235+ GTA Crew Names (Cool, Unique, Catchy, Badass)

GTA is a popular video game series that has been around since 1997. The game is set in fictional Liberty City, a city based in New York City. In the game, players take control of criminals and complete various missions to gain money and respect. GTA Online was released in 2013, which allows players to explore the open world of GTA V online with other players from all over the world.

There are many different types of GTA Crews. Some are formed by people who want to play together, some are made up of friends, and some are made up of people who want to start their Crews. Also, there are several rules for choosing a name, such as not being too similar to any other name or having more than three words.

Here we’ve compiled a list of badass GTA crew names that you’ll like. Scroll down and select the best one so you can stand out from the crowd. Let’s see what we have here.

Best GTA Crew Names

Young Guns

Boogy Army

The Rattlers

The Rulers

Fake banks

Fear Kissers

The Angels



Michael Jordan’s

Evil Devil


Voodoo Dolls

Eye for an Eye

Cool as Hell

Thunder Storms

The Collective

fabulous partners

Good of Times

Water dragons

The Empowers

Rocket Boys

Box to Death

The Rebels

Foolish Owls

Dragon Ball

Protein Factory

The Ace Dancers

Illegal Animals

Made of Fabulous


Hustle Life

Raging Bulls

MVP Gang

The Big Shots

High Altitude



Moon Children

The Gang to Be

Spidery Squad

Creeping Spiders


Spice Girls

Game of Loans

Win or Booze

Bad Yard Boys

Kulfi Junction

Tech Phantoms

Truky Twist


The A-Team

Pink Lemonade

The Bleachers


The Gopher Bunch

Lady buys


Vulcan Heat

Traitor Joes

Stormy Petrels.


The Avengers



The Empowered


Tidal Waves

Cool GTA Crew Names

Chemical Warlocks

Purple dragons

The Bosses


The Guardians


Vitamin sea

The Dream Team

Woozy bankers


Raging Nymphos

Slow n steady

We forever

Riot Starters

Ravage Savages



Bath Boomers

Frozen Swirlies

Trendy Rapids

Larger than Life

The Fallen Angels

Cool Zone

Sweet Rose

Dumb Minions

Last Picks


The Tough Ones


Tidal Wave.

The Tasty Truck

Lazy People

Flightless Falcons

The Psychopaths

Kings Only

Ambassadors of Crazy!

Friendly Alligators

Unique GTA Crew Names

The Roadkills

The Creeping Spiders.

Dark Angels

Never expect

Mad Mafia

Flaming Flamingos

The Prisoners

Grapevine Squad

Drop Shots

Money Comes First


Moon Dancers

Goal Diggers


No Pain, No Gain

Local Celebrities

Deep Dive

The Dora Gang

Montana Cartel

nations top

The Degraders

The Kool Cats

Emo Warriors

Rock Machine

Solo Angeles


Agent Carter

Gentle Dons

Bald Eagles

Red Devils


Legacy Leavers

The Elite Club

Fools of Masquerades


Ultimate nerds

Chicken and Quaffles

We match

Catchy GTA Crew Names

Coach Man

Ladies of the Night

Win Direction


Thundering Herd.

Shadow Warriors


Mad Men

Bumble bee

Pings of Surprise

Greek Gods

The Untouchables

The Solid Team

Wizards of Waverly

Frost Bunch

Doreamon gang

Diamond Queens

Black Panthers

Team Angel

Stuff Muffins

Masked Boys


Brother Speed

Charming Chicks

Eagle Eye



Trend Nymphos

Blasted Furnace



Ice Dolls

Nuestra Familia

Shake it up

Buzzy Fury

Death Squad



The Destroyers

No Fear

Hogwartz Kids


Insurance Mafia

GTA Racers

Sweet Sours

No Rules

Badass GTA Crew Names

Scoop Bus

The Crazy Crew

Check Mate

The Chosen Crew

Break Bread


The Waves

Water Dragons

Royal Army

Beyond Infinity


Don’t test us

Crazy Crew


The Demolition Crew

The Friendly Crew

Silent Troopers

The Long-bottoms

The Long Bottoms

Boorish Xentrix

The Special Crew

High on Winning

Born Killers

Non-Stop Action

Phantom Angels


The Nine-Nine Gang

Voodoo dolls

National Fleets

Cobra Boys

The Uncontrolled


Kulfi Treat

Carol Gang

Grass stains

Kings of Nowhere

Nations top

Flight Fires

Orange snakes

Six Boys

Lady Warriors



The Day Walkers

First of its Kind

Trend Setters

Gentle Don

The Organic Breed

Dark Angels.

The Red Gang

The Importance of Choosing the Right GTA Crew Name

GTA Online is a multiplayer game that has been around for more than 10 years. It is one of the most popular games in the world and has generated a lot of revenue for Rockstar Games.

The player’s choice of GTA Online crew name can have a significant impact on their personal and professional life. With so many people playing, it is important to choose a name that will not be associated with any negative connotations.

Choosing the right crew name can have a huge impact on players’ experience in GTA Online. A good crew name can help players identify themselves with a specific group, make them feel more connected to their online community, and it could even help them earn more money.

The most important thing for players to keep in mind when choosing their crew names is that they must be able to easily pronounce them or understand what they mean.

How to Choose the Best Brand Name for Your Gang?

Choosing the best GTA crew name for your gang is a difficult process. You want to make sure that it’s unique, memorable, and easy to pronounce. Therefore, when you are in a GTA game, you have to choose a name for your gang. This is a great way to make your character stand out from the other gangs.

When it comes to choosing the best GTA crew name, you should consider the following factors:

  • The type of gang you are looking for.
  • How seriously do you want your gang to be?
  • How long your gang will be around?
  • What kind of image or persona do you want your gang to have?

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