53 Quotes About Son That Will Touch Your Heart

Mothers are the first women in a man’s life. They always give their sons the best, and they should be treated with respect. A mother will make her son feel important in his everyday life and provide him with all the love he needs to grow up to be a good man.

Mothers are the ones who will always understand their children best. It’s a special bond that only mothers and their children share. Having a son is one of the greatest blessings in the world, and no matter the son’s age, the mother will always see in him the baby she once held in her arms.

Having a mother/son relationship is one of the most extraordinary things in life. It’s like having your own best friend you can discuss anything with, and they always have your back. It’s not easy to find such a special person, so cherish them if you do get one!

Here are 53 quotes about a son that will melt your heart

“You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.” ― Wally Schirra

“Raising boys has made me a more generous woman than I really am.” ― Mary Kay Blakely

“Boys are fun. They make you laugh. They are full of life and can share that energy with you. They also touch your heart; they are deeply feeling.” ― Steve Biddulph

“Your son will open your eyes, broaden your knowledge, and help your sense of humor.” ― Michael Thompson Ph.D.

“A wise son makes a glad father, But a foolish son is the grief of his mother… A wise son makes a father glad, But a foolish man despises his mother.” ― The Proverbs of Solomon

“When you teach your son, you teach your son’s son.” ― The Talmud

“The most important mark I will leave on this world is my son.” ― Sarah Shahi

“My son’s the most precious thing to me; he’s changed me from being selfish to selfless.” ― Ricardo Antonio Chavira

“One of the greatest gifts you can give your teenage boy is the gift of letting him know you get it. You’ve been there.” ― Sebastian R. Jones

“Let your boys test their wings. They may not be eagles, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t soar free.” ― C. J. Milbrandt

“Our sons grow and change, sometimes before our eyes, and we can barely keep up with their active, inquisitive natures.” ― Dr Gregory L. Jantz

“God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” ― John 3:16

“The moment that little bundle of pink, squirming flesh slips into our arms, love touches us. We feel it, not just in our hearts, but also on our skin. He is there. Our son.” ― Meg Meeker

“God offers us the very best, His perfect plan for our life which includes His Son, love, forgiveness, and peace.” ― Michele Ellison

“To wake up to the sound of my son saying ‘Mama, mama!’ It’s the best sound ever.” ― Miranda Kerr

“Happy is the son whose faith in his mother remains unchallenged.” ― Louisa May Alcott

“My wild, wild son, run free. Ooh, you’ll know it when you’re where you’re supposed to be.” ― Armin van Buuren & Sam Martin

“There is an enduring tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that transcends all other affections of the heart.” ― Washington Irving

“Do I want to be a hero to my son? No. I would like to be a very real human being. That’s hard enough.” ― Robert Downey Jr.

“Until you have a son of your own, you will never know what that means. You will never know the joy beyond joy, the love beyond feeling that resonates in the heart of a father as he looks upon his son.” ― Kent Nerburn

“Sometimes when I need a miracle, I look into my son’s eyes, and realize I’ve already created one.” ― Unknown

“Listen, my son, to your father’s instructions and do not forsake your mother’s teaching.” ― Proverbs

“How can we expect our boys to become powerful, successful, and complete men if we ourselves don’t possess or act on the tools and the know-how to take them there?” – Eric Davis

“Yet now in my arms I was holding a helpless baby boy who would grow into a man… I cannot imagine that soft little face one day having whiskers.” ― Rhonda Stoppe

“Mothers are inscrutable beings to their sons, always.” ― A.E. Coppard

“Behold, sons are a gift from the Lord. Happy the man whose quiver is filled with them.” ― Psalm 127: 3,5

“A man’s desire for a son is usually nothing but the wish to duplicate himself in order that such a remarkable pattern may not be lost to the world.” ― Helen Rowland

“Through discipline, your son will understand that some types of conduct are acceptable while others aren’t.” ― Joseph R. Parker

“If the relationship of father to son could really be reduced to biology, the whole earth would blaze with the glory of fathers and sons.” ― James A. Baldwin

“A boy needs his mother’s respect. Not only her love but also her respect.” ― Emerson Eggerichs

“Of course, my son has been the center of my life and will always be the center of my love. When he was young, I was the rock in his life. Now that I am old, he is the rock in my life.” ― Hyacinth Mottley

“There is no greater privilege in living than bringing a tiny new human being into the world and then trying to raise him or her properly during the next eighteen years.” ― James C. Dobson

“Sons are the anchors of a mother’s life.” ― Sophocles

“Every son quotes his father, in words and in deeds.” ― Terri Guillemets

“I want my son to become aware that he is in charge of the choices he makes, and it’s good to make thoughtful, good choices.” ― Karen Salmansohn

“When your son grows up, become his brother.” ― Proverbs

“As the mother of a son, I do not accept that alienation from me is necessary for his discovery of himself. As a woman, I will not cooperate in demeaning womanly things so that he can be proud to be a man. I like to think the women in my son’s future are counting on me.” ― Letty Cottin Pogrebin

“If a man has been his mother’s undisputed darling he retains throughout life the triumphant feeling, the confidence in success, which not seldom brings actual success along with it.” ― Sigmund Freud

“Yet now in my arms I was holding a helpless baby boy who would grow into a man — I cannot imagine that soft little face one day having whiskers.” ― Rhonda Stoppe

“Of course, you are going to be reading books to your son at night. The books that he loves will be an education for you.” ― Michael Thompson

“If you would have your son to walk honorably through the world, you must not attempt to clear the stones from his path, but teach him to walk firmly over them – not insist upon leading him by the hand, but let him learn to go alone.” ― Anne Bronte

“I want my son to have a choice to contribute fully in the workforce or at home.” ― Sheryl Sandberg

“Mothers all want their sons to grow up to be president, but they don’t want them to become politicians in the process.” ― John F. Kennedy

“Son, you will outgrow my lap, but never my heart.” ― Unknown

“Have a little faith in your sons. This journey will be the making of them.” ― C.J. Milbrandt

“Though our new son is barely a part of our present, we look at his squirming, warm bundle of future potential and say to ourselves, ‘Hello, little man.’ Little do we know the adventure we are beginning!/Dr. Gregory L. Jantz

“Father and son relationships can be complicated – mine certainly is. Love. Hate. Respect. Fear. Worship. Disdain. Pride. Disappointment. Happiness. Anger. Joy. Sadness. The list goes on.” ― John H. Clark III

“He doesn’t know you’re watching him, but in this special, reflective moment, you realize he’s growing up. I mean, really growing up.” ― Robert Lewis

“It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons.” ― Johann Schiller

“The years will rush by, and one day you will be watching your son as a man, and feeling incredibly proud that he is caring, safe, making a contribution, and hopefully going far beyond you in the scope of his life.” ― Steve Biddulph

“Every father should remember that one day his son will follow his example rather than his advise.” ― Charles F. Kettering

“Son, you remind me how so much depends on days made of now.” ― Alison McGhee

“To my son, never forget that I love you. Life is filled with hard times and good times. Learn from everything you can. Be the man I know you can be.” ― Unknown

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