275+ Catchy Pest Control Company Name Ideas

Pest control is an important service that needs to be done right. It can be broadly divided into two types: commercial pest control and residential pest control. Depending on the type of service you need, this will determine what type of company to use.

Well, choosing the best pest control service is not an easy task, It can be difficult. Thus we’ve created these cool and catchy Pest control company name that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Cool Pest Control Company Names

Proud Pest Control


Bug Bombers

Ant Out Now

Insect Horde Repellers


Bugs Out

Scramble Pests

Sayonara Pests

Scared Pests


Certified Control

Rodent Removal

Roach Solutions

Adios Roaches

Catch the Pest

Ant Control

We Eat Bugs


Best Pest Control


Nope Pests

Blasting Bugs

Bugs Remove

Remove Pests Company

Critter Eradicators

Eco Pest Control


Bugs R Us

Apocalypse Now


Critter Control.

Of Mice Pests

Arrow Exterminators

Critter Cameo Control

Careful Control


Bee Gone Pest Control


Best of the Pest

Freedom Pests

Bug Solution


All Killa No Filla

Air Raid Inc.

Pest Extractors

First Pest Control

Bug Raid

Pest Co

Pest Gone

Pest Killers

Kill Pests Dead

Bug Tastic

Beddy By Bugs

Best Control

Cornered Pests

Bug Relieif

Gnaw & Squeak

Snoozing Pests



Bug Off

Unique Names


Riddling Pest Control

Petrified Pests

Call and Kill


Pest All Absent

Avoid Insect



Efficient Exterminators


Catchy Pest Control Company Names

Axe the Pests

Bugging Me Pest Control

Avada Pests

Erase Critters

Thanos Pest Control

Killing Queens

Exterminating Allies

Pest Combat

Catchem Pest Control


Pest Bounty Hunters

Elimination Station

Eviction Pest Control

Accurate Pest Control

Abolish Pests Now

Nuking Pest Company

Kill All Species

Home Defense Pests

Punting Pests

Bug Out

Contemporary Control

Abolish Pests


Remove Pests

Terminix Advanced

X-Out Pests Control

Ants Begone!

The Exterminators

Thermal Pest Control

Pristine Pest Control

Spider to Go

Warring Pest Control

ERASE Unwanted Pests

Neighborhood Pest Control

Pest Professionals

Slaying Pests


Stamping Pests

The Termite

Pest Control

Conquered Pests

Family Pest Company

Snuffout Pests

No Pests

Pest Solve


Critter Combat

Cracking Pests

Pest C Solutions

End Pests

Killa Pests

Large Pest Control

Last Pests

Trap Them All

Expert Eliminators

Short Pest Control Company Names

Shunning Pests

Pest Management

The Pest Detective

Insect No More

Pest Treatment

Ladybug Killer

Die Bugs Die

Eradicate Pests

Stop Pests

The Pest Problem

Bug Defense

Flies Gone

Right Pest Management

Reliable Pest Service

Eradicating Pest Control

Critter Catcher


Creature Control

Hex Pests

Pest Hitman

Killing Zone

Free Pests

Uproot Pests

Avoid Pests

My Pest Defense

Zero Insects


Green Pest Solutions


Suppress Pests

Control Pros

Efficient Eliminators

Pest Company

Outbreak Halters

Bug Control Expert

Battle Bugs

Buggie Byes

Kill Pest Issue

Arachnid Squad

Pest Infestation

Insect Repellers

The Control Technology

Ants Gone

Swipe Pests

Pest Control Service

Clean Garden

Make it Buggie

Pro Pests

Stop Infestations

Blasting Pest Co

Pest Goes

Pest Problem

Clean House

Forever Gone

A-1 Terminate

Careful Exterminators

RIP Pests

Conquered All

Unique Pest Control Company Names

Permanent Kills

Pest Solutions

Delete Insects

Helping Hands Pests

Best Of The Pests

Green Pests

Avenger Pest Exterminators

Blackout Pest Control

Nasty Pests


Pest Issues

Complete Vermination

Destroy Pests

Valley Pest Control

Pesky Pests

Bug Patrol

Pest Advisors

1Day Pest Control

Pest Squad

Pests Disappear!

Pest Extraction Solutions

Responsible Bug Pros

Vanishing Insects

Capture Pest Control

Pest Guards

Whole Control

Critter Containment

Breaking Infestations

Pest Detectives

The Verminators

Pests Away

The Pest Assassins

Pest Deterrent

Pest Executions Today

Larger Pests

Perfect Plan

Pest Relief

Pest Exit

Vanishing Pests

Kansas Pest

Halting Pests

Infestation Halt

Bye Rodents

Biological Bug Control

Critical Part

Creative Pest Control Company Names

Take Aim Pests

Pesterer Operate

Critter Defense

Harsh Chemicals

Complete Pest Control

Suresafe Pest Control

Proud Control

Efficient Exterminations

Pest No More

Absolute Extermination

Anti Pest Co

Pest Shootout

Breaking Hex Pests

CleanNClear Critters

Shattering Pests

Cuss Dominance

Punt The Pests

Elemento Pests

Pure Rodent Control

Zip Pests

The Bug Doctor

Breaking Pests.

Proper Solutions

Amazing Pest Company

Bite-Time Pests

Farewell Insects

Rox Bugs

Sniping Pests

Gats-Bee Pests

Insect Control

ShowOff Pest Control

Bug Free Pest Control

Clean Job

Ditching Pest Co

Gadfly Curb

Pro Pest Removal

Zapping Pest Control

Stinging Pest Control

Clover Pest Control

Humdinger Pests

Critter Be-Gone

Illinois Pest Kit


Overrun Pests

Kills Pests

Bug It

FrontLine Pest Control

How to Choose the Name of Your Pest Control Company?

A pest control company’s name is the first impression that potential customers will get of the company. Well, there are certain things to consider when choosing the name of your pest control company.

It should be memorable, easy to pronounce, and should not have any negative connotations. The name should also be relatable to the product or service that it provides.

Here are some tips on how to choose a name for your pest control company:

  • Avoid using words that are hard to pronounce or spell-like “Exterminating” or “Pest Control”. Instead, use a word like “Pest Solutions” which is easier to say and spell.
  • Consider using a word with a positive connotation in the name like “Green Pest Solutions”. This will make your company more appealing than one with a negative connotation like “Exterminator”.

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