150 Positive Affirmations on Patience to Be Calm

Here we’ve compiled the list of best and most positive affirmations on Patience that will help you stay motivated during difficult times and build a strong foundation to focus on what matters, not what life throws at us.

Affirmations on Patience

1. Patience keeps me peaceful.

2. I am always patient with myself.

3. My patience is an attribute.

4. Patience comes easily to me.

5. I am not in a rush.

6. I’ve mastered the art of always being in control of myself.

7. I can endure trials because I know this will make me stronger.

8. I am in harmony with everyone around me.

9. I have an exceptional patience level.

10. Nobody in this world can force me to lose patience.

11. I listen to others with patience.

12. I have all I need in this moment.

13. There is no rush.

14. I take breaks when I need to.

15. I feel relaxation throughout my whole body.

16. I have more patience than I know.

17. I trust the universe’s timing.

18. Patience is my middle name today.

19. I do not need to be in control .

20. I relax and enjoy the journey I am on.

21. I am more patient and tolerant of my boss.

22. I am patient with results.

23. I am patient with my lack of patience.

24. I am patient with myself and others today.

25. It’s all just a test, it doesn’t matter if you failed.

26. I now have the patience I’ve admired in others.

27. I know no one who is more patient than me.

28. As I breathe, I take space.

29. I treat others with patience and respect.

30. I have more patience than I thought.

31. I have patience with myself.

32. I possess deep patience.

33. I listen with patience and love.

34. Everything happens at the right time.

35. I am thankful for my ability to wait patiently.

36. I am becoming a very patient person.

37. Sometimes I’m anxious, and that’s OK—it’s just temporary.

38. I should be called Mr. Patience.

39. Every decision I make is the right one for me.

40. I feel blessed to be born with soo much patience.

41. I have much patience and understanding.

42. I breathe in stillness and peace and breathe out anxiety.

43. I let my children be who they are.

44. I am tolerant and flexible.

45. I can overcome every obstacle in my life patiently.

46. I am happier when I am patient .

47. I am more patient than I have ever been before.

48. I pause to take a deep breath.

49. I am proud of how much my patience has grown.

50. My life is working out perfectly.

51. The universe always has my back.

52. I feel at ease while waiting.

53. I overcome impatience every day.

54. I can patiently wait for the results to appear in life.

55. I’m going to take my time. Life is a journey, not a race.

56. I am refreshed by my children`s playful spirit.

57. I am a good listener.

58. It’s not what happens to us, but how we respond to it.

59. Today I stay patient through all things.

60. I focus on my breath.

61. I will not rush anything.

62. I respond gently and patiently.

63. I am as patient as a turtle.

64. I have learned how to be at ease while waiting.

65. I have plenty of time; there is no need to rush.

66. I am patient with my healing.

67. I am patient with everyone around me.

68. I pause to listen.

69. I am calm and composed.

70. Everything will work out for me and those I love.

71. I am in control of my thoughts.

72. I will use this time to reflect on myself.

73. I feel content to wait.

74. I am overcoming the impatience with my job.

75. I am patient beyond measure.

76. I am patience personified.

77. My patience makes me calm.

78. I breathe in and out.

79. I have patience with the people around me.

80. Patience leads to peace.

81. I allow things to fall in place in my life.

82. All good things are coming to me.

83. I am patient with my challenges.

84. My patience is growing more every day.

85. I am joyful and content with my progress.

86. I release the need for control.

87. Let go of your worries and fears.

88. My patience leads me to trust in the future.

89. I take care of myself and my life no matter what.

90. Patience is a skill I can learn through practice.

91. I am a safe space for others.

92. I choose not to stress out about unnecessary things.

93. I can wait for someone special to enter my life.

94. My patience level is increasing day by day.

95. I have the patience to spare.

96. I relax and enjoy the journey.

97. I am a naturally patient person.

98. I gently release all my expectations.

99. I am a tolerant and forgiving person.

100. Patience is strength and I am strong.

101. I am patient at all times.

102. I have all the patience in the world.

103. I do my best to keep my cool.

104. The Universe has divine timing.

105. I trust in divine timing.

106. Life is easier as I become more patient.

107. Everything is happening as it should.

108. I gently release expectations.

109. I can control my thoughts more and more every day.

110. I am patient with others.

111. Patience and I are good friends.

112. In this fast-paced society, I am happy with going slow.

113. I am adaptable and tolerant.

114. I honor the time it takes for everything to manifest.

115. I am patient and I am proud of myself.

116. I take the time to concentrate.

117. I am patient with myself.

118. Today I choose patience.

119. I am stronger than I know.

120. The seas are calm and I am drifting happily.

121. I trust that everything will happen in its own time.

122. I am filled with patience and peace.

123. Everything will fall into place in its own time.

124. It feels good to be calm and relaxed.

125. I am bigger than my fears.

126. Every part of my body feels relaxed today.

127. My patience is wearing thick.

128. I appreciate the patience of others today.

129. I breathe in love and patience.

130. The process is just as important as the outcome.

131. I am thankful for this present moment.

132. Sometimes it’s hard to be patient and it’s okay.

133. Patience comes naturally to me.

134. Everything happens for a reason.

135. While I am waiting, I practice calmness.

136. I find the time to be patient today.

137. I am patient with my thoughts, feelings, and desires.

138. I am focused on calmness.

139. I have total control over my patience.

140. You’re not in a hurry.

141. I am more patient with my colleagues.

142. I can easily cultivate more and more patience in myself.

143. I am patient and calm.

144. I trust the Universe’s timing.

145. I am patient through the good times.

146. I am in no rush to get anywhere.

147. I give myself time to achieve my goals.

148. I let go of expectations and anxiety.

149. I am full of patience and peace.

150. I am patient with myself when I get stuck.

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