81 Popular Nicknames for Audrey

Are you looking for a suitable nickname for the name Audrey? 

Audrey is a rare and beautiful name that has French origins. It means “noble strength” or “noble power”. It is also a popular surname in the United States.

The name Audrey has two origins. The first origin is that it was a Norman form of the Germanic name Æthelthryth, which means “noble strength”. Another possible origin of the name Audrey could be the Latin word “Audere”, which means “to dare”.

Whether it’s for your best friend, partner, someone you adore or even yourself, In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best, cute, cool, funny, and popular nicknames for Audrey. So scroll down, and let’s see what we have here.

Best Nicknames for Audrey

1. Aidria

2. Audball

3. Audge

4. Audris

5. Ms. Audrey

6. Oddie

7. Aud Bear

8. Addy

9. Little Aud

10. Saint Audrey

11. Auds/Audz

12. Hepburn

13. Audrey Flack

14. Aussie

15. Drey

16. Dre

17. Audrey Brown

18. Aud Pod

19. Dresa

20. AudiRoo

21. AudiBoo

22. Reya

23. Drea

24. DeeDee

25. AudDawg

26. Aud Pie

27. Audra

28. Audrelina

29. Rey Rey

30. Dreas

31. Audelina

32. Audrey Emery

33. Dreya

Cool Nicknames for Audrey

34. AudRoo

35. Aude – A French Variant for Audrey.

36. Aud Lou

37. Audrina

38. Owdrey

39. Addie

40. Aquilina

41. Ms. Aud

42. Adi

43. Odd Tree

44. Aurey

45. Dria

46. Audie

47. Dee

48. Rey

49. Dede

50. AudsBunny – (A BugsBunny reference).

51. AudiBoo – An Audible reference.

52. Aira

53. Drelina

54. Hepburn – Audrey Hepburn was a British actress and humanitarian.

55. Dree

56. Audis

57. AudRoo – (A Scooby-Doo reference).

58. Auggie

Famous People Named Audrey

59. Audrey Flack – American artist

60. Audrey Penn – American author

61. Audrey Meadows – American actress

62. Audrey Chapman – American actress

63. Audrey Riley – a cellist and string arranger, based in the UK

64. Audrey Evelyn Jones – A teacher and women’s rights campaigner

65. Audrey Richards – British anthropologist

66. Audrey Tang – Taiwanese software programmer

67. Audrey Emery – American socialite and wife of Grand Duke Dmitri Pavlovich of Russia

68. Audrey Brown – British athlete

69. Audrey Hepburn – American Actress

Famous Fictional Characters Named Audrey

70. Audrey Fulquard – The protagonist of The Little Shop of Horrors, also known as “Audrey Jr.” or “Audrey II.”

71. Audrey Raines – a character in television series 2

72. Audrey Forbes-Hamilton – a character in the BBC television sitcom To the Manor Born

73. Audrey Turfe – a character in Ben Jonson’s A Tale of a Tub

74. Audrey Belrose – a dateable character in the dating simulation videogame Huniepop

75. Audrey Reede – a character in the film Liar Liar

76. Audrey Parker-Nichols – a character in the Nickelodeon sitcom Drake & Josh

77. Audrey Hanson – a character in the television series Heroes

78. Audrey – a 1902 novel by Mary Johnston, a 1916 film based on Mary Johnston’s novel, and a character in Shakespeare’s As You Like It

79. Audrey Roberts – a character on the British soap opera Coronation Street

80. Little Audrey – a widely recognized cartoon character from the 1950s and 1960s

81. Audrey Horne – a character on the television series Twin Peaks

82. Audrey Gordon – Played by Heidi Arena in the parody cooking program Audrey’s Kitchen on Australian television.

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