Top 150+ Best Military Names Ideas to Inspire Your Team

Military names are popular in fantasy novels, but it can be hard to find the perfect one. There are so many fictional military names that it can be a little overwhelming to take in all of them. Some of the most popular names are John Rambo, Jack Reacher, John McClane, and James Bond.

These names have been used so often that they have become synonymous with their respective characters.

In addition to these famous examples, there are also many others that you may not have heard of before but might be worth checking out!

We’ve compiled the list of best and most creative military name ideas, perfect to inspire your team squad. Check this out.

Military Names For Teams

The Bulldogs

Team Panda

Storm Troopers

Justice Bringers

Victorious Victims

Force Protection

Gang of Guns

Gatling Guns

Hit for Brains

Broken Bullets

Shattered Troops

Dangerous Venom

Decapitated Trunks

Tactical Solutions

Defense Leadership

Dripping Tears

Raging Guns

Killer Instincts

Strangers of Violence

Armed Forces


Fist Bumps For All

Blood Hunters

Trigger Happy

Shining Bruises

The Professionals

Gun Buddies

Urban Assault Squad

The Barbarians

Armed and Dangerous

Magnificent Bastards

Bullet In The Chamber

Hit And Run

Shock and Awe

The Outsiders

Battlefield on Fire

All Fired Up

Hill Tigers

Wandering Friends

Venomous Soldiers


Blood, Sweat and Beers

Mean Machine

Black Widows

Hell On Wheels

Homicidal Comrades

Gorillas In the Mist

Cheering Knights

Criminal Watch

Eyes for Eyes

Victory Vixen

Foster Wheeler

Decimated Remnants

Hugging Hyenas

The Friendship Ship

Army Headquarters

No Sympathy

Bloody walls

The Punisher

Black Aces

The Superman Club


Divide and Conquer

Wounded Warrior

Smiling Warriors

Little Boy

Army Reserve

Downed Carcasses

Super-Duper Gladiators

The Happy Clappers

Black Tiger

Snake Eyes


Ace Breakers

Gun Experts

Energy Systems

Friendly Fire

Cubicle Force

Preying Wolves

Warrior Project

Naturally Twisted

Walking Devils

Flying Nails

Golden Bullets

Brothers in War

Killers Dead

Shots of Evil

The Blazers

Flying Aces

The Night Stalkers

Global Aggression

Sniper Hunters

Hit and Miss

Into The Distance

Raging Bulls

Dark Moon

No Fear Military

Cracked Bullets

The Double Shot

Running Ghosts

The Security

Vanished Smiles

Kings of the Compound

Singing Bullets

Drop Shot Divas

Speed Demons

Hot Shots

Fantastic Headshots

Compass Security

Blue Mountain Group

Caged Animals


Custer Battles


Tactical Intelligence

Blood Bashers

Bad to The Bone

Demons of Chaos

Dead and Buried

Friendly Pscyhos

The Storm Bringers

Brute Force

Monsters At Large

Navistar Defense

Explosive Smiles

Demon Day

Scared Hitless

Unforgiving Terminators

Giants of the Jungle

Fire Flies

Policy Makers

Red Riders

Ares Operations


Stone Crushers

Viking Raiders

Kings of Mercy

The Arsenal

Old Iron Sides

Top Gunners

Shooting Cheerleaders

Soul Feeders

Shadow Operations

Fighting Fire

Viral Military

Thunder Center

Soldiers of Anarchy

Meta Force

Barbaric Aliens

Psychotic Devils

Bodyless Souls

Military Family

Veteran Gladiators

Warstreet Boys

Skull Crushers

Wounds of Nature

Flesh and Bones

Range Control Group

Tortured Visions

Battle United

We are Family

Affectionate Blood-slayers

Dreams of Chaos

Dropping Bombs

Top Guns

Life Savers

Legends of Bullets

Crawling Scorpions

Behind Enemy Lines

What are the best ways to choose a military name?

Military names are meant to be a combination of words that would resonate with the person and their personality. There is no one-size-fits-all military name. It is best to choose a name that reflects your personality and interests.

The best way to choose a military name is to come up with several names and then choose the one that feels most appropriate for you. And it should be easy to pronounce and should not have any spelling mistakes. It is also important that it sounds tough, but not too aggressive.

How to Use Military Names in Your Novel or Story

Military names are a great way to add realism to your story and they can be used in your novel or story to give it a sense of realism. They are also a good way to show that your character has been through intense training and is now ready for battle.

Some of the ways you can use military names in your novel or story include:

  • Give military ranks such as General, Admiral, Colonel, Major, etc. to characters in your story.
  • Choosing a name from the military branch that you want your character to be from – Air Force, Navy, Army, etc.

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