190+ Latest & Catchy Jewellery Slogans With Taglines

Strikingly Brilliant. Remarkable. You

Enchantment within

Love in a little box

Accuracy to seconds a month

The crown jewelers for 150 years

Accurate designs just the way you wanted

She only has two things on her list

Making You a Style Sensation

A diamond can say so much

Serving something extra

Shine forever

Jewelry that you will eye


Citizen. Beyond precision

Bedazzled by your soulstone

Our reputation shines as brightly as our diamonds

Diamonds. Divas. Desire

Giving you a New Style

Spirited She

Crystal gets closer to the body than ever before

Beautiful you, beautiful your Jewellery

Sparkling stones, glittering metals, glamorous you

Quality is remembered

Enhance your style by jewels

We design masterpieces for you

You deserve these jewels

Live the moment

Hearts on fire

Jewelry that rocks

Love is priceless

Always the crowning jewel

Designs so intricate seen before that you have never seen before

Want more

Honesty, my addiction

A diamond is forever

Set in Distinctive Designs

Rock the look of natural stone

So charming

Stylish and sophisticated sparkle

Precious gems for your precious love

Every kiss begins with Kay

Shine bright like a diamond

Let your bling sing

Adorning your Dreams

Putting the sparkle in her eyes

Unique, Brilliant, and Beautiful

Let us rock you

If you like it then you shouldaÖ

Sparkle your dream

A diamond that tells something

Look as beautiful outside as you are within

We make jewelry with the best standard

Chase your true love with us

Diamonds are a girlís best friend

A perfect design for perfect women

Because bling is your thing

Makes you stand out

A Gold that connects hearts

Wearable brilliance

Invest in jewelery, it feels good too

Meet the sexiest spark of the stones

Beautiful, masterful design never goes out of fashion

You can never have too much jewelry

Our stones sparks for themselves

The joy of Wearing Best

Fashion and style in every thing we own

For rock solid love

Look different

Bright and Shiny, Bold and Beautiful

Celebrate golden memories

Never miss the moments

Jewelry for the feminine in you

Things of Jewels

Because itís special

Jewelry that speaks for itself

A Moments of Precious Craft

Jewelry crafted with care and love

Our jewelry rocks!

Enjoy the moment of ethnic beauty

From our hands to yours

Shine brighter

Let your style shine bright

Put a gem in your life

A Trendy Jewelry Spot

Story of sophistication

Be precious. Be you

Totally Rocks Jewelry

Best when under pressure

Diamonds by the yard

Want honesty?

Crafting your Curiosity

Refined for life

Shine on in your life like a Gold

Unique as you are

Come if you want something better

Highclass, Handcrafted, Lovely

Stunning you

Jewelry is Add-on on to your beauty

Simply the best

Where Maryland gets engaged

Unique Natural Sparkle

Frost yourself

Mesmerize you

Thereís no such thing as too much bling

Watch the light of perfection

Get your sparkle one

Trusted by many

As good as gold

For those who want more

Ring on your finger, necklace on your neck, and men on their knees

Quality is what we focus on

Hallmarked jewelry

The crystal clear choice

Spark like a gold

Jewelry that totally rocks

Sparkling with beauty, shining with pride, captivating charm

Remarkable You

Do not ever settle for typical

Simply Shimmering

Preciously exclusive gems

Jewelry as unique as the woman who wears it

Stand out of the crowd

Make her sparkle

Rock your jewelry

Artisan crafted sophistication

Your creation sensation

Brilliant and beautiful

We offer an exclusive collection

Adding life in pearls

Up above the world so high, like a Gold in your necklace

Because you are precious to us

Sheíll say, ìhe did good.î

The right time for life

Shine bright

Shine smarter

Walk down our aisles first

Adorb your dream

Elegant jewelry for elegant moments

Beyond precision

Add Elegance to your appearance

No hidden cost

Shine your future

Made by nature. Designed for you

Sparkle that brings out the luxury in you

Gems that light up your spirits

Unleashing the beauty of the stone

Gold and silver makes you quiver

We rock at rocks

Be the queen of jewels

Loveís embrace

Jewels in your heart, Jewels in your heart

Purity is the purpose

Something Shiny. Something Beautiful

Facets of Brilliance

Divaís Desire

Get a perfect match

Rock solid elegance

Fashion in every facet

Dazzling rocks that mesmerize you

Shine together

We like to see you shine

Make your life shiny like a jewel

A jewelry from us means jewelry forever

Ready for every occasion

The ultimate in luxury and style

Jewelry making at its finest

Bringing our your inner glow

Made by hand for the heart

Grab the scintillating stones

Let the YOU shine through

We design jewelry according to your demands

Desire meets a new Style

We have pearls for the pearl

Accentuate your shine

Find the ëBetterí out of ëBestí

Designs according to your requirements

Weíve got pearls of wisdom

Everything your expect in precious jewelry

Style with Precious Simplicity

Dedication and creativity is what we aim for

Light up the room

Weíre a real gem

Good Jewelry for Best Occasion

Because you deserve better

The added value of the first impression

Where you only wear your expensive touch

Trust us, sheíll say yes

Let the stones talk about ëYOUí

Perpetual spirit

The Jeweler of Kings

Elegance you can wear

Keep your money in the right place and invest on gold

Stylish set stones sparkling with sophistication

Match your Jewellery with your dress

Never get out of fashion

Show the world you shine

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