, treasure it.” ― Robert Greene

“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” ― Robert Greene

“Ideas are generated in the unconscious.” ― Robert Greene

“There is nothing more intoxicating than victory, and nothing is more dangerous.” ― Robert Greene

“If you are able to create, that website, blog, a start-up or whatever it is that is different, that has its own niche and reflects you. Something good will happen for you.” ― Robert Greene

“Every single human being is a completely unique creation.” ― Robert Greene

“What kills the creative force si not age or lack of talent, but our own spirit, our own attitude.” ― Robert Greene

“Everyone has to defend himself.” ― Robert Greene

“Mastery is not a question of genetics of luck, but of following your natural inclinations and the deep desires that stirs you from within.” ― Robert Greene

“You were born with everything that you need in life. You have resources, powers that you are not even aware of. ’

“What really makes successful entrepreneurs is not the nature of their idea, or the university they went to , but their actual character – their willingness to adapt their ideas and take advantage of possibilities they had not first imagined.” ― Robert Greene

“You attitude will mean what you get in life.” ― Robert Greene

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