55+ Mushroom Jokes That Are Hilariously Funny

Mushrooms are a versatile and nutritious food that can be used in various dishes. But when it comes to making someone chuckle, mushroom jokes never fail to impress. From puns about fungus to humorous observations about mushrooms’ peculiar shapes and sizes, these jokes are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

So if you need a pick-me-up or want to make someone laugh, here we’ve compiled the list of best Mushroom Jokes that are timeless and make people smile for years. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

Mushroom Jokes

1. What kind of room has no doors or windows?

A mush-room.

2. Why won’t the mushroom buy a couch?

He prefers toadstools.

3. Why was the mushroom arrested?

For stalking.

4. Why did the Fungi leave the party?

There wasn’t a mushroom.

5. Why do Toadstools grow so close together?

They don’t need Mushroom.

6. What sort of room can you eat?

A mushroom.

7. What do mushrooms enjoy eating around a campfire?


8. What happens when the mushroom’s car breaks down?

It gets toad.

9. What is a teddy bear’s favourite type of mushroom?


10. When do mushrooms retire?

When they get too mold.

11. What do you call a mushroom encyclopedia?

A fung-guide to mushrooms.

12. What is a mushroom’s favourite London market?

Portobello Market.

13. Where do mushrooms come from?

Mushy rooms.

14. What do you call a book about mushrooms?

A fun-guide.

15. Where do baby mushrooms grow before they are born?

In the mushwomb.

16. What kind of mushroom lives in the sea?

Oyster mushrooms.

17. What do you call a mushroom that makes music?

A de-composer.

18. Why didn’t the mushroom like school?

Because it spored him.

19. What are the best mushrooms to have with a ‘Jacket’ potato?


20. What did the mushroom get after leaving the party?

Fungal infection.

21. Who did Prince Mushroom fall in love with at the royal ball?


22. What’s an airplanes favorite mushroom?


23. How do you ask a mushroom to be quiet?


24. Where do mushrooms hang out on Saturday night?

The salad bar.

25. What does a mushroom sit on?

A toadstool.

26. Which vegetable goes best with jacket potatos?

Button Mushrooms.

27. What did the mushroom say as he fell off a cliff?

Help! I’m in truffle.

28. What do you get if a frog eats a mushroom?

A toadstool.

29. What’s a vampire’s favourite soup?

Scream of mushroom.

30. What mushroom is the prettiest?

The porta bella.

31. Why was the mushroom scared to cross the road?

It was scared to be mushed.

32. What is a mushroom’s favourite meal?

Spore ribs.

33. What is the best dish to bring to a fungus Halloween party?

Scream of mushroom soup.

34. Why did the mushroom need time off work?

Because he was fried.

35. How does a mushroom clean her house?

With a mush-broom.

36. What room can be eaten?

A mushroom.

37. Why did the Fungi leave the party?

There wasn’t mushroom.

38. What does a fast mushroom car say?

“Shroom! Shroom!”

39. What’s the only room you can’t have in your house?

A mushroom.

40. What did the girl mushroom say to the boy mushroom?

“You’re a fun-gi.”

41. How much room does a fungi need to grow?

As mushroom as possible.

42. Where do mushrooms go to fly?

The air portabella.

43. What does a polite mushroom say?

“Thank you very mush.”

44. How do mushrooms work from home?

They host meetings on Zhroom.

45. What’s the only room in your house you can’t go into?

A mushroom.

46. What do you call a giant mushroom?


47. What does a mushroom do for fun?

Play spore-ts.

48. What type of car did the mushroom drive by in?

A spores car.

49. What room has no doors, no walls, no floor and no ceiling?

A mushroom.

50. Where do baby mushrooms grow before they’re born?

In the mush-womb.

51. What kind of vehicle does a mushroom drive?

A spores car.

52. Where do mushrooms go for a night out?

Salad bars.

53. How do you get into the mush-room?

Ring the porta-bella.

54. What platform do mushrooms use for their video conferences?


55. What do mama mushrooms sing to their babies?

“Mush little baby, don’t say a word…”

56. Why is the fungi angry?

Because the mushroom disappeared on him.

57. What does the mushroom order from the fish and chip shop?

Mushy peas.

58. Why did the mushroom hate going to school?

He was always spored.

59. What do you call fungi that makes music?

A decomposer.

60. What did the grouchy mushroom say to the loud mushroom?

“Put a cap on it.”

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