100+ Latest & Catchy New Year Slogans To Celebrate A Year

Happy New Year Slogans

Give a big Cheer, for the New Year!

This is my resolution shirt

Make sure that you party hard on New Year but not at the cost of your safety

The New Year begins in a snow-storm of white vows

Resolutions are my cardio!

Wake me up when 20__ ends

This midnight will be a delight

Life is tough but so are you

Can’t wait to ring in 20__ with you!

Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one

Let’s stay near to celebrate the New Year

Let us begin the new chapter of our lives as we enter the New Year!

Have a sparkling new year!

The time is near, avoid your fear, Happy New Year!

Cheers to New Year and cheers to safety!

Positive mind, positive life, positive year

Oh what a scene, when it hits midnight

New Year same goals

Have a smarter new year

I resolve to stay awesome

Wish you very Happy New Year

Celebrating another year with love, happy and joyful

You are here, that’s why this is New Year

Celebrate what you want to see more of

Out with the old, in with the new

Leave the past in the past

The time is near to enjoy New Year

Get moving!

Can’t wait to ring in the New Year with you!

Open your heart to new adventures

May all your troubles be as short as your New Year’s resolutions!

New Year create a temporary youthfulness

The time is near, to give a big cheer, Happy New Year!

A new beginning to a new year

Don’t care because it’s New Year

Make your mistakes, next year and forever

Celebrating another year with love, happiness, and cheer!

Good things are on the horizon

No party like a New Year party!

This midnight will be a delight! Happy New Year!

New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday

In a year, you’ll be glad you started today

Thanks God for this New Year!

Keep calm and Happy New Year

I’m not a New Year resolution guy, I’m a regular

New Year is like a new life

The time is near for a New Year

Sparkle in the new year!

The time is very near for a New Year

Every little bit counts

Never give up–especially not carbs

New Year, new life!

It will be Bliss when I get that New Year’s Kiss

Let’s do it again in 20__

Kiss the one you hold dear, this New Year

Oh, what a sight, when the clock hits midnight

I’ve had some lovely extraordinary experiences on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Day is every man’s birthday!

Do your squats, eat your veggies, and drink your water

Hopes & dreams & goals & confetti & champagne

New Year’s Eve Party Slogans

Be hale and hearty! It is time for a party!

Fill your heart with joy this new year

It is time for fun under the sun!

Get up and get dressed! It is party time!

A new year brings a new you

Have no fear, a new year is here!

Forget all your worries and rejoice!

The new year wakes up at midnight

Say hello to the fresh new chance at life

If you try, you can smile and wave the old year goodbye

Welcome the new year together

Praise the Lord for a great new year!

You surely do not want to miss a new year’s kiss

It is time for a toast with wine

The final countdown is all that counts

The new always replaces the old

Set your sights on a new goal this new year

Each new year starts as a blank book

Build a new life this new year

Pop the champagne and let us celebrate!

When the old goes, the new comes

Celebrate with food and laughter

Let go of the past and embrace the new

Let the fireworks do their magic

A new year is full of new promises

Do not keep calm on a new year’s eve

Set new goals and go get them!

Take a break and celebrate!

Whether near or far, for all it is a new year!

I wish all who are dear, a very happy new year!

A new year is a welcome joy!

The earth completes another revolution, time for new resolution!

A new chapter starts with the new year

It is time for sparkles and shine

Give a loud cheer for the new year

The fireworks signify a new beginning

A countdown to a brand new chapter in life

Enjoy new year without any fear

Spread the cheer to everyone whom you hold dear

Do not let the laughter stop!

It is the midnight full of delight

4 3 2 1, the new year has begun!

It is always good to celebrate the new year’s eve with your family

The old has gone, the new has come

Never skip any new year’s celebration

Keep your chin up and smile

Do not snooze, there is a lot of booze!

Hold your head up high and look forward

New year brings new weather

No one can keep calm at the new year’s eve celebration

Another chance to begin things anew

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