300 Latest & Catchy Fast Food Slogans With Taglines

Giving food senses some sense

Mac your Day

Driveaway your hunger pangs

Mouth watering Hot Recipes

Did someone say pizza?

Choose best, Choose tasty

Nobody can do it like McDonald’s can

Gather ‘Round the Good Stuff

Did somebody say McDonald’s?

Say yes to yumm

Big taste for every small fun

America Loves Burgers and We’re America’s Burger King

Big McDonald’s

It just tastes better

Eat butter to feel better

Little place. BIG TASTE

Luxury food,luxury restaurant!

We know, you love it

Ask for that extra gravy

Making your taste buds work

Taste with quality sounds better

McDonald’s is simply good

Put a Smile On

It’s better here

Do something different

Got your favorite place

It’s gonna be a great weekend

A whole new way to love McDonald’s

It’s Mac Time

Fast your day with our food

fast food Shop where food finishes fast

Joy the instant Food Minutes

You want it, need it, you gotta have a taste of McDonald’s burgers

Taste that makes you go

It’s a Whole New Neighborhood

Must get my taste!

Faster than your imagination

What matters to me is you

Hot Recipes for hot peoples

Eat all you can

Responsibly prepared recipes

Eat the best food!

McDonald’s Sure is Good to Have Around

Stop in and poop

Eat Mor Chikin’

That’s My McDonald’s

We know how its made

You are the sunshine of my life

We speak yummily

Mood Twisting Fast Foos Fun

You will LOve it

Fat Food made Responsibly

It’s Mac Time Again

Deliciously Different

Putting a grain of salt on your taste

Food that Awaits you

Food and You , are Friends

Delicious delite with every bite

The Sign of a Good Burger

Food with Mood

Loving food comes first

It’s a good time for the great taste of McDonald’s

Instant food for instant hunger

Sun’s out buns out

Better taste to make you better

The natural light food

Taste the new hunger

No east, no west, our food is best

A Visit to McDonald’s Makes Your Day

The Simpler the Better

The grilled taste

Full of goodness, full of value

Hot. Fresh. Just for You!

The way you want

It’s what I eat and what I do

It’s a Good Time for the Great Taste

Food made from the heart

Come as You Are

Don’t use your stomach as a trash can!

Taste is new Trending

Your way, Your Food

The closest thing to home

McDonald’s is your kind of place

Fast Food for Fast Times

Eat what you want to eat

Go for the Goodness at McDonald’s

Food Treat for all

It’s good that McDonald’s exists

The somewhat different restaurant

Sizzling fresh taste

Big taste for big fun

Fresh taste at Best Price

Life tastes better with KFC

Pleasure on the lips, lifetime on the hips

We listen to the food

Making time a good time by making food the good food

The taste that rhymes with your cravings

Where taste is its Identity

When you need a change of pace

Luxurious taste at an inexpensive price

Unbelievable but true

The place where you like to be because you eat well

We value your taste

Welcome to the world of tasty food

Choose Lovin

Good tastes Gives good mood

Food with passion

Making Food great again and again

Let’s eat out!

Converting mood with food

It’s better than fast food…It’s Wendy’s

Moments of fries

Love a Burger, Love a McDonald’s

The hallmark of the good taste

Hot food, hot recipes

It’s Mac Time Now

It’s that which I love

eat your day Today

In Here, It’s Always Friday

Don’t eat light, eat tasty

What you want is what you get

There’s so much fun for you today

Making fries your favorite song

Only McDonald’s

It is cheat day, do not shy away

Get a Fresh at New taste

Add a joy of best Taste

Food for only taste

The fast-food which lasts well

Good food, good value

Delite in Every bite

Taste the best of Town

Eat like you mean it

Experience the new taste

Make Up Your Own Mind

Taste is the new trend

So Tasty So surprising

Nobody can say good night like McDonald’s can

Be cool but have hot

What we’re made of

Our fast-food taste better than your salad

Keep calm!! its food time

We’ve got it all for you

Grab the Moment

We are making it better

Meet the good taste today

License to Grill

Foodie Moments

A delicious smile from, McDonald’s!

