123 Friday Affirmations to End the Week on a Positive Note

Here we’ve compiled the list of best and most positive affirmations on Friday that will help you stay positive and motivated and create an atmosphere of positivity that will carry over into all areas of your lives.

Friday Affirmations

1. Today I complete this week with love.

2. I choose to make the most out of my Friday.

3. I feel comfortable asking others for help.

4. I see optimism and opportunities everywhere I look.

5. Everywhere I look, I see hope and possibilities.

6. I grant myself space for intentional rest.

7. It’s time to sparkle.

8. I can feel the exciting things the future holds for me.

9. Today is a great day to begin my journey.

10. I am constantly surpassing expectations at work.

11. This has been an amazing week and it is only getting better.

12. I feel like Fridays are a healing day.

13. I deserve to have some fun.

14. Weekends are my time to refresh.

15. I can’t wait for today.

16. My feelings are valid.

17. My intentions for my life are clear.

18. Happy Friday to me.

19. I am doing important and helpful work.

20. I am getting close to success, I can feel it.

21. I can overcome any obstacle.

22. I choose to make the most of my Fridays.

23. My power is bigger than any difficulty.

24. I am on my way to great things.

25. Fridays suit me.

26. I let go of self-doubt.

27. I will not feel guilty for resting.

28. My colleagues regard me as smart, strong, and reliable.

29. I have abundant energy, vitality, and well-being.

30. I have incredible potential.

31. I attract miracles into my life.

32. Today is MY day.

33. Friday is a magical day.

34. It is the last day of my work week I got this.

35. I refuse to let any mistakes define me.

36. Friday equals rest and relaxation.

37. I am confident in myself.

38. I love myself simply for existing.

39. I am doing great things at my job.

40. I can achieve everything I set out to do.

41. Every day is a new opportunity.

42. I trust that life is always supporting me.

43. I release the habits that no longer serve me.

44. My skills are enough.

45. It’s a beautiful day.

46. I have had an amazing week.

47. Things are going well all around me.

48. I am grateful for this day of Friday.

49. I am breathing in joy and relaxation.

50. I am confident in my work abilities.

51. My sleep is relaxed and refreshing.

52. I acknowledge my mistakes and let them go.

53. All is really well.

54. Everything is fine.

55. I live authentically and am happy and free.

56. Today, I’m going to commit to taking deep breaths.

57. I love and care for my body and it cares for me.

58. My needs are always met.

59. I feel grounded and centred today.

60. I’m thankful for every day I have.

61. Opportunities are all around me.

62. I’m joyful for achieving my goals.

63. I find happiness where I go.

64. I expel my anxieties and inhale good energy.

65. I’m grateful to have finished the week on a high note.

66. Every day, I get better and better.

67. I have overcome 100% of my hard days.

68. It is okay for me to feel my feelings.

69. I’m worthy of love and happiness.

70. Whatever happens, I will be my true self today.

71. I’m alive and thriving.

72. I am committed to giving myself what I need.

73. Friday is the perfect day to have fun.

74. My body is feeling healthy and energetic.

75. Every one of my problems has a solution.

76. I am capable of unconditional love.

77. I carry no burdens into the future with me.

78. I deserve to rest and recharge.

79. Everything I need comes to me at the right time.

80. I allow myself to give and receive love.

81. All that matters is this moment I am living in right now.

82. Because of me, others’ lives are improved.

83. I believe in my abilities.

84. I am strong and full of self-belief.

85. All of my problems have solutions.

86. My strength is greater than any struggle.

87. I am allowed to choose joy.

88. I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

89. I let go of any stress from the week.

90. I can easily manage my emotions.

91. I have the option of choosing joy.

92. I love Friday evenings.

93. I am allowed to feel good.

94. Everything is precisely how it should be.

95. Everything is exactly as it’s meant to be.

96. Today is a day that I can totally clear my head.

97. Good things are happening all around me.

98. I’m creating a wonderful life for myself.

99. I gave my all this past week.

100. I’m happy with the life I’m building for myself.

101. I have the right to be happy.

102. My weekend is mine to enjoy how I want to.

103. I receive opportunities with open arms.

104. I live each moment mindfully.

105. I respect myself and my intentions.

106. My productivity does not define my worth.

107. The day begins and ends with a deep sense of gratitude.

108. All is well in my world.

109. I forgive others for past transgressions.

110. Negativity does not serve me.

111. I choose to be joyful tonight.

112. Things are always working in my favor.

113. I am going to make the best of Friday.

114. I love Fridays.

115. I am uniquely gifted in my talents.

116. Today, I feel anchored and centered.

117. I’m grateful for my potential.

118. I am my best source of inspiration.

119. I know I will always be okay.

120. I feel radiant today.

121. I control my destiny.

122. Friday is my favorite day.

123. I’m always at the right place at the right time.

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