11 Inspirational Nelly Sachs Quotes on Life and Survival

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Nelly Sachs was born in 1891 in a small town in Germany. Her father was the local rabbi, and her mother died when she was still a child. She grew up with an overwhelming sense of guilt for being alive after her mother’s death and the war that followed. Sachs became a poet and playwright who wrote about her life as a Jew under Nazi rule.

Sachs’ first poem was published when she was 16 years old, but it was not until 1929 that she published her first volume of poetry: “I’m Schatten meiner Schwester” (In the Shadow of My Sister). In 1933, she fled from Germany to Sweden, losing all faith in German society with Hitler’s rise to power.

Her poems were infused with themes of alienation, self-awareness, and victimization.

Check out some of her best quotes on life and moving past all the pain.

11 Inspirational Nelly Sachs Quotes

1. “You, the inexperienced, who learn nothing in the nights. Many angels are given you, But you do not see them.” ― Nelly Sachs

2. “To me, a fairy tale seems to have become reality.” ― Nelly Sachs

3. “Instead of a homeland I hold the metamorphoses of the world.” ― Nelly Sachs

4. “Bewitched is half of everything.”- Nelly Sachs

5. “World, they have taken the small children like butterflies and thrown them, beating their wings, into the fire…”

6. “To me, a fairy tale seems to have become a reality.” ― Nelly Sachs

7. “Death was my teacher, metaphors are my wounds.” ―Nelly Sachs

8. “We mothers rock into the heart of the world the melody of peace.” ― Nelly Sachs

9. “But silence is where victims dwell.” ― Nelly Sachs

10. “We breathed the air of freedom without knowing the language or any person.” ― Nelly Sachs

11. “If I could not have written, I could not have survived.”―Nelly Sachs

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