300+ Catchy Hair Extension Business Name Ideas

Choosing a good name is one of the most important things before you start your hair extension business. It will be the first thing people see when they search for your business online and it will be the first impression they get of your company.

Research shows that people are more likely to buy a product or service if they remember its name. A memorable name can also help you stand out from competitors and it can reflect what your company does and stands out from other businesses in your area.

Here we’ve compiled the list of cool Hair extension business names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Hair Extension Business Names

Hair Extension Heaven

Hair Extensions Plus

Smart Hair Extensions

Wonder Beauty

Dream Hairs

The Hair Lab

Synthetic Hair Solutions

Amazing Hair Care Wigs

Allday Extensions

Extension Diva

Bee Hair Extensions

Pioneer Model Stylus

Hairdo Majesty

The Curly Stop

Lucky Magic Hairs

Youhappy Hair Salon

Cold Cuts

Hair House Flaunts

Bonjour Hair

Beauty Rave

Hair Makeover Works

Simply Perfections

Endless Beauty

The Hair Experts

Hair We Dream About

Curly Edition

Hair Magic Touch

Precise Pins

Boutique Hairs

The Hair Babes

Blue Horizon Cuts

Stylistic Cut

Hair Extravaganza

Lace Me Wigs

She Wear Wigs

Hair Cure Pro

Beauty Mirror

Hair Doctor

Yummy Hair

Salon Angels

Beauty Mode On

Hair U

The Weave Shop

Extensive Hair Powers

Emo Style Razors

Sassy Extensions

Stars Of Tonight

Stare You Hair

Hair Oasis

Hair Extension Queen

Zeno Girl Trims

Fantastic Hair Trims

Wicked Hair Master

Purple Fox Hair

Lovely Hair Extensions

Hair Talk Salon

Dazzle Hair Boutique

Makeover Decade

Dayshine Originals

Virgin Hair Fantasy

Twice Gloss

Locked Way

Virgin Hair Lux

Cowgirl Evolution Makeovers

Organic Magic Hair

True Glory Hair

Love Hair Salon

Mane Attraction

Hair Potential

Party Ready Skillstar

Trim Up Hairdressers

Luscious Longs


Hair Extension Co

Hair Trigger

Beauty Beast Virgin Hair

Creation Pro Express

Cool Hair Extensions Brand Names

Future Of Beauty Salon’s

Complete Hair

Shining Queen

Great Hair Place


Blonde Glam Makeover

Cut Loose Styles

True Hair

Pink Blush Hair Salon

Insta Extensions

Crown and Glory Virgin Hair

Blissful Blooms

Pretty Hair Dropship

Genuine shine

Hair Envy

Forever Hair Extensions

Fantastic Hair Systems

Fairytale Collection

Golden Life Wig Hair

Naturals Extension

Colored Tangles

Hair Room Braids

Crush Love Favorites

Amazing Hair

Sheen Xpressions

Women Power Boutique

Fabulous Hair Boutique

Glamor Up

Paradise Makeovers

Hairup Salon Pro

Squarehouse Salon

Unisex Hair Solutions

Beauty Spree Hair Extensions

Angel Wings Hair

Hair Player

Extensions Plus

Fair Galaxy Extensions

Endless Hair

Coco Extensions

Temple Hair Wear

Hairs to The Maxx

Hair Extension Loft

Handcuff Hairstyles

Crease Instyle Extensions

Hair Extensions Care

A+ Extensions

Aura Maker Experts

Salon Diva

Dreamlight A To Z

The Padded Weaves

Hair Beauty Center

The HairXchange

Tresses Hair Extensions

Amazing Hair Extensions

Wavy Secrets Salon

Hair Tycoon

Beneath the Waves

Salon 2 More

The Glam Life

Catchy Hair Extension Business Names

Hairs Of Today

Perfections Hair

Ace Hair Designs

Majestic Haircuts

Beautiful Hair Salon

Parlour Harb

Aphrodite’s Hair Salon

Power Wigs

Nancy House Salon

Wavy Wayz Salon

Allure Hair Studio

Style Diva

Angels Hair Salon

Salon Elite Hair Extensions

Bee-U-Tiful Hair

Curly Sue’s Love Shop

Stylish Hair

Nextstop Salon

Naturals Hair Makeover

Dr Hair Specialist

The Hair Garden

The Hair Stylista

Sheer Bliss

Hair Extension Republic

The Hair Guys

Ingen Fashionista

Wild Hair Extensions

Platinum Halo

Head Hair Center

Sensational Hair Shop

Shining Diva

