90+ ‘Friends’ Trivia Questions and Answers

Friends series has everything we love, and the comedic chemistry of all the characters makes us crazy for this show. So suppose you are gathering with your friends who also love this show. Then what will best than having some witty humour and hilarious moments?  Therefore below, we’ve compiled the list of ‘Friends’ trivia questions that will challenge your knowledge and bring a smile to everyone’s face. So scroll down and see what we’ve got you covered.

‘Friends’ Trivia Questions

1. What holiday does Chandler hate?

Answer: Thanksgiving.

2. Who is the first Friend to speak on the show?

Answer: Monica.

3. What is Rachel’s favorite flower?

Answer: Lillies.

4. What is Richard’s daughter’s name?

Answer: Michelle.

5. What was the name of Rachel’s hairless cat?

Answer: Mrs. Whiskerson.

6. Joey played Dr. Drake Ramoray on which soap opera show?

Answer: Days of Our Lives.

7. What was the occupation of Rachel’s fiancé Barry Farber?

Answer: Orthodontist.

8. What type of plastic surgery did Rachel undergo?

Answer: A nose job.

9. Who was called Sir Limps-a-Lot after losing a toe?

Answer: Chandler.

10. What was the last state that Ross couldn’t remember?

Answer: Delaware.

11. Who is the youngest Friend?

Answer: Rachel.

12. What is the name of Joey’s stuffed penguin?

Answer: Hugsy.

13. What do Monica and Chandler name their twins?

Answer: Erica and Jack.

14. Monica, Ross and Rachel attended what high school?

Answer: Lincoln High School.

15. What did Rachel get a tattoo of?

Answer: A heart.

16. Who were on “a break”?

Answer: Rachel and Ross.

17. Ross worked as a professor at what school?

Answer: New York University.

18. What was Rachel’s bra size?

Answer: 32C.

19. What actor played Phoebe’s husband Mike Hannigan?

Answer: Paul Rudd.

20. Ross created a comic book called what?

Answer: Science Boy.

21. What was the profession of Joey’s imaginary friend?

Answer: Space cowboy

22. How many sisters does Joey have?

Answer: Seven.

23. What does Chandler call the Paris of Oklahoma?

Answer: Tulsa.

24. Which Friend once mugged Ross?

Answer: Phoebe.

25. Who gave Phoebe away at her wedding?

Answer: Chandler.

26. The Geller Cup was a trophy for which sport?

Answer: Touch football games.

27. Which of Joey’s sisters did Chandler fool around with?

Answer: Mary Angela.

28. What city is Friends set in?

Answer: New York City.

29. Chick Jr. and Duck Jr. got stuck in what?

Answer: A foosball table.

30. Ross’ first wife Carol leaves him for who?

Answer: Susan Bunch.

31. Which character famously said, “PIVOT?”

Answer: Ross.

32. Monica dated an ophthalmologist named?

Answer: Richard.

33. What was the name of Ross’ pet monkey?

Answer: Marcel.

34. According to Monica, a woman has how many erogenous zones?

Answer: Seven.

35. What kind of bed did the Mattress King deliver to Monica?

Answer: A racecar bed.

36. Who was Joey’s imaginary childhood friend?

Answer: Maurice.

37. Phoebe finds what in her soda can?

Answer: A human thumb.

38. Ross, Susan and Phoebe got stuck where before Ben’s birth?

Answer: A closet.

39. Who is Joey’s agent?

Answer: Estelle.

40. Rachel got a job with which company in Paris?

Answer: Louis Vuitton.

41. Phoebe created a three-dimensional picture of a woman named?

Answer: Gladys.

42. Who was Rachel’s prom date?

Answer: Chip Matthews.

43. Joey doesn’t share what?

Answer: Food.

44. Who was the last Friend to find out about Monica and Chandler’s relationship?

Answer: Ross.

45. Ross and Carol were busted having sex on which Disney ride?

Answer: It’s a Small World.

