Top 170 Best Perfume Slogans With Taglines

A perfume that makes you marvellous

The modern essence

Leave a mark

Between love and madness lies obsession

Scent with Surity

Fragrances that exclaim you

For the transparent shine, you need

The fragrance dreams are made of

Because perfume says a lot about you

Never let go

Most Passionate

Its Modern Mist

The fragrance of life

Feed your senses

The unsaid desire

Fragrances are the ultimate accessory of elegance

Midnight Confident

Life without passion is unforgivable

For the best first impression

Full Of Adventure

Very me

Dangerously sweet fragrances

The irresistible fragrance

Get the Gloss

Lovely You Today

The essence of a jeweller

Desire Which Lead you

Oceanfull Freshness

Wear your elegance every day

Promise her anything, but give her Arpege

Full of Love and Glamour

New Essence of Joy

Catch the kiss

Catch that man

Beauty on the list

A fragrance that makes you go crazy

Naughty Enough

A new life of Desire

With the essence of dreams

My Affection Story

Reveal the Rest

Love is precious

A new life of pleasure

Be One

Whoever loves me will follow

Of course, Its Convincing

Dangerously sweet…

Smell elegant

Exclaim yourself

Be impossible to forget

The spray of fun

Create your image

The Night Fragrance

The passion that never let go

Your Wildest Dream

A perfume that makes dressing complete

Smell that Attracts

The inspirational Journey

Live it your way

Absolute Attraction

Because cologne is the most powerful weapon for attention

Follow your Destiny

The one and only paradise scent

Smell like a lady

Meet the Precious

Nothing belongs to itself anymore

The beginning of something magical

Reveal the Wildest Part

The scent with something special

Meet the New Fever

Its mystery of Aroma

Treasured Moments

Essence of Ray

Scent full of Passion

Reveal the woman within

A scent full of desire

Unforgettable Surf

Powerful Cool Feeling


Intimate yourself with fantasy

Chlorine is my perfume

The mysterious aroma

The fragrance stays in the Mind

A perfume for whole day long

The greatest freedom is to believe in yourself

The fantasy of paradise

Are you on the list?

Intimate yourself with Desire

Share the secret

The essence of attraction

The ultimate code of seduction for men

The one gentleman

Always yours

MIghty Beginning

For the irreplaceable desire

The exquisite perfume for you

Fragrance for Her

Femina Fabulla

For the boss in you

Fragrance of Love

The luxury of freedom

Fragrances that make moments unforgettable

Catch the fever

It’s the magic of cologne

The fragrance larger than life

The extraordinary scent

Desire Matters

Perfumes that cost less and last long

So delicate. So Beautiful

Catch the fever of kiss

Forever jasmine

Born to rule

Wear it with style

The potential conveyor of the imagination

For the unforgettable impression

Choose pleasantly, choose us

The fragrance that recalls the happy moments

So hooked on Carmella

As fresh as an ocean

Sharing the SHine

The scent with different essence

Let desire lead you

Ambrella Air

For the people born to rule

Never resist the call of the game

NonStop Attraction

The link your desire with Ocean

Choose your own destiny

Feel the Joy

When I want her to know

Midnight Mist

Smell amazing, smell confident

Its time to up the scent game

Capture attention with delicate fantasy

So Much Delicious

The delicate fragrance

The fragrance as sexy as you are

Much more than perfume

The precious song of fragrance that stays on the mind

Share the fantasy

Dare to Spray

Fragrances that defines you

The scent of dignity

Smell exotic

Destiny Matters

The inexorable

Meet your Next Desire

Let the freshness never die

Feminine is Blooming

Fragrance to attract

You are never fully dressed without perfume

The aroma of affection

Very irresistible Givenchy

Irresistible Gentleman

Leave them wanting more

Turn on the other side of yours

Revealing the new you

The Power of Cool

For the confidence you need

Witty. Confident. Devastatingly feminine

To where desire leads you

Beauty never sleeps

Luxurious smell

Can you resist

The mist of joy

Your perfect scented slogan

Meet your next fantasy

No bottles to break – just hearts

All a man is

Wildy Air for Man

The beginning that reveals the rest

Enjoy Pleasures at Night

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