Stylus Pro Zone

Weaves Specialist

Nice Hairstyles Store

Stopper’s Stare Place

Nextcu Star Salon

Total Makeover Styles

Crucible of Curls

Wig Supremacy

Endless Extensions

Hair Heaven

Express Store Hairs

Stopper Style Boutique

Modern Hair & Beauty

Cut Out Trims

Hairdown Express

Hair Hooks

Hairdo Next Gen

Prima Pix Hair Store

Lady Shape Power

Luxury Hair Suite

Miracle Hair

Happy Go Girl

Ponytail Extensions

Hair Luxe

Hair Art Creations

Unique Hair Extension Business Names

Day Vibes Makeovers

Newhair Avenue

Bespoke Blondes

Samba Hair Extensions

Simple Blonde

Stylish Lace Wigs

Pristine Sheen

Glorious Fleek Extensions

Hotcuts Pro

Hair Shape Parlour

Quest Hair Goals

Hair Extension Station

Click N Curl Design

Forever Young Makeovers

Insight Hair Editions

Rockstar Hair

Pom Hair Extensions

Darling Hair

Clip-in Hair Extensions

New Hair Extension

Aisle Haircuts

Barefoot Blonde

Soul Hair

The Twirled Shop

Hot Hair Pieces

Rebellious Hairs

Sharp’s Global

Kelly Hair Extensions

Extensor Pro Salon

Power House Boutique

Prehair Makeover

The Wig Store

More Power Girl’s

Perfect Hairs

Silky Smooth Hair Extensions

Hair Nouveaux Salon

La Belle Coiffure

Hat House Girl Store

New Hour Makeover

Host Inn Hairs

Lush Hair Extensions

Hair Xpressions

Hexaten Salon

Fascinations Hair

Blunt Bangs

Dream House Makeovers

Extension Craze

Unicorn Curl Salon

Silk Lace Hair Store

South Beach Hair Extensions

Hair Addicts

Honey Blonde


Aesthetic Wish Salon

Weave Shop

Daywild Boutique

Trendsetter Hair

Hair Design

Clipinhair Extensions

Fabulace Beauty

Botticelli Hair Arts

Creative Hair Extension Business Names

Extensions Gone Wild

Stylish Diva Hair

Wig Store

The Wonderful Wig

Clip And Hair Centre

Flirtatious Coils

Passion Curl

Hair Rebellion

Human Hair Extensions

Pro Cut Trim

Quality Hair Extensions

Halo Hair Extensions

Hair Masterminds

Growshot Hair Stles

Klicks Salon

Capital Hair & Beauty

Lola Hair Extensions

Empire Hair

Pix Up Hairs

The Designer Hair Company

Merry Go Hair Salon

Curly Hair

Dry Society Styling Lounge

My Hair Lady

For You Store

Hair Plus Salon

Silk Hair Salon

Hair Extenda


Richy Hair

Natural Wig Store

Serenity And Style Shop

Hair-Finity Hair Studio

Go Girl Style

Spree Great Hair Theme

Barbie House Specials

Hair Stylus Boutique

Eva Hair Extensions

Ring Hair Works

Essence of Braiding & Weaving

Theme Wig Dreams

Hair Hideout

Hairchange Wigs

Hair Zone

Perfect Curls

Wild Locks

Crown Angel Suite

Cherry Tree Makeovers

Virgin Hair Boutique

Dona Bella Hairs

Russian Lengths

Extensor Hair Den

Tresswess Hair Wear

Serenity Wig & Salon

Method Hair

Deep Curl Hair Extensions

Bouncy Hair

Zinger Wigs Pro

Hairdresser Masters

The Hair Confidante

Lush Hair Xtenso

How to Choose Theme for Your Hair Extension Salon Name?

Choosing a name for your hair extension salon is not an easy task. You have to think about the following factors: what your salon is going to offer, where it is located, and how you want to represent it.

First of all, you need to choose the right name for your salon. You want it to be catchy and memorable, but also professional and appropriate. If you are not sure what would work best for your business, then consult with an expert in the field such as an advertising agency or marketing consultant.

The next step would be to figure out what kind of products or services you are going to offer. This will help you choose between a general, descriptive, or suggestive name.

Finally, decide the location of the salon and how you want people to perceive it. This will help decide on whether your salon will be high-end or low-end and which type of name would best suit that type of service.

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