We like to eat well

Everyone loves McDonald’s

Head for the Border

McDonald’s and you

Come on Home

My McDonald’s

It’s gonna be a lovely day

There’s a difference at McDonald’s You’ll Enjoy

The fast-food gives the best feeling

Avoid the Noid

Whoever snuck the ‘S’ in Fast Food is a clever person

Mood twisting Taste

Take your time at McDonald’s

Food for your mood

Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined

America’s Drive In

My idea of fast food is a mallard

Chase the Flavour Today

Finger-lickin’ good

Good Mood Food

Never too much fries

We do magic with recipes

Let’s meet at McDonald’s

Celebrating the season of food for the whole year

Mac Time Rocks On

Things that make you go

We do it all for you

Pizza, burger is forever

Together you get more

Magic with the spices

A&W. All American Food

What’s your eating Mood today?

Feed your inner child

Food, Folks, and Fun

Food, folks and fun

Where’s the beef – oh I just found it

We love to see you smile

Enjoy the new Tasty

McDonald’s is your place to be

Delicious Food To fit your lifestyle

its Our Sign of Good taste

Oh! Burger

The fastest food, for instant hunger

Welcome to delicious Treat

Eat Fresh

Enjoy the best food at McDonald’s

Adorn your Food Senses

Chicken for your tastebuds

Different spice for a different taste

tasty Food, tasty love

It happens like that at McDonalds

Think Food, Think us

America’s Favorite Cheesesteak

Think different, eat Differently

There’s something for everyone to love at McDonald’s

Enjoy the taste that differs

The simple joy of McDonald’s

A chicken nugget is what you need

Food Full of treaty Love

It takes two hands to hold a Whopper

That’s what makes McDonald’s

There’s a little McDonald’s in everyone

Guess the taste, before tasting it

You way, Our Foods

Do you believe in magic?

I’m lovin’ it

We cook it all for you at McDonald’s

Arby’s. Now That Your Tastes Have Grown Up!

We Speak tasty Foods

The simpler the better

Feel good, feel fine

The world’s word, McDonald’s!

Eat it your way

Join the Party today

Get the door. It’s Domino’s

Food with integrity

Satisfy your cravings

I’m thinking different, I’m thinking Arby’s

America Runs On Dunkin

Happy food promotes a happy life

You’ll enjoy the difference

Bringing Joy of Food

All we do is magic with flavors

The house of Trendy Food

The Taste of Joy

Fast food with not so fast recipe

Chasing the new flavor

Look for the Golden Arches!

Observe the food, feel the taste

Taste teh best Yumminess

Taste is new Language

McDonald’s. Every time a good time

Fun in Every Bite

Choose the Quality of Food

McDonald’s makes your day

Excellence taste in Every Bite

Buy ’em by the sack

No one can make it like us

The way you love it

For fries best friend

Come hungry. Leave happy

Eating with fun

Mouthwatering Food in your Budget

So Fresh, So Dreamy

Instant Food, for Instant Hunger

Frying the fried

Food with a New Passion

America’s favorite foods

It all comes together at Macca’s

Food comes; first, a slim waist comes second

McDonald’s is cooking, breakfast!

Tasty like life should be

Nobody makes your day like McDonald’s can

For the cheat day

Where taste and health can not meet

Great moments at McDonald’s

You Deserve a Break Today

Burger King, Home of the Whopper

A rhythmic pattern of food and taste

So fast So yummy

Sizzling the Same

It’s a Little Bit Fancy

Me I love McDonald’s

Eat Well. Live Fresh

Making you hungry

For those who live to eat

Savor the taste

Do what tastes right

Better Ingredients. Better Pizza

Don’t think of fast food, have it here

Where’s the beef – there isn’t any

The Good Time, Great Taste of McDonald’s

Best burgers in town

Taste the Best that Surprise you

Domino’s. The Pizza Delivery Experts

Hot Eats, Cool Treats

Wanna put a smile into your day

McDonald’s is Cool!

Prefer fries over lies

Food loved by everyone

Fun with food

Taste the flames

Every time a good time

Loosen up a little

Eat fried and fresh

The flavors inspired from dinner of Heaven

Food for good mood

The King of Burger

Full of Delicious

A new Moments of Friendship

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