Top 73 Catchy Retirement Slogans With Taglines

Life begins at retirement!

The Moneyís No Better In Retirement But The Hours Are

Retirement, the way of life

Iím retired, Stop asking me to do stuff!

Relax, Iíam retired

Retired. Now Give Me My Senior Discount

Retirement is the best!

Retired Not Expired

The legend has retired

Do what you want and when you want

It Doesnít Take Age To Retire, It Takes Money

Retirement Is The Ugliest Word In The Language

Retirement Is One Big Coffee Break

Keep calm, Iím retired now

Retired: Gainfully Unemployed And Proud Of It

And so the adventure begins

Retirement Kills More People Than Hard Work Ever Did

Retirement: Goodbye To Setting My Alarm For Work

A Short Retirement Urges A Sweet Return

Retired from work not from life

Retired, the best is yet to come

Retired, now the fun begins!

Now The Real Fun Begins

Iím happy cause Iím retired

Goodbye Tension. Hello Pension

Retired feels good

Retirement Nonstop

I made it! I retired!

Iím retired, do it yourself

Retirement, this is it!

Retirement: Say no to tension and say yes to pension

Life Begins At Retirement

Yes! Retired & Loving it!

The Question Isnít At What Age I Want To Retire, Itís At What Income

Who cares, Iím retired

I donít always enjoy being retired, Oh Wait, Yes I do

Keep calm & Retire On

Feeling good in retirementhood

Retirement, a big coffee break

Retirement Is A Full Time Job

Iím retired, Donít ask me to do a damn thing!

Retired, Now Iím the boss

My Work Is Done. Retirement Here I Come

Iím re-tired, so Iím taking a Nap

Iím retired, fishing is my job

Retired: The Pay Sucks But The Hours Are Good

A Retired Husband Becomes A Wifeís Full Time Job

Retirement, here I come

Shut Up & Do it Yourself, Iím retired

Keep calm & Enjoy retirement

Iím retired, everyday is MONDAY

Retirement, a time for new beginnings

Make the rest of your life, the best of your life

Retired, No Phone! No Fax! No Stress! No Worries

Retired, not expired

WhateverÖ.. Iím retired

My Job Is Done, Now Itís Time To Have Some Fun

Now Theres Time For Everything

Iím retired & I rock!

No need of alarm clock after retirement

Retired, Young at heart, slighlty older in other places

Retirement is the day when you stop working and start living

Retire From Work, But Not From Life

Keep calm & find someone else, Iím retired

After retirement, youíll never get a day off

Retired And Down To One Boss: My Wife

Retired life is seven day weekends!

Iím retired, go around me

When You Quit Working Just Before Your Heart Does

Itís Officially Nap Time!

Iím Retired But I Work Part-time Spoiling My Grandkids

Iím retired, youíre not, have fun at work tomorrow

Iím retired, Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension!

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