Top 90+ Popular Nicknames for Andrea

Looking for a suitable nickname for the name Andrea? 

The name Andrea is of Greek origin and means “manly”. It is the feminine form of the name Andreas, which means “masculine” or “manly”.

The first recorded instance of Andrea as a given name was in 1881 in Italy. And this name was common throughout Europe and was introduced to the Americas by Spanish settlers.

Whether it’s for your best friend, partner, someone you adore or even yourself, In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best, cute, cool, funny, and popular nicknames for Andrea. So scroll down, and let’s see what we have here.

Best Nicknames for Andrea

2. Andrea Tropicana

3. Rennie

4. Andrea Light

5. Andy

6. Andrea Zombie

7. Annie

8. Addie: A creative nickname for Andrea.

9. Andrea Star

10. Andrea Rose

11. Ann

12. Andre

13. Andrea Strawberry

14. AJ

15. Andrea age

16. Andrea Montana

17. Andrea Rod

18. Andrea Mont

19. Nea

20. Drea

21. Andrea Princess

22. Dee Dee

23. Andrea Locks

Cute Names for Andrea

24. Andrea en

25. Andrea Kendrick

26. Andrea hair

27. Andrea Head

28. Andreita

29. Albino Head

30. Dede

31. Andrea healed

32. Andrea biotic

33. Andrea cup

34. Andrea bell

35. Rea

36. Amazon

37. Anny

38. Andrea belle

39. AndeeAndi

40. Andrea Fish

41. Andrea fellow

Funny Names for Andrea

42. Andrea now

43. Andie

44. Angie: A cool nickname for Andrea, meaning ‘Angel.’

45. Andrea the Urbana

46. Andrea tap

47. Andreaie

48. Andrea vane

49. Andrea ism

50. Andrea the Aesculapius

51. Dira: Rhymes with Drea in Andrea.

52. A-Girl: A for Andrea and Girl for female, a great nickname for anyone named Andrea.

53. Andrea tan

Creative Nicknames for Andrea

54. Andrea Curls

55. Anaya

56. Andreaiee

57. Andrea Dork

58. Andrea Fellow

59. Angel

60. Andrea

61. Amok

62. Annett

63. Andrea Andrea

64. Ander

65. Angle

66. Andee

67. Andrea Bomb

68. Andreay

69. Andrea Kin

70. Andrea Cofee

Famous People Named Andrea

71. Andrea Russett: An American actress known for her roles in ‘Expelled,’ and ‘Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates.’

72. Andrea Lanza di Montezemolo: Archbishop of Tuscania.

73. Andrea Ferrara: Scottish artificer.

74. Andrea Berg: German volleyball player.

75. Andrea Barber: American actress.

76. Andrea Ghez: American astronomer.

77. Andrea Bocelli: Italian operatic singer and instrumentalist.

78. Andrea Pirlo: He is a retired Italian professional football player.

79. Andrea Brooks: An Canadian actress and model

80. Andrea Corr: Irish musician.

Variants of Andrea

81. Andreo (masculine, Spanish)

82. Andrej (masculine, Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia)

83. Adrienne: A French name variant of Andrea, meaning ‘From Adria.’

84. Andreea (Romanian)

85. Andreia (Portuguese)

86. Andreja (Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia)

87. Andréa (Brazilian)

88. Ndrea (Albanian)

89. Aundrea: A Greek name variant for Andrea, meaning ‘manly.’

90. Andreana: Another Greek name variant for Andrea meaning ‘Manly.’

91. Andressa (Spanish)

92. Andrée (French)

93. Aindrea: An Irish name variant for Andrea, meaning ‘Man.’

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