273 Landscaping Company Name Ideas That Grab Attention

There are many factors to consider when choosing a name for your landscaping business. Do you want it to be related to what you do? Do you want it to sound professional? There are so many things to take into consideration when choosing a name.

The importance of choosing a name for your landscaping business cannot be overstated. This decision can mean the difference between success and failure.

Here we’ve compiled a list of cool Landscaping company names that you’ll like. scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Landscape Business Name

Wonderful Landscaping

Lush Landscapes

The Green Sage

Denton Lawn Care

Watersavers Turf

Liberty Landscaping

Sharp Edges

Growsmart Phoenix

Southern Scapes Nursery

Gardening Work

Growers For Less

Emerald Green

Lawn Rescue

Calling All Landscapers

Prime Cuts

The Landscape Tech

Lucky Weed



Highway Light

Terra Works Landscape

Shrub Solutions

Acres Group

Lawn Love Lawn Care

Nursery and Landscaping

Perfect Scape

Awesome Landscaping Co

Budget Landscaping

Landscape Artist

Perez Landscaping

Classic Grove service

Above & Beyond

Super Soil Landscape Center

Lawn Impact

All Natural Landscape

Earthscape Concepts

Young Landscaping

GCS Lawn Care Service

Rock Solid Landscape

Acres & Gardens

Landscape Artists


Sprinkled Sunshine

Gardening Company

Rich Resource

Dds Landscapes

Blooms Inc

All Star Landscapers

800 Lawn Care

Eveready Lawn Service

Fresh Landscape

Nevada Botanical

Richer Lands

Seasonal Impact

Wood’s Lawn Care

Precision Home

Tuff Bosses

Home Rangers

Opulence Landscaping

Urban Gardens

Solano’s Tree Service

Landscape FX

Restoring Roots

Plant the Seed

Dependable Lawn Care

Excellent Land Scape

Grand Outlook

Precise Plants

Blossom Lawn Care

Home & Garden Services

Stout Design Build

Greenfest Plantings

Ground Control

Garner Growth

Creative Landscaping

Classic Lawns

Endless Vistas

House to House

Flowering Gardeners

Ace Lawn Care

Pacific Sunscapes

Tips from Kate

Dream Yards

Get Growing

Pure Solutions

Yard Solutions

Precision Landscaping

Ace Landscapers Inc.

Green Design

Cool Landscaping Company Names

Expertise Scape

Tropical View Care

Veteran Lawn Care

Innovate Landscape

Green Scapes

Countryside Landscapes

Universal Landscape

Early Risers

Green Prospects

Yard Works Inc

Flourishing Fields

Innovative Tree Care

Go Green Gardeners

The Gardeners

Planted Precision

Eco Gardening Services

Urban Lawns

Landscape Tours

Green Landscaping

Sandpiper Gardens

Blades of Grass Lawn Care

Paradise Lawn Care

Landscape Express

Promised Landscaping Service

Outback Landscape

Garden Design Specialists

Real Earth Landscaping

Lawn & Order

Break Edge Landscaping

Landscaping Solutions Inc.

Yards To Live By

A Private Escape

Avalon Lawn Mower

Rock Solid Landscaping Inc

Flower Child Landscaping

Red Dirt Landscaping

Landscaping Designers

The Friendly Plant

Landscaping Ltd

Lawn Doctor

Succulent Soil

Mother Earth Landscaping

Scenic Views Landscapes

Cut Above Lawn Care

Yardman Cuttings

Landscaping Solutions

Yard Master

Eco Friendly Landscapers

Catchy Landscaping Company Names

Lovely Landscapes

Greensleeve Maintenance

Smooth Gardens

J and J Lawn

Aroma Landscaping

Sweet Pea Gardener

Country Climates

Pretty Landscapers

Westside Landscaping

Landing Scapes

Hybrid Lawns

Aspen Creek Landscaping

Alamo Lawns

House with a View

Tips from Sandra

Landscape Explore

Master Gardener

Distinctive Landscaping

Seasonal Vision

Epic Landscape

Lovely Swan

Planting Profits

Landscape Fx

Earthworks Landscaping

Modern Landscapes

Garden Solutions

Outstanding Gardens


Landscaping Today

Urban Green Building

Leisure Time Lawns

Positive Plantings


Secret Gardens Landscaping

Green Designs Inc.

