133 Funny Affirmations to Give You Daily Dose of Laugh

Here we’ve compiled a list of the best and funny affirmations that make you laugh at yourself and the situations you find yourself in so you can start each day with a smile and look forward to a brighter future.

Funny Affirmations

1. I’m putting my positive pants on.

2. I do my best even if I have nothing.

3. No one can make me feel my jokes are bad.

4. I see the funny side of every situation.

5. My sense of humor makes the world a better place.

6. I am thankful for all the problems I don’t have.

7. I have super cool things coming my way.

8. My feelings are just like acquaintances, they come and go.

9. I teach my kids good things in sarcastic ways.

10. It’s ridiculous how successful I am.

11. I will laugh more and stress less.

12. I will create my own magic like my name is J. K. Rowling.

13. My kids don’t need a perfect mom.

14. I am not letting an episode of my life ruin the entire show.

15. I radiate calmness and tranquility, with a little side of body odor.

16. When shit happens turn it into fertilizer

17. Laughter has created strong bonds in my life.

18. I sure am thankful for all the troubles I don’t have.

19. Having confidence never killed anybody.

20. I will always find a way to have fun.

21. I have an amazing sense of humour.

22. I don’t take myself too seriously.

23. I’m thinking like a proton, always positive.

24. I’m amusing and people enjoy talking to me.

25. If life give you melons you might be dyslexic

26. Who’s that fine ass? Oh, it’s me.

27. I will shine like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

28. I am funny and make my kids laugh.

29. I can transform tragedy into comedy.

30. I will tell the negative voice inside my head to shut up.

31. I am amusing and make people happy.

32. Surround yourself with pizza not negativity

33. I’m always full of funny ideas.

34. Releasing stress is a piece of cake.

35. I don’t need validation from others to know I’m killing it.

36. I might take a nap if I get tired, but I won’t quit.

37. I will smile while I still have my teeth.

38. I’ll motivate myself whenever it’s vital.

39. I am grateful for the healing power of humor.

40. I’ll change my routine habits.

41. I’ll accept problems as a part of life.

42. I may stumble along the way, but I will get over it.

43. Cry a river. Build a bridge. Get over it.

44. Hello little voice inside my head, please just shut up.

45. My past is just a bad book that deserves to be in the trash.

46. No beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.

47. It’s what it is supposed to be, don’t overthink and let it go.

48. I am becoming humorous day by day.

49. Today I’ll learn how to enjoy life from sheep.

50. I am the sunshine even when it’s gloomy outside.

51. I don’t cross oceans if someone won’t even cross a puddle for me.

52. It’s ever too late to get your shit together

53. Never forget that broken crayons can also color.

54. Only positivity goes with my outfit.

55. Expect nothing and appreciate everything.

56. Self-deprecation is so last season.

57. I crack the right joke at the perfect moment.

58. I don’t need to take life so seriously.

59. Self-love is the greatest middle finger of all time.

60. I will drink my coffee and conquer my day.

61. I will not be afraid. I will be A-OK.

62. I am smart and full of funny ideas.

63. I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am hot.

64. Be like a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet from inside.

65. I am intelligent. The thing is, I am still getting ready.

66. Excuse, I have to go be awesome

67. I can’t make everyone happy, I’m not pizza.

68. I’m lovely because everyone likes me more than Monday morning.

69. It’s okay if people don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste.

70. My mistakes don’t define me. My jokes do.

71. I welcome more smiling, laughter, and joy into my life.

72. I can always think of something funny to say.

73. Laughter can make me feel better in any bad situation.

74. A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset.

75. I try to see the funny side of every situation.

76. I can keep my chin up and my crown on.

77. I am a superhero, and my power is peace.

78. I will go out. The world is missing some pizzazz.

79. Think like a proton always positive

80. I make people laugh, whether it’s with me or at me.

81. The idea is to die young. As late as possible.

82. I receive what I believe.

83. I always have something funny to say.

84. Bad vibes don’t go with my outfit.

85. I’m never letting someone waste my time twice.

86. Humor is healing and for that I am grateful.

87. Being funny comes easy to me.

88. The world is my buffet, and my plate is ready to go.

89. I’ll keep going forward even if my pants tear off.

90. Chin up princess or the crown will slip.

91. I’ll always find a way to make things fun.

92. I can laugh at myself.

93. The world needs people like me to keep things interesting.

94. I can have peace, even when people irritate me.

95. I can see the funny side to every situation.

96. I’m a good person, and I’m not a liar.

97. I always find something funny in every situation.

98. Be happy, it drives people crazy

99. I might go home today, but I will go bigger tomorrow.

100. I can see the funny side of everything.

101. My to-do list doesn’t include dealing with negative people.

102. Broken crayon still color.

103. My fears can motivate me.

104. My funny vibes attract my happy tribe.

105. I am over overthinking.

106. Let me gather my thoughts and crush this Monday.

107. Life is always better when I’m laughing.

108. I have no time to worry; I have to be awesome.

109. I’m totally funny.

110. I can look back on my worries and laugh.

111. Treat me like a joke and I’ll leave you like it’s funny.

112. My sense of humor is the best sense of humor.

113. Whatever I do, I’ll do it for the fun of it.

114. I have perfect comedy timing.

115. Even on my worst day, I’ve still got 24 hours.

116. My funny vibes attract my funny tribe.

117. Be happy, it drives people crazy.

118. I attract all the right people and ward off the wrong ones.

119. How to be successful: focus on your own shit

120. I know the best time to make fun.

121. I make people laugh.

122. I’ll stop being lazy from today.

123. I deserve sugar, spice, and all things nice.

124. Put on your positive pants.

125. Never let anyone waste your time twice.

126. I am wise enough to make the same mistake again.

127. Laughter brings me closer to people.

128. I deserve to be the best; I’m better than a pawn.

129. I have the best sense of humor.

130. I can find humor in any situation.

131. Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad day yesterday. Let it go

132. Put on your positive pants

133. I get up, dress up, and show up.

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