List Of Top 37 Pepsi Slogans

1. Generation Next

2. Now Itís Pepsi For Those Who Think Young

3. Live for now

4. Something for Everyone

5. Born in the Carolinasî

6. ìItís the Colaî/îDare for Moreî (Pepsi Commercial)

7. Same Great Taste

8. Out of the Blue / The Joy of Pepsi-Cola

9. The Joy of Cola

10. The Joy of Pepsi

11. Be Sociable

12. Pepsiís Got Your Taste For Life!

13. Catch That Pepsi Spirit

14. More Happy/Taste the once thatís forever young

15. Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi

16. For the love of it

17. Thatís What I Like

18. Pepsi Now!

19. Pepsi. Itís the Cola

20. Twice As Much For A Nickel Too

21. Why You Dogginí Me/Taste the one thatís forever young

22. Nothing Else is a Pepsi

23. Taste That Beats The Others Cold

24. A Generation Ahead

25. The Light Refreshment

26. Have A Pepsi Day

27. An ice cold Pepsi. Itís better than sex!

28. Youíve Got A Lot To Live, Pepsiís Got A Lot To Give

29. Join The Pepsi People Feeliní Free

30. Generation NextJoin the Pepsi generation: feel the taste

31. ìAazadi dil kiî (Hindi- meaning ìFreedom of the Heartî)(India)

32. Taste the difference

33. Summer Time is Pepsi Time

34. Yeh Pyas Hai Badi (Hindi meaning ìThis thirst is too muchî)(India)

35. Every Pepsi Refreshes The Worldî

36. Come Alive! Youíre In The Pepsi Generation

37. Gotta Have It

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