Top 270 Most Attractive Ice Cream Shop Name Ideas

Ice cream shop names are a reflection of the identity and culture of the city they are in. They can also be a way for local businesses to market themselves and attract customers. And it’s a very important part of the overall experience that people have when they visit an ice cream shop.

Some ice cream shop names are based on their location, while others are based on what kind of ice cream they serve. Some shops might also use a pun or wordplay in their name.

Here we’ve compiled a list of catchy and attractive Ice cream shop names that you’ll help you to bring more customers to your shop. scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Ice Cream Shop Names

Frost N’Roll

Freezing Point Ice Cream

Milk and Wood

Ice Cream Fundae

Sweet Spot Froyo

Ice Aroma

Splitz Candy

The Golden Cone

The Dreamery Creamery

Cherry Meadows

Glaze Forever

Simply Irresistible

The Creamery

Ice cream Appeal

Serendipity 3

Banana Splitz

Andy’s Frozen Custard

Screaming Daisies

A La Mode

CoolChem Creamery

TK Sweets

32 Below

Dipsy Do’s Softserve

The Freeze

Midtown Ice Cream

That’s a Vanilla Idea

Scratch and Serve


Cherry On Ice

Scoops n’ Smiles

5 Below Creamery

Slushies Scoop

The Frozen Zoo

Creambowls Creamery

The Place To Be

Sweet T’s Ice Cream

The Classic Scoop

Feelin’ Nutty Ice Cream

My Sweet Ways

Cream City

Discount Dream Cream

Cold Cones Ice Cream

Sundae Funday

Frozen Yoghurt Delitez

The Waffle Bowl

Hokey Pokey Ice Cream Parlor

What’s the Scoop?

Freeze Dreamz

Sundaes and Cones


The Frozen Spoon

Kustard Kones

Creamy Deliciousness

Dairy Goddess

The Magic Slab

Blue Skies Ice Cream

Yummy Yolk

Magic Cone Ice Cream


Utterly Ice Cream


Cool and Hot Zone

Fantastic Frozen

Vanilla beanin’ it!