46. What is Chandler’s surname?

Answer: Bing.

47. What is actually Rachel’s favorite movie?

Answer: Weekend at Bernie’s.

48. In an effort to get over Richard, Monica started making what?

Answer: Jam.

49. Which Sprouse brother played Ross’ son Ben?

Answer: Cole.

50. What food caused Ross to get sick on Space Mountain?

Answer: Tacos.

51. Rachel was in which sorority?

Answer: Kappa Kappa Delta.

52. Where did Ross and Rachel have their first date?

Answer: The planetarium.

53. How many roses did Ross send Emily?

Answer: 72.

54. Who introduced Phoebe and Mike?

Answer: Joey.

55. How many times did Ross get divorced?

Answer: Three.

56. Monica categorizes her towels into how many categories?

Answer: 11.

57. Ross says whose name at the altar in London?

Answer: Rachel.

58. Who sings the Friends theme song “I’ll Be There for You?”

Answer: The Rembrandts.

59. Joey’s stalker Erika Ford was played by which actress?

Answer: Brooke Shields.

60. Phoebe’s scientist boyfriend David worked in what city?

Answer: Minsk.

61. What is the name of Joey’s barcalounger?

Answer: Rosita.

62. What color is Monica’s apartment?

Answer: Purple.

63. True or false, Monica ate macaroni off a jewelry box she made.

Answer: True.

64. What was the name of Chandler and Ross’ college band?

Answer: Way, No Way.

65. Who dated a college student named Elizabeth Stevens?

Answer: Ross.

66. Emma’s first birthday cake was supposed to be shaped like what?

Answer: A bunny.

67. Who came on to who in The One With The Videotape?

Answer: Rachel came on to Ross.

68. What word did Rachel misspell on her resume?

Answer: Computer.

69. Who pees on Monica after she is stung by a jellyfish?

Answer: Chandler.

70. Ross and Rachel’s daughter Emma would have turned 18 what year?

Answer: 2020.

71. Joey was cast as the butt double for which actor?

Answer: Al Pacino.

72. What was the name of Ross and Rachel’s male nanny?

Answer: Sandy.

73. Who is older Ross or Monica?

Answer: Ross.

74. Monica could not tell time until what age?

Answer: 13.

75. What was the name of Ross and Monica’s dog when they were kids?

Answer: Chi-Chi.

76. Who did Monica forget to invite to Rachel’s baby shower?

Answer: Rachel’s mother Sandra.

77. Chandler and Joey both dated an actress named?

Answer: Kathy.

78. Chandler told Janice he was moving where to avoid seeing her again?

Answer: Yemen.

79. At the age of 14, where did Monica accidentally get a pencil stuck in her body?

Answer: Her ear.

80. Which Friend had a traumatic swing incident at age 4?

Answer: Rachel.

81. Who gave Rachel and Ross the name “Emma” for their daughter?

Answer: Monica.

82. What is the first wedding gift Monica opens?

Answer: A tiny salt shaker.

83. What ingredient did Rachel mistakingly put in her Thanksgiving trifle?

Answer: Beef.

84. Monica and Chandler first got together where?

Answer: London.

85. Which Friend entered a Vanilla Ice lookalike contest and won?

Answer: Chandler.

86. What are the names of Ross and Monica’s parents?

Answer: Jack and Judy Geller.

87. Who stole all the insoles out of Chandler’s shoes?

Answer: Chandler’s roomate Eddie.

88. What song makes Ross and Rachel’s daughter Emma laugh for the first time?

Answer: Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.”

89. What fruit is Ross allergic to?

Answer: Kiwi.

90. What was the name of Chandler’s roommate prior to Joey?

Answer: Kip.

91. What does Rachel guess Chandler’s job is?

Answer: A transponster.

92. What are the names of Rachel’s sisters?

Answer: Jill and Amy Greene.

93. What store does Phoebe hate?

Answer: Pottery Barn.

94. What is the name of Phoebe’s twin sister?

Answer: Ursula.

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