79 Best Lash Captions for Instagram

1. Lash love is the best love.

2. Thick lashes, thin patience.

3. Feeling the fluff.

4. Life is short, but your lashes shouldn’t be.

5. Ladies and Gentlemen…Her.

6. The only drama I enjoy is in my lashes.

7. Eyes that hypnotize, thanks to these lashes.

8. Lashes and lip gloss.

9. Why be moody when you can shake your beauty!

10. Fluttering lashes, sparkling eyes.

11. Life is short, but your lashes shouldn’t be.

12. In the mood for some lash mischief.

13. In my lash era.

14. Blink and you’ll miss this beauty.

15. From lash to finish.

16. I got 99 problems but lashes ain’t 1.

17. Seeing the world through long lashes.

18. On good lash days, we slay.

19. Turning up the volume.

20. Lash goals achieved.

21. Blink a little louder, darling!

22. Lashes longer than the weekend.

23. Lash now, worry later.

24. Just winging it – eyeliner, life, and lashes!

25. Eyes without lashes are like cake without frosting.

26. Lash love is true love.

27. Save the drama for my lashes.

28. Let your eyes do the talking.

29. Lashes longer than your love stories.

30. The perfect lashes don’t exist…oh wait!

31. Sorry, I can’t hear over the volume of my lashes.

32. Cute and class(ic)y.

33. Lashes so long, they have their own area code.

34. The only drama I’m interested in.

35. Lashes as fierce as my ambition.

36. I need my bank account as full as these lashes.

37. Lashes as long as my to-do list.

38. It’s lash o’clock.

39. Blink if you love your lashes.

40. Batting these lashes all day long.

41. Frame the windows to your soul.

42. Bold, beautiful, and blink-worthy.

43. Life is short, your lashes shouldn’t be.

44. Dark like my soul.

45. Serving looks with a side of lashes.

46. Did someone say volume?

47. Slaying with my lashes on point.

48. Serving looks and lashes.

49. Lashes speak louder than words.

50. Lash queen reigning supreme.

51. Wink, wink!

52. Hey girl, nice lashes.

53. Long lashes, longer stares.

54. Act like a lady, lash like like a boss.

55. Lashing out in the best way possible.

56. With great lashes comes great responsibility.

57. Lashes for days, confidence always.

58. All I need is money and lashes.

59. Lashes, yes. You, maybe.

60. Perfect lashes are just a blink away.

61. Lash game on point, life’s complete.

62. Flutter game strong.

63. All you need is love and great lashes.

64. Mascara’s best friend.

65. Keep your friends close, but your lashes closer.

66. May your lashes be long and your coffee strong.

67. If we don’t see eye to eye, that’s when I lash out.

68. Lash me outside, how ’bout that?’

69. Lashes so long, they need their own zip code.

70. Lash game strong, confidence on point.

71. Another day, another slay.

72. Angel eyes.

73. Long lashes, big dreams.

74. Lashes so lush they’re almost sinful.

75. Lash out loud.

76. Batting my lashes and taking names.

77. Welcome to heaven.

78. Me, basic? Never.

79. Long lashes, short temper.

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