Planting Ideas

All American Turf Beauty

Peach Tree

Yard House

Pebble Pushers

Landscape Revivers

Landscaping Names

Plant Nanny

Archer Grass Control


Love Jones Landscaping

Blade Runners

Passionate Paths

Big Touch

Clever Landscaping Company Names

Landscape Architecture

Grass Monkeys

Abundant Lawns

Master Mowers Inc.

Modern Landscaping

Crown Hill Supply

Eco Green Properties

Garden Transformations

Fresh Landscaping Company

Lawn Turf Company

The Garden Builders

Country Scapes

Green Life Group

Garden Expert

Amazing Landscaping

Pac Green Landscape

LandArt Design Services

Finley’s Tree and Landcare

Gardens of Babylon

Landscape Care Solutions

Green Care At Home

Landscape Campus

Local Loves Landscaping

Perfect Landscaping

Landscape Gardeners

Royalty Lawn Care Service

Friendly Gardening

Topless Landscape

Artificial Grass Company

Plant Perfect

ArtisTree Landscapers


Greenlands Landscaping

The Landscaping Authority

All American Landscape

Easy Yards

Supergreen Landscape

Landscape Care

Landscaping Team

Earth Design

Nature’s Designs

Opaque Landscape

A Little Patch of Heaven

Unique Landscaping Business Names

Easy Eden Designs

Sod Appeal

Vegas Valley Greens

Lucky Grassland

Paragon Landscaping

Eastec Maintenance

Landscaping & Fencing

Crystal Breeze

Adirondack Landscape

Floraland landscape

Blue Sky Lawns

Beyond Goodness

Alma Landscape Design

Yard Scapes

Gothic Landscape

High Life Landscapes

Aquarian Landscaping

Sunflour Landscaping

Frank’s Landscape

Master Landscape

Seasonsurf Flowerland

Design Firm Landscape

The Foliage Group

Flora Fae Gardening

Crafted Scenery

The Urban Patio

Landscape Decor

The Grounds Guys

Forever Fields

Sweet Sounds Landscapes


Nature Nest Landscape

Land Canvas

Sacred Garden



My Private Garden

Cut Masters

Dexterity Landscape

Garden Design Magic

Greenery Horticultural

Scale Light

Plant Matter, LLC

Sod & Soil

Ultra Green Lawn Service

Why You Should Care About Your Landscaping Company’s Name?

Your company’s name is one of the most important decisions that you will make and it can be a powerful tool for marketing, branding, and building customer loyalty. And most importantly, It is the first impression that you will make on potential customers and clients.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a company name, but there are some guidelines that can help you narrow down your options. One thing to keep in mind is that you want your company name to be short and memorable so it can be easily pronounced by people who are not native speakers of English.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Landscape Company Name

It can be a difficult process to come up with a good name that will capture the essence of your company. It should be easy to remember, but not too common. You want it to show that you are professional and trustworthy.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best company name for your landscaping business:

  • Be creative and think outside the box.
  • Choose something that people can easily remember.
  • Make sure it sounds good and is spelled right.
  • Choose a name with a good balance of letters and words.
  • Make sure it is not too similar to another company’s name.

Tips To Choose Best Landscaping Company Name

The best way to choose a good landscaping company name is to think about the type of business you are in. You need to come up with a catchy and memorable name that will resonate with your audience. But how do you know what type of name will work best for you? Here are some tips on choosing the perfect landscaping company name:

  • Think about the type of business you’re in.
  • Do some research on popular names for landscaping companies in your area.
  • Get feedback from friends and family members, or even strangers if possible, on what they think of your proposed names.

A good way to start your search for a company name is to take some time and brainstorm a list of words that come to mind when you think about the landscaping industry. You can then narrow down your list by looking for words that are short, easy to pronounce, and have positive connotations.

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