Catchy Ice Cream Shop Names

Small Town Ice Cream

One More Scoop

Mr. Ice Cream

Dream Cream

Chilly Popsicles

Icicles Creamery

Ice Cream Acres

By The Crust

Cherry Scoop

Blue Ice Gelato

Little Man Ice Cream

Fresh Vanilla

Limerick Creamery

Chocolate by the Sea

Pink Fundae

King Kream

Frosty Frills

Cruising Smoothly

Scoops of Steel

Hollywood Tropicana

Dream Cones

Just Cancun

Dairy Quakes

Drippity Ice Cream

MissOxy Rolled Ice Cream

Fresh N’ Roll

On The Lolly

Dreams Cones

Dreamy Delights

Two Scoops Ice Cream Shop

Sweet Icebergs

The Double Scoop

Tacos Las Empresas

Cherry on Top Ice Cream Shop

Twirlin’ Ice

L’Antique Ch’eux

Carte D’Or

New Empire

Hotel Gelato

Bruster’s Ice cream

Ice Creamers

Ice Cream Store Names Ideas

Sunnyville Creamery

Freshest Ice Creams

Land Of Ice Creamery

Cold ‘N’ Concrete

Area 51 Ice Cream

Bowls Of Bliss

Double Scoops Creamery

The Chocolate Shop

Custard Creamery

Forever Ice Cream

Mad Milk

Booza Cone

Crazies Delight

Cool Vibes Gelato

Magical Ice Cream

The Screamery

Comfy Cones Creamery

The Rustic Cow

Fat Cat Creamery

Sundaes & Cones

Mootown Creamery

Kelsey’s Cool Cream

Canyon State Cone

Cream Dreams

Utterly Delicious Ice Cream

Lush Gelato

The Drippity Cone

Jelly Bunker

Dixie Pixie Slab

Flayvors of Cook Farm

Fruity Swirl

Carvel Express

Bailey’s Bay Ice Cream Parlour

Ice Hour Creamery

Strawberry Fields

Jelly’s Ice Cream

This is Delicious


Cherries Ice

The Vanilla Bean Creamery

Sweet Treats

La Diperie

The Ice Cream Shoppe

Creamy Dreams


Ice Cream Company Names

Cream and Berries

The Scoop Blaise

A Bit Nutty Ice Cream

Rocket Pops

Easy Breezy

Scoops On The Go

Ice Cream Heaven

The Gelato Workshop

Cherry on Top

Pistachio Paradise

Feelin’ Nutty Ice Cream

The Pernny Ice Cream

Angkor Donuts

Velvet Ice Cream

Rocky Mountain

C & D Droppy’s


Little Scoop of Happiness

Gelato Bar

Polar Cravings

MarbleMoos Rolled Ice Cream

Coco Rolled

Ice Cream CONEction

Glacier Scoop

Pancake Delittany

NewNude Cream

Real Flavors Co

Scoops n’ Smiles

Dream Spoon

Heaven’s Scoop

Never Lick Nuts

Sketch Ice Cream

Creamland Ice Cream

Full Tilt Ice Cream

Bubble Shaken

Cup! of Ice Cream

Ice Cream Business Name

Queen Bee Ice Cream

The Mochi Store

Sacred Serve

Tremont Scoops


ColdLeaf Ice Cream

Mallard Ice Cream

Mad Dog’s Creamery

Creamy Cool Treats

The Berry Patch

Jelly Swab

Creamy Treats

King Donuts

Glazing Cones

Creamy Icees

Blue Bell Ice Cream

Innovative Ice Cream

The Ice Cream Shuffle

Tip Tap Ice Cream

Funky Ice Cream Truck

Sweet Addiction

Scrumptious Creams

Sugared Heaven

Sweet Paradise

Milk It Ice Cream


Scoop and Joy Lounge

Ice Cream Club

Quaker Slate Ice Cream

Cream N’ Shake

The Ice House

Cool Cream Locker


Pinecone Popsicle

Nourish Creamery

Sprinkles Sundae Shop

Scoop N’ Treats

The Waffle Cone

Milk Shake Gelato

Off the Stick Creamery

Scoop Dreams

Scoops & Scones

Ice Cream Parlor Names

Happy Cones

Cool Cream & More

IcoFlair Now

The Whipped Creamery

Dole Whip

Rolling A Cookie

Ribb & Cie

Tin Pot Creamery

Ice Cream with Us

Handmade Ice Cream


Ice Cream And More

Lazy Cow Creamery

Flavoured Cones

Lone Star Ice Cream

Pink’s Ice Cream Parlor

Nuts Please! Creamery

The Cream And Sugar

Sweet Retreat

Tastee Ice

Resist Scoop

Cool Cones

The Dessert Kitchen

Tasty Kids Treats

Melt Down

Cow’S Delight Creamery

Ice Cube

The Cheery Cherry

Stuffed Ice Cream

Roselle Desserts

Bobbie’s Dairy Dip

Creamy Delix

The Shimmering Shack

Farmer’s Ice Cream

Scoop Du Jour

Oberweis Ice Cream

Frozen Hut

The Scream Shop

Dolce Italian Ice

Three Twins Ice Cream

The Dixie Pixie Creamery

Milk Tea and Deli

Creamy Frosting

What Makes a Great Ice-Creamery Name?

The name is the first thing that people notice when they enter a shop. It sets the tone for the business and influences their decision to either buy or not. A great ice-creamery name should be memorable, and relevant and make people want to visit it again.

It takes a lot of time and effort to come up with a name for your business and it is important to consider the following things before settling on one:

  • Does the name resonate with people?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Is it unique?
  • Does it have an edge or edge appeal?

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