50 Creative Nicknames for Avery

Are you looking for a suitable nickname for the name Avery? 

There is a common belief that the name Avery was derived from the French word “aubier,” meaning “to make or to grow.” And it comes from the Old English word “aevre”, which means “to live.” So the name has been around for centuries and was originally a surname. In England, it was most prevalent in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire, and Nottinghamshire in the north of England.

In America, it became famous as an Americanized version of the name in the 19th century. It was also the first name for boys in the 16th century.

Whether it’s for your best friend, partner, someone you adore, or even yourself, In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best, cute, cool, funny, and popular nicknames for Avery. So scroll down, and let’s see what we have here.

Best Nicknames for Avery

1. Avie

2. Birdie

3. Averyan

4. Avy

5. Aveyboo

6. Rey

7. Aver

8. Avey baby

9. Avenger

10. Rae

11. Avier

12. Erie

13. Arie

14. Avers

Cute Nicknames for Avery

15. My Avi

16. Ava

17. Avarie

18. Av

19. Ave-Army

20. Ery

21. Gravy

22. Brave: Br-Ave

23. Averiel

24. Ave

25. Averi

26. Avry

27. Ave The Brave

Cool Nicknames for Avery

28. Averoni

29. Avery Flames

30. Avey

31. Avery Bullock

32. Avrey

33. Aeverie

34. Baevery

35. Avee

Funny Nicknames for Avery

36. Riri

37. Aves

38. Avebabe

39. Vee

40. Avocado

41. Avey8ter

42. Aery

43. Averino

44. Averie

45. Ree

46. Maverick

Famous People Named Avery

47. Tex Avery (American Cartoonist)

48. Avery Cardoza (American Author)

49. Avery Storm (American R&b, Rap Singer)

50. Avery Lawrence Schreiber (American Comedian)

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