400+ Catchy Nail Salon Name Ideas to Bring Crowd

Nail salons are booming businesses and they need good names to keep up. If your salon is not attracting new customers, you may want to consider rebranding. Well, it can be tricky to nail down. You have to think about what your salon’s niche is and what it will attract customers. You should also consider the name’s length and how easy it is for people to spell.

When naming your nail salon, you should make sure that it has a unique name that stands out from the rest of the competition and should be easy to say, pronounce and remember. Also, it must represent what the business offers and its location.

Here we’ve compiled a list of unique and creative nail salon names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Nail Salon Names

Email Nails

Nail Spa Kitten

Vanity Projects

Moments Salon

Nail Brick

Allure Nail Spa

File it Away

Voila Way Spa Nail

nai oasis

Get Nailed!

Super Nails

Nail Story

Nail Spa Both

Nail Dossier

Bud & Nails

Expert Nail & Tanning

Diamond Shine Nails

Nail Scape

NewWorld Nails

The Nail

Nails Up

Nail Junkie

Rugged Glittery

Picasso Nails

My Flashy Nail

Luxury Nails


Beauty From Your Soul

American Nails

Champ Nails


Nail Zoning

Glittery Cuddly

Fancy Nails

Beauty Nails

TipToe Nail Salon

Royal Nail

Nail Street

The Nailshop

Holy Nails!

The nail Palace

Nailspa Expose

Manicure Tailors

Canna Nails

Manicure Bar

Yield Nail

Spring Day Spa

Nail Rooms

New Wave Nail spa

Nail Hub

Candy Nail

Luv Nails

Twinkle Toes Nail Salon

Glittery Prodigy


The Nail Place

Mars the Salon

Nails By Me

Mac Nail Spa

Lishify Nail spa

Bossy Nails

Poss Nail spa

Nail Octane

Deluxe Nail

Nails Affiliate

Just Nails

Pure Rain Nail Spa

Blush Nail Salon

All Things Nails

Nail Shed

Nail Swag

Stylo nevu

Happy Nails

Hand Model Manicures

My Nails

Vivid hue Nail spa

Spit and Polish

Nail Business Names

Beauty World Nail Salon

Fingernails Salon

Polish and Pour

Regal Nails

Thi Spa & Nails

NailFlirt Spa

Nail Anything

Twinkle Toes

Onsite Nail

Studio Chique

Simply Nail

Polish Me Pretty


Nail Knee

Nails Crude

Diamond Nails

Nails Beets

Four Season Nails

Mystiva Nail spa

Nail Time

Manicure Pace

Nail Necessities

Pamper Nail Salon

Nail Switch

Nail Shoppe

Nail Studio Brains

Nail On The Block

Nail Indulgence

Fabulous Nails Spa

Manicure Sector

Reserve Manicure

Perfection Nails

Vanity Nails

Pure Nails

Shiny Glittery

Butterfly Polish

Mentor Nail

Everything Nails

Nail Booth

Salon Picasso

Britt With The Brush

Snap Happy Nails

Passionate Pedis

Nail Spa Medic

Pinky Nail

Nail Bot

Helping Hand Nail Salon

Nail House

Buzz Nail

Hope Spa & Nails

Lavish Nail Parlor

The Nail Spot

Polished Nails

All Nail

Posh Polish Nail Salon

Shake Snail

Totally Polished

Smart Nail Salon

Oh My Nails

Wonder Nails

Raise a Hand

Nail Nation

Necessary Nails

Manicure Thinker

Elite Nails



Muff Manicure

Gifted Nail

Nail Salon Buffalo

Top Notch Nails

Faux Nail

Glitter Snapper

Catchy Nail Salon Names

Nail Art Bar

Nail Camp



Nail Fever

Cut & Buff Salon

Bit Nail

Divine Nails

I Am So Super Nails

Pro Nails by Tina

Lakeview Nails


Nail Paradise

Splash Nails

Lighten Up

Graffiti Hands

All hands

I Wear Your Nails

Nail World

Fur Nails

Pinkies Nail Salons

Class Act Nail Salon

Bleu Nails & Spa


University Nails


Nail Lovers

Handy Nail

Nail Me Now!

Nail Craze

PInk Pecan

Model Nails

Royal Nails

Nail Salon Pal

She’s Got Nails

Exotic Nails

Cutie Pie Nails

be Fine Nail spa

Lovely Lady Nails

Sleight of hand

New Nails New You

Nail Art


Alluring Nails

Nail Fashion

Cute Nails

Sun Nails


The Nail Room

Coco Nails

Grand Slam Nails

Purelux Salon

Girl Gossips

Tip Top Nail Spa

H2O Nails

Nail Bar


Mandy’s Manicures

Fingernail Salon

Nail Delights

Get Nailed

Unique Nail Salon Names

Tiny Red Nails

Simple Nails

Linked Nails

Vincent Nails

Hand it Over

Graffiti Nails

Filed Away

Manicure Anywhere

Covet Nails



Plasma Nails


Angel Nails

Polish Off

Soul bella nail Saloon

My Nailshop

Lavish Sphere Salon

Tippity Toe

Salon Estique

Nail Smart

Nail Drop

Sun Nail Salon

Clever Nails

Fingers ‘N Toes

Editorial Nails

Polish Palace

Simply You Nail Salon

Oh, My Nails!

Polish Place

Nail Maestro Pallette


Nails for You

Get Polished


Dive Daisy


Sparkle Nails


Nails Galore

Luxia Nail spa

Nail Hut

Nail With Me

Top Nails

Gorg Nails Boutique

Infinity Nails

Nails And Us

Daily Nails

Classy Nail Salon Names

The Nail-Aid

Quinky Nails

House Of Nails

Top Manicures

beautify Nail Salon

Nail Station

Brush & Strokes

Treat Your Nails

Nail Gallery


Hello Nails

Jet Set Nails

Bamboo Spa

Lillian Nails

Mademoiselle Nails

The Getaway

Global Nails

ColorKarma SPa

Cosmix Nails

Nails Boutique

Nail Guru

Paris Dreamin’ Nail Spa

Revive Nails & Co.

Main Manicures

Le Posh

Nail Me Right

Dashing Nails

Camper Nails

Better Big

VenusGLow Spa

Smiley Nails

Lit Nails

Lovely Hands And Feets

Nail Zen

Twin Nails

Manicure Addicts

Stiletto Nails

House of Kiki

Sweet Feet Pedicures

All Nails

Nail Works

Lilly Snails

Creative Names for A Nail Salon

Nail Trip

Angelic Nail spa

Essential Beauty Bar

Spring Circle Spa

Primavera Nails

Perfectly Polished Nails

Awesome Nails


Bliss Nail Spa

Nail Me


Darlique Nail Spa

Mind Your Nails

Nail Place

Be Sparkling

Well Nailed

Mad Click

Sparkle Nail Salon

Radiant You Nails

Manicure Box

Viva Nails

Delsalate Nail Salon


Nail on Sale

Sunday Nail Spa

Wow Wow Nails

Primp & Polish

Mate Nail

Pure Color

Nail Happy

Beyond manicures

The Nail Right Way

Sublime Nails

The Nail Squad


Pretty Bloom

Blue lace

Deep Wave Nails

Nail Tech

Detroit Nail Decor

Hands And Feets

Snap Nail

Bullet Point Nails

Newland Nails

The mani & pedi expert

Nail Satellite

Bite Me Nails

Glitters Nail Salons

Sparkle Nails Polish

Bright Nail Polish


Painted Nails

Funny Nail Salon Names


Aeron Nail Salon

Polish Models

Deluxe Nails

Scooby Doo Nails

Curio Curl Salon

Wedding Spa

Crystal Nails

Gorgeous Nails Lounge

Coco Licious

Go-Getter Mani Pedi

Pink Lady

Nice Nails

Nail Diva Salon

Speedy Nails & Spa

The Cuticle Spa

The Polish Palace

Sugar Nails

Nails By Roza

Timeless Nails

Pretty Pedi

Sexy Nails Salon


Blue Ice

Ask Me About Nails

Color me Hot!

Barbie Day Spa

Golden Razor

Sassy Nails

The Pink Box Nail

Decor Nails & Spa

Sparkle Nail Bar

Manicures R Us

Cute Nail Trendz

Nails & Polish

Nail Dreams

Golden Manicure

Beau Nails

Flawless Nail Bar

Artistic Gels

Curve Nails

Rose Nails

Creative Nails

Fancy Fingernails

Best Nail Forward

Rainbow Nails and Spa

Polish Jet

Tips 4 Less


Creative Trail

Naples Nails Salon

Wonder Paws

Nail Care Maven

Hands Down

Hello Kitty

What Makes up a Good Salon Name?

This is a question that many businesses struggle with. A good salon name is unique and memorable. It should also be able to describe the salon’s services and appeal to a wide audience.

It is important to keep in mind the following when choosing a salon name:

  • What does the name say about your business?
    What does the name say about your business? It’s a question we often asked and one that can be tricky to answer. Every business has a story in its name. Sometimes those stories are obvious, like when your company is named after an award-winning superhero or when your store sells mints.
  • What type of customers will you attract?
    When you’re starting a new business it can be difficult to know what type of customers you’ll attract. That’s why it’s important to investigate all the different types of people that might want your products and services before you start investing in marketing.
  • How will your customers remember you?
    Customers remember companies in a variety of ways. Some people remember a company by its slogan, the color of its logo, and the value they stand for. Others may remember a company by the quality of its products and services. Still, others may make memories with the company’s employees and customers.

Tips to Choose Attention Grabbing Salon Name

When choosing a salon name, it’s best to choose one that has a personal connection with you. For example, if you have a hobby such as photography or gardening, then you might want to choose a salon name that includes those words in it such as “Photography Salon” or “Gardening Salon”.

Salon names should also be unique and not too similar to other names in the same industry cause there will be confusion between them and their customers will have difficulty finding them.

As for choosing an attention-grabbing salon name, there are several factors to consider:

  • What is the target audience?
  • What is the service that you provide?
  • How do you want to set yourself apart from competitors?

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