Top 145 Catchy Political Slogans With Taglines

Service to our country. Service to you

Leadership, Experience, Values means something

The people’s choice

Common sense solutions

A candidate who cares

Managing the future

Stop the growth

Continuing to maintain our quality of life

The choice for better change

New vision. New Direction

Common Sense means good government

If you want success, vote for the best (Name) (Position)

It’s time for progress, Vote (Name) for (Office)

Make your vote count

Decisions made from integrity, honesty, and experience

Integrity Counts

Getting me elected means leadership, experience, and honesty

Let my experience work for you

Your efficient clerk

Vote (Name) most experienced, proven performance, who genuinely cares

Elect (name) a calm voice of reason

You the voter have integrity, honesty, and experience when you vote for (Name) for (Office)

The choice for change

The right experience, the right choice

Energy, enthusiasm, excellence

Sustaining the quality of (Place) through integrity, honesty, and experience

Making the world a better place

Vote (Name) the people’s choice

Vote (Name) excellence through experience

A veteran who cares

Serving with excellence

(name) (position) experienced, mature, electable

For a better economy

Trusted experience

Uniter not a divider

Tomorrow is looking great

Elect (name) time for a new generation of leaders to step up

Ready, willing, able

New leadership

Restoring faith

Vote (Name) for (Office) – strong leadership means a secure future

Building for the future

Elect (Name) for (Office) to represent the students, teachers and patrons

Your trusted friend

Breaking barriers, building a future

Vote for the future now

Right person for the right reason

The change we need. The voice we deserve

Vote (Name) make justice strong

The right person, at the right time, for the right reason

Character counts

Re-elect (name) experience counts

Morals matter

Experienced. Fair. Dedicated to Justice

The green choice

Taking action, getting results

Results with resolve

Elect (Name) Leadership for all people

Nobody’s done more

Because principles matter

If voting for me is wrong, then you don’t want to be right (Name) (Office)

It’s time for progress

Keeping your taxes low

Principles. Integrity. Experience

Getting me elected means getting leadership, experience, honesty

The educator’s choice

Vote for experience

Your conservative choice

The responsible choice

Bridging the gap one step at a time

Decisive, Determined, and Dependable

Vote (name) excellence through experience

The right man for the job

A new vision for (Name) County

A fresh face, a fresh start

Vote (Name) for (Office) , (Name) is eager to work, your eager for results

Hope for tomorrow

Seek something better

A vote for you is a vote for me

A new brand of politics

Not an insider

Common sense approach to growth

Yes we can!

Time for change

The right direction

Qualified and ready for the job

Seasoned Leader

Most qualified

Our Future is Green

Re-elect (Name) experience where it counts

One goal, one passion

Create change

The choice is yours

(Name) managing the future

Elect (Name) ethically, with integrity serving all

For the future

Vote (Name) for truth, honesty, and integrity

(Name) for (office) He/She is eager to work, your eager for results

You want great results, (Name) wants great resolve

Elect Leadership, Elect a better (Office), Elect (Name)

Protecting your tax dollars

Securing our future

You have integrity, honesty, and experience when you vote for (Name)

Elect (Name) a good leader must be a great servant

A new voice

Vote for tomorrow

No nonsense politics

Has served our country now ready to serve you

Your decision for better results

The new game in town

Vote today for a better tomorrow

If you want the best, you have ot vote for the best

When (name) makes decisions they are of integrity, honesty, and experience

Progress you know

(Name) reminds you to early vote: Republican today!

Vote (Name) committed to the community, dedicated to progress

Getting me elected means getting results

The man/woman with a plan

Vote (name) most experienced, proven performance, genuinely cares

The help you need

Experienced, Fair, and dedicated

We still have a dream

For fair assessment

Education makes options. (Name) makes results

Re-elect (Name) excellence in education, and value for taxpayers

A fresh start

She wins, we win

Expect more

Vote for (Name)! It’s easier than thinking

Experience where it counts

Building a brighter tomorrow

Now is the time

Working with you, for a change

Elect (Name) common sense makes good government

Justice with dignity

Experienced, dependable, honest

Put experience on our side

The right man with the right experience

Defending our values

Dedicated proven leadership

You will find more change with (Name) for (Office) than in your pocket

Elect (Name) a sheriff for all the people

A New vision

There is no could, just can

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