Top 87 Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

Pregnancy is a beautiful experience for any woman, and why not? It’s a time of joy and excitement, but it is also filled with anxiety and worry. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the best and most positive Affirmations for Pregnancy that will empower and support you to feel empowered and supported during pregnancy, which can benefit you and your baby. 

Pregnancy Affirmations

1. My body is equipped to feed my child.

2. My strength is enough for this task.

3. I will live in the moment and enjoy every phase.

4. All my emotions are a part of who I am.

5. I will be ready for my labor.

6. My love for you will grow every day just like you will.

7. I love taking care of this new body I’m in.

8. My most important duties are to relax and not to worry.

9. Labor and birth will be safe and peaceful.

10. My body is remarkable. Look at all it can do.

11. Joy is allowed in.

12. I am in control, at peace, and in balance.

13. I can make it through this, the calm is just on the horizon.

14. I can put my fear aside and focus on love.

15. I love my baby. I love myself.

16. I can endure all and will endure all that comes my way.

17. Every week is a step closer to meeting my bundle of joy.

18. My changing body is proof of how powerful I am.

19. My little one is safe inside me.

20. My baby will find the perfect position for birth.

21. Contractions help to bring my baby to me.

22. I will be a great mama.

23. I am allowed to enjoy this experience. I welcome the unknown.

24. I feel at ease.

25. I accept my labor and birth.

26. I will cherish every little toe, finger, bone, face expression, and more.

27. I am capable of looking after myself.

28. My baby and I are a team.

29. I trust my body.

30. I know how to do this.

31. My baby’s head fits snugly into my pelvis.

32. Birth is normal and natural. I will go through it in peace and joy.

33. My baby will arrive at an ideal moment.

34. I am a strong person.

35. My baby is already so loved.

36. Look at my beautiful body.

37. My body knows exactly what to do.

38. I am proud to participate in the miracle of life.

39. I know what I’m doing. I know how to take care of my body.

40. My baby feels my love.

41. My body knows how to give birth.

42. I am becoming more radiant.

43. I am surrounded by love, support, and respect.

44. There is intelligence in every cell in my body.

45. My body understands how to defend and care for my baby.

46. I am blessed to be able to have this baby inside of me.

47. I know how to take care of my baby.

48. Today is the day I finally get to hold my baby.

49. I am doing everything I can for me and my baby.

50. My pregnant body is beautiful.​

51. Everything I need to take care of this baby is already within me.

52. I accept every moment of the birthing experience.

53. I look forward to meeting my baby.

54. Only positive energy will enter my home.

55. My birth experience is going to be exactly what it’s supposed to be.

56. I take great care of myself during pregnancy.

57. I will make plenty of breast milk for my baby.

58. My labor will be painless and beautiful.

59. I can feed, comfort, and care for my baby.

60. My baby is safe and sound within my belly.

61. I will make the right decisions for my baby.

62. My job is to be calm and peaceful. Everything will happen as it should.

63. My baby senses the peace and safety I feel.

64. I am enjoying my pregnancy.

65. My body knows best when it’s time for me to give birth.

66. Peace is medicine. I will take it every day.

67. I am meant to do this. I am meant to be here.

68. My body is powerful and knows what to do.

69. I am ready for parenthood.

70. I am going to be a fantastic mom.

71. I will allow myself to be at peace.

72. There is magic in my body. It knows how to create.

73. I am strong and so is my baby. Together, we are strong.

74. My body is strong and beautiful.

75. I am ready to overcome all obstacles.

76. I love the body that is making me a mama.

77. My baby will be born at the perfect time.

78. We will do this together, my baby and me.

79. I am safe. My baby is safe.

80. Birth is safe for my baby and me.

81. I accept this pain with an open heart and welcome my baby into the world.

82. I know how to make the right decisions for my baby.

83. I am blessed with this pain so my baby can come into this world in good health.

84. My baby can feel the peace I feel.

85. My baby knows their true birthday.

86. My baby is developing at a normal pace.

87. I am thankful to be able to grow a life inside of me.

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