63 Loan Pick Up Lines to Balance Your Romantic Portfolio

Are you looking for an edge in the dating game? Do you want to get the attention of your crush? Then why not try using some funny and cheesy loan pick up lines? These lines will make your crush smile and give you a chance to start a conversation with them.

Not only will it help you get that hot girl or guy, but it will also help make your date more enjoyable. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, these lines will help you out.

Loan Pick Up Lines

1. “Are you a loan agreement? Because I want to read you carefully before committing.”

2. “If your heart were on loan, I’d be the most committed borrower.”

3. “My feelings for you are like my credit score, unreachable most of the time, but always hoping for the best.”

4. “Can I be your financial advisor? Because my advice is to invest all your love in me.”

5. “Are you a loan expert? Because I could use some advice on winning you over.”

6. “If life were a loan application, you’d be the approval I’d eagerly wait for.”

7. “Damn, you are like a low-interest loan – I can’t believe I got so lucky to have you in my life.”

8. “I’m not sure about interest rates, but my interest in you is through the roof.”

9. “I wish I had a loan of time with you – just to savor every moment of our love.”

10. “Are you a loan officer? Because I need guidance on how to win your heart.”

11. “Your love is like a loan with a low down payment.”

12. “Is your name Debt Consolidation? Because meeting you has consolidated all my feelings into one incredible love.”

13. “Are you a loan consolidation? Because being with you feels like all my emotions are merging into one beautiful love.”

14. “Are you a loan modification? Because meeting you has changed the terms of my life for the better.”

15. “If love was a loan from a bank, I’d be in debt forever, because my interest would keep compounding.”

16. “In the currency of love, I’d like to borrow a moment from you.”

17. “Is your name Equity? Because I feel a surplus of happiness whenever you’re around.”

18. “Do you believe in the power of compound affection? Because our love multiplies with each shared experience.”

19. ““Like a bank, I must say, your interest rates have captivated me.””

20. “Girl, you must be a financial institution because you’ve got the assets to back up my affection.”

21. “Are you a loan agreement? Because I’m ready to sign up for a lifetime of love with you.”

22. “You are the loan officer of my heart, and I’m ready to invest all my love in the happiness you bring.”

23. “Is your name Compound Interest? Because the more time we spend together, the more my love for you grows.”

24. “Are you a loan officer? Because you’ve approved my application to your heart.”

25. “You are the loan agreement of my dreams and happiness.”

26. “Like a loan document, I’d love to discover every detail that makes you uniquely wonderful.”

27. “If you were a bank loan, you’d be the one with no interest, because you’re priceless.”

28. “Excuse me, but my love for you comes with no interest.”

29. “My love for you is like a loan with a fixed rate – committed to a lifetime of happiness.”

30. “If I were a bank, would you invest your time in me?”

31. “I wish I could borrow time, so every moment with you would stretch into eternity.”

32. “If love were currency, you’d be the most valuable investment in my life.”

33. “If love was a type of loan, then my repayment period for you would be set to infinity.”

34. “If life were a loan, meeting you would be the interest that makes every moment worthwhile.”

35. “Are you a loan application? Because I’m ready to fill out all the necessary forms for your heart.”

36. “Is your name APR? Because my heart is always excited when I’m around you.”

37. “Are you an updated interest rate? Because you always keep me on my toes.”

38. “Baby, are you a bank loan? Because you have my interest.”

39. “Are you a compounded interest loan? Because my feelings for you are accumulating.”

40. “Do you know the best kind of loan? It’s the one where the interest is mutual, just like our connection.”

41. “If love was interest, banks would always approve any loan I apply for.”

42. “Can I be your co-signer in this journey of love? I’m ready to share the responsibilities and benefits.”

43. “Are you a loan document? Because I want to carefully review every detail about you.”

44. “If love were a loan application, meeting you would be the approval I’ve been waiting for.”

45. “If your heart charges interest rates, I’d still borrow it forever.”

46. “Just like a wise investment, my love for you grows stronger with time.”

47. “Are we on the same page, or should I take out a loan to buy the book of our shared story?”

48. “Your love makes me feel like I’ve secured a low-interest loan.”

49. “Can I be your co-borrower? Because I want to share the responsibility of making our love flourish.”

50. “Are you a loan term? Because I hope our time together is extended.”

51. “I’ll be your financial planner if you promise to let me plan a lifetime of happiness with you.”

52. “Are you a loan? Because you’ve caught my interest.”

53. “You’re like a loan with no hidden fees – straightforward and honest.”

54. “I may not have tangible assets, but my heart holds the most valuable investment.”

55. “Are you a loan calculator? Because you’ve made my heart rate increase.”

56. “Are you a loan officer? Because I’d like to apply for a place in your heart.”

57. “Is your name FICO? Because my heart rate jumps every time I think about you.”

58. “Like a high yield savings account, my love for you is compounded daily.”

59. “Your love is like a loan with no prepayment penalties.”

60. “Are you my overdue loan payment? Cause I can’t get you out of my mind.”

61. “Your love is like a zero-interest loan—it never depletes..”

62. “Your love is the best kind of loan because it never demands repayment.”

63. “Our connection is like a loan with a variable interest rate that keeps getting better and better